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Well Magpie fans, can you believe it’s already been 38 days since our glorious victory. Incredible as it seems we are already beginning to mount the premiership defence for 2011 with the players recently returning from altitude training in the penthouse at Crown. The excitement amongst the group in palpable and there seems to be a greater bond between the boys than ever before. The whole team had a commemorative tattoo done featuring each player’s name and game stats from the big one so that’s commitment.

Coach Malthouse is keeping a tight lid on the things at the Datsun 120Y Centre. “One swallow doesn’t make a summer or, as we say at Collingwood, back to back before you hit the sack. We are taking it one day at a time and in no way are we getting ahead of ourselves. Everyone starts from scratch come round one and as Confucius said, there are no guarantees in footie. That said I think we’d be mad not the take the $3.50 on offer for the flag. Each player is focused on specific team oriented goals although we believe that Swanny will win the Brownlow in a canter. Obviously you take the $15 about the double. He just needs to do something that makes him more visible to the umpires like bright laces or something. We have to get to September first and the draw has done us no favours. However, we have booked the end of year trip for October which I don’t feel is overly optimistic. Clokey’s leadership on the track is bringing less experienced players out of their shells. What price is he for the Coleman by the way? If he doesn’t kick 120 goals this year I’ll bare my bum in Myer’s front window”.

Club President, Eddie Maquire, is also putting things in perspective “ The arrival of new clubs into the competition is obviously going to stretch the supporter and sponsorship dollar but I think there are some very positive signs for Collingwood members. Based on an expected pre season windfall, we are pushing ahead with some modest re-development at the Datsun 120Y Centre which, thanks to increased support from Datsun, will now be the 200B Centre. We’ve done a modest expansion of the Social Club to accommodate our increased membership which we now predict to be around the population of the Greater Melbourne Area give or take 10,000”.

Leaving no stone unturned the President has recently returned from a fact finding tour of China. “You’ve got to find out from the experts and the Chinese have been building dynasties for centuries”

About Tony Robb

A life long Blues supporter of 49 years who has seen some light at the end of the tunnel that isn't Mick Malthouse driving a train.


  1. Tony – will you give me 50/1 that Collingwood doesn’t make the 8 next season? Lets call it $100/$5000.

  2. Nice to see you trying to send up Collingwood, Tony. We don’t need to send up Carlton. They have been doing it so effectively themselves for the past decade.

  3. They have indeed Dave .Dont worry Ive got another piece saved up for the Blues. Im an equal opportunity sledger

  4. Here i was, intrigued by this ‘Collingwood Newsletter’ thinking it was going to be positive read with my breakie (yes i know its 1:12PM)
    Tad of an anti-climax Tony! :(

  5. Yes a very insightful summary Tony. You are spot on.

    We’ve also managed to dispose of a number list-fillers. Sticking side-by-side is important to us, but ultimately the Frasers, the Lockyers, the Medhursts, the Anthonys ……. they’re just not a part of our great Magpie future. This creates an opportunity for us to target the best young talent in the country. All youngsters have the dream to play for the Pies. And for some, this will come true.

    Whilst many are heralding Mick Malthouse as the greatest footy coach of all time, we know this not to be correct. As time passes, he will be regarded as the second best, marginally ahead of Jock McHale, but certainly nowhere near the wonderful Bucks.

    Oh, how we look forward to 2011.

    That is all

  6. Danni, All in fun. Hows the exams coming along?

  7. 6- exams? Ewwwww hate it!
    So far i only think i did well in my literature Exam- im pretty sure i fudged up my text respose for English, so hopefully my creative piece saves my bacon!
    still got Business, History and Media to go.. :(

  8. Stick at Danni. you’ll do well. In the interests of equal opportunity Ive posted a Carlton story for the Pies faithful

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