Collingwood: The Most Effective Spread Since Vegemite

Collingwood have claimed the elusive Premiership pennant for the first time in two decades with a comfortable 56 point victory as the spread of pressure, effectiveness and intimidation within the Magpie camp became as prominent as ever. The annihilation initiated by the Magpies has no doubt sent the vast Collingwood army into raptures as they paint the town Black and White in celebration of their 2010 success over the coming weeks.

However when you look back in hindsight, a large bulk of the foundation for their success was set in the off- season with the addition of key players Darren Jolly and Luke Ball. The vital additions of these respected players to a determined line-up and a knowledgeable and insightful coach have catapulted the club towards inevitable success. All season the Magpies have boasted the vibrancy of youth intertwined with the poise and experience of well established senior players. It is fair to claim that the Pies’ genuine formidable list fell under the radar at the commencement of the season, similarly to 1990, when other clubs fell under the spotlight as forces to be reckoned with. One of those sides in the Western Bulldogs who were declared Premiership favorites at season’s dawn, were categorically thumped by the Pies in Round 1. Indeed the Pies had trumped their highly-regarded opponents at their own game by initiating a quick, free-flowing and attacking brand of footy outlining their capability to score efficiently at will without the lone presence of a high-profile key forward. the concept of sharing had already come to the fore.

The Black and White seed had been planted throughout the summer, it just needed room to grow and flourish. The ominous signs of Round 1 indicated that the maturity and determination was growing quite profusely.

From the beginning of the 2010 season the Pies have never looked back, completing difficult obstacles at ease with only relatively minor setbacks as they suffered just the four losses throughout the season.

The Finals Series has proved just as effective as the Pies posted two convincing victories over quality opponents. The infamous Grand Final tie with St Kilda was perhaps in hindsight, a beneficial wake-up call as it provided the young Pies line-up with a second chance to absorb the atmosphere and anticipation that surrounds a wide-scale event such as an AFL Grand Final.

This weekend’s 56 point Premiership victory over the same opponent is a stellar example of how absolutely every element and factor can click into gear perfectly. The spread of efficiency, experience and skill among the Collingwood side literally forced the opposition to cry with envy and it was certainly evident on the day of the Grand Final Replay.

The ability of experienced skipper Nick Maxwell to fill the hole in defence and swoop across the packs is admirable. While fellow defenders Toovey, Goldsack, O’Brien, Reid, Shaw and Nathan Brown emerged to step up to the plate in the Replay by effectively obscuring their opponents from the game while also running and carrying the football out of defence at ease. Brown’s effort to confine champion Saints forward Nick Riewoldt to a goalless afternoon will always be remembered among the Collingwood faithful.

Norm Smith Medalist list Scott Pendlebury was brilliant with 29 disposals, performing alongside experienced midfielders Swan, Johnson and Ball. The exuberance displayed youngsters Thomas, Sidebottom, Beams and Wellingham were also prominent throughout the afternoon.

The quality of goal scoring has always been a well-publicised issue from Collingwood’s perspective; however accuracy was never an issue in the Grand Final rematch as the spread of goal kickers defined the current Pies trademark of sharing the load. Forwards such as Cloke, Blair, Didak, Dawes and Leigh Brown were influential as targets in the air and on the ground. The immense forward pressure applied to their St Kilda opponents was also a large factor in the result that transpired.

The manner in which the Pies prevailed in the Grand Final Replay truly conveys the even spread and balance that Collingwood obtain within all aspects of the game. It may sound confronting, but if the combination of youth, experience and the absolute will to succeed continues within the Collingwood camp, there is no doubting that a new successful era at the club has already commenced.

The Collingwood Equation- 2010

Youth + Experience + Determination + Skill + Endurance + Camaraderie

Eddie + Financial Stability + State of the Art Facilities + Effective Board + Vast Support Base


It is always clearer in Black and White.

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