Collingwood’s Best Side in 2016: Discuss

Collingwood’s best side in 2016: discuss



Oxley            Frost         Crisp


De Goey       Brown     Williams


Aish             Adams         Howe


Elliott          Moore        Fasolo


Treloar       Roughead      Goldsack


Grundy     Pendlebury      Swan


Int (from): Witts, Blair, Thomas, Macaffer, Sidebottom, Varcoe



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About David Wilson

David Wilson is a writer, editor, flood forecaster and former school teacher. He writes under the name “E.regnans” at The Footy Almanac and has stories in several books. One of his stories was judged as a finalist in the Tasmanian Writers’ Prize 2021. He shares the care of two daughters and a dog, Pip. He finds playing the guitar a little tricky, but seems to have found a kindred instrument with the ukulele. Favourite tree: Eucalyptus regnans.


  1. DBalassone says

    Roughy would be a great pick up mate, but I reckon Clokie can fire in 2016 with Howe and Elliot nearby taking off some heat.

    Can we get more than 5 games out of Reid?

  2. DBalassone,
    You may be right.
    But I reckon Roughy would be up for the challenge. It would look good on his CV, wouldn’t it?

    Reid of Bright will come good. He’s like a good King Valley sangiovese.

  3. Andrew Fithall says

    You can leave out Fasolo and Blair. Varcoe and Sidebottom both in 18. Cloke is a definite in. Goldsack on the way out.

  4. Whatever happened to the Collier brothers?

  5. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    Interesting choices ER. Langdon, Reid, Cloke and no TOOOVEEEY?

  6. How do you fit them all in?
    JTH – Colliers sitting with the Coventry brothers in the VFL. (Strong side).

    It’s time to think laterally about T Cloke. Wonderful servant.
    How can he be of most value?

  7. Gee ER it looks fragile. I think I’m safe when it comes to my having to sprint nude up Bourke Street if they win the flag.

    No Cloke – I agree. Pies need to be more unpredictable.
    Toovey should play. He’s miles ahead of Fasolo who’s never recovered from the 2011 GF.

    In racing parlance I would say “Won’t handle the step up in class here, but will battle on. Prefer others.”

  8. Dips, what a flag it will be.
    Mark of the week (Elliott-Howe) for 23 consecutive rounds as well.

    Going for It in 2016.
    There is no rebuild with free agency.

    Going for quick thinkers. And decent kicks.
    And Fasolo stays – we need more Danni Eid.

  9. Luke Reynolds says

    Looks very strong going by the players you’ve left out ER. Maynard and Langdon are certainties for the backline in my opinion. While I have Broomhead up forward if fit.
    Surely Jesse White plays, Howe and Elliot need a step-ladder.
    Who is the Thomas you’ve picked, Daisy making a comeback? Or Josh had a reduction in his ban?

  10. Mathilde de Hauteclocque says

    Um ….

    The Reids. Those hamstrung, calf strung Swingers. Will we get 5 games out of the two of them in ’16?

  11. G’day Luke.
    Maynard and Langdon? – sure. Let’s get them in there.
    Good kicks.
    Good thinkers.
    Broomhead? – sure.
    I’m pretty happy for Elliott and Howe to use the opposition as step-ladders – J White not required.
    Thomas? There as a bookmark reminder of Josh and Lachlan.
    Helps with the ongoing reflecton of the list. (Seen any of the TV series Friday Night Lights?)

    MdH – don’t they each move so well. They each seem to glide. Looking forward to their late-blooming renaissance.

  12. Watching Howe’s hangar highlights last night raised a concern – that of the safety of his new teammates. Seems to have an uncanny knack of launching himself and hurting his own players.

    As for the 2016 lineup, the midfield seems a bit thin;

    Pendlebury, Adams, Swan, Greenwood, Crisp, De Goey, Sidebottom

    We better land Treloar and Aish…

  13. Howe and Elliott will give some marking highlights for sure. Pity that is Howes only party trick. How refreshing to see a Collingwood side without a Cloke. Shame it won’t play out that way

  14. Will also have to find room for our new Round 4 pick (currently 63) & later the 2016 round 2 pick, traded just now from St Kilda for Nathan Freeman.
    What a strange footy sentence.

  15. Trucker Slim says

    Hey Dips I work on Bourke St and I really didn’t need another reason to hope the Pies don’t come near to waving the flag!

    Mr Wilson, wasn’t 2015 Swan’s swansong?


  16. I see what you’re doing there, Trucker Slim.
    Some kind of Roughead mind-trick.

    Swanny’s just warming up.
    Looking to isolate him and whichever poor sap is his opponent, deep in the forward line.
    He’ll turn his man under the ball and flop a rolling banana through the big sticks.
    (That’s a better footy sentence).

  17. kath presdee says

    Don’t play Treloar in the forward line. He sulked when Cameron played him there. You can even start him from the bench; just don’t play him in the forwards.

  18. I prefer:
    Williams Brown Ramsay – we need SOME pace in our defence
    Langton Reid Scharenberg – he must be in our best 22
    Howe Swan Treloar
    Elliott Cloke Aish/de Goey
    Moore White Sidebottom

    Grundy Pendles Adams

    Good team ( a dozen 1st round picks (or equivalent) – and a stack of AFL-standard reserves (Witts, Crisp, Greenwood, Varcoe, Broomhead, Frost, Marsh, Maynard, Toovey, Fasolo, Blair, Sinclair, Goldsack and McCaffer.)

    Go Pies!

  19. Yer man Aish confirmed now (Thursday lunchtime).

    Nice insight, Kath.
    But I’m backing Collingwood to tell Treloar where he will be playing, rather than the other way around.
    How are you feeling about the place of GWS in this trade circus?

    Pieman – it’s a good team, no doubt.
    Anything is possible.
    Love it.

  20. kath presdee says

    ER I’ll be able to tell you how I feel after 2:00 pm because then I’ll know if we’ve lost two Adams.

  21. DBalassone says

    I would go:
    B: Toovey, Brown, Marsh – Frost can replace Brown or Reid if injured, Oxley to replace smaller backs
    HB: Williams, Reid, Langdon
    C: Sidebottom, Pendlebury, Treloar
    HF: Howe, Moore, Varcoe – White may still be required in 2016 as Moore is young and raw
    F: Fasolo, Cloke, Elliot
    R: Grundy, Swan, Adams – Witts backup to Grundy, but I wouldn’t play both
    IC: Greenwood, Crisp, De Goey, Scharenberg
    E: Frost, Witts, Broomhead, Maynard, Oxley, White, Aish (still has work to do)
    Sorry: Goldsack, Blair, Macaffer – these 3 could still be handy back ups but have been superseded
    Other: Ramsay, Sinclair, Gault, Cox, Abbott, Goodyear, Manteit, Keefe, Thomas,

  22. I ‘d rather not see Frost, Langdon, Sinclair or Toovey (been a great servant) in the side anymore Damian, their disposal out of the back half kills us. They are not ‘Hawthorn good’.

    We have talented young midfielders coming out of our wazoo now so some old dogs may be asked to perform new tricks.

    Exciting times ahead and the pressure is on Bucks because Hine has recruited his magnum opus with this list. Bucks has to let go of some of his old favourites.


    B: Marsh Brown Williams
    HB: Scharanberg Reid Pendlebury
    C: Sidebottom Adams Treloar
    HF: Howe Moore Varcoe
    F: Swan Cloke Elliott
    R: Grundy Crisp Greenwood
    IC: Aish, Maynard, De Goey, White
    Emer: Broomhead, Fasolo, Witts
    Other: Goldsack, Blair, Oxley, Ramsay, Abbott, Macaffer, Langdon, Toovey, Frost, Sinclair

  23. I like the look of that side Jeff. A bit more visionary than mine. I agree with you about the disposal of those 4 defenders, but I think Toovey and Frost have in their favour the ability to lock down. Langdon seems to get a bit of the footy, but certainly holds onto it a tad too long on some occasions. Sinclair has pace – that’s about it.
    I like the idea of Swan up forward – that will be a handful for opposition sides, but I get the feeling he will still have long stints in the middle while the youngsters build up their tanks.
    The big question mark will be about height up forward. Do we have enough tall timber to stretch the best defences?
    It will certainly be an enjoyable 2 or 3 premierships that this list delivers in the next 4 or 5 years.

  24. Steve Fahey says

    Yes, like the look of the team as it has evolved down the page, but definitely see a spot for Langdon in our best 22, at least in front of Maynard.

    Agree that Swanny will need to spend more time forward and Pendles more time back as we increase our ball using skills in the back half ( as well as everywhere else).

    Given we know our round one opponent, this team would require Marsh to play on Buddy, which would be a huge call. Can see Frost being his opponent again, as in 2014 when he did a great job, and will be surprised if Bucks doesn’t find a spot for Blair, who appears to be one of his faves.

    Of course, unlikely we will ever have a full list available (barring Keefe and Thomas if /when they are rookie-listed) but it does look a handy team with plenty of depth.

  25. Dave Nadel says

    I like Jeff’s team also except that I agree with Steve that Langdon is in our best 22. I would play him in the back pocket and start Marsh on the interchange. I would start White in the VFL and frankly even then he is taking a place that I would rather Mason Cox held down.

    Although they are not in our best 22 I would expect Broomhead, Witts, Oxley and Ramsay to play a lot of games next year. Buckley likes Blair because he consistently plays above his ability (cf Alex Fasolo who often plays below his potential).

    Mathilde, you are right about the Reids. Loads of talent (so Ben does belong in Collingwood’s best 22) but I am convinced “Reid” is Anglo-Saxon for “permanently wounded”.

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