Collingwood Bye Report (Floreat Pica Society)




by Paul Harkin for the Floreat Pica Society


Great win last week. A fantastic send off to a legend of the game.


I have to say, how good is Robert Harvey as a coach. He hasn’t coached a game yet and already we have moved up one spot on the ladder. We entered the bye in 16th place and now we are 15th. At this rate, if we don’t play the last 9 rounds we could make the 8.


On to the votes.



Michael Horsburgh Medal
Maynard 11
Moore 8
Crisp 8
De Goey 8
Pendles 6
Grundy 6
Noble 4
Daicos 4
Sidey 3
Mihocek 3
Elliott 3
IQ 3
Adams 2
Madgen 2
Hoskin-Elliot 2
Crisp 1
Greenwood 1
Howe 1
McCreery 1
Poulter 1



We have 11 new players at the club, including those drafted in the mid-season draft and an international rookie scholarship recipient. Each player needs a nickname and here are my suggestions:


Oliver Henry “The 8th


Finlay Macrae “Just before Rosebud”


“Coral” Reef McInnes


Caleb Poulter “Chook”


Liam McMahon “Show me the Mahony”


Beau “Derek” McCreery


Jack Ginnivan “Ginny”


Isaac Chugg “A lug”


Ash Johnson “Ashey”


Aiden “And Abettin’ ” Begg (also means tall in New Zealandish)


Bassirou Faye “The fifth” (after Steve, Paul, Kevin and Hanna Fahey/Faye)


It’s a shame Dennis Cometti is still not commentating. He would have had a field day with some of these Magpies as they move the ball:


“Ash, Trey,”


“Howe, Will, Jack, Mark,”


“Sidebottom, Roughead”


“Steele, Mason”


“Noble, Sier”


“Moore, Greenwood”


“Ty. Beau”


“Mayne, Reef”


“Begg, Crisp, Max, Mark”


“Scott, Moore, Steele”


“Moore, Fin”


“Lynch, Kelly” (they did in 1880)


“Trent, Nathan”


“Brown Brothers, Wines” (with help from Port’s Ollie)


If we had a player by the name of “Borrow,” Dennis would have been able to say “Begg, Borrow, Steele”.




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  1. george smith says

    A grumpy man at work asked surely there must be more to life than a win by your football team to make you happy. I pointed out that thanks to the bye the warm and fuzzy feeling would continue for at least two weeks.

    The Mimamsikas and other Indian religions say that a cool drink of water after a long thirst is the sweetest drink in the world. Thus it is with Collingwood. Living up here I had not seen a football win for two years. Last year was a write off and this year was the dreaded Suns and Swans games. To catch the new fangled light rail back to Central with a song in my heart was certainly a worthwhile experience.

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