Comedy Review – Breaking Dad: Laughing at dads and with them

A small room upstairs at the Maori Chief was filled with laughter last Friday night. Matt Quartermaine, Tim Smith and Tim’s son Darcy pulled out their best stories about their dads and of being dads. With some set topics and some set pieces they have worked up on the track, when game time came around it was filled out with moments of intuitive brilliance as stories came to mind. On this topic there is no shortage of material.

With a rotating guest slot in each of their four shows, this week it was the turn of Greg Fleet. Like a country league footy club that can obtain a player for a week on permit, room was made for Fleet to stroll into full forward and bring his own skills and experience to the table.

Easy banter and seamless transitions allowed the foursome to take turns at leading out from the square or crumb the packs and share the ball around. There is lots of heart here, but don’t expect it to all be happy families. Let’s just say there is no Brady Bunch tales here.

Everyone can relate in some way to topics such as replacement pets, car trips into the forest and personalised styles of punishment. But it is not just the way we can identify with the stories that the quartet put out here but the years of experience that these guys have in making the story count comedically.

Get on down to the Maori Chief this Friday night where the special guest position will again be filled by another gun full forward of storytelling.

Outlay for the show is $15 and the show starts at 7.30pm, pay at the door or you can book through the Maori Chief on 9696 5363. That small room will again be filled with laughter.


Here’s some more info about Breaking Dad

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  1. Matt Quartermaine says

    Thanks for the kind review Troy, which I must say, is better constructed and more insightful than the Hun is capable of these days.

  2. Great review Crash, spot on. We caught the show last night and it is, as Crash has said, an hilarious yet poignant look at the father. What is touching and profound about Matt, Tim, Darcy and their special guest’s show is the breadth of generations it covers. Through their piss funny lens the audience gets a glimpse of generational change and evolution … A must see show!

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