Cold Morning; Best Seat


Sunday May 4th 2014

Today was cold.

My arrival to the game was late, but lucky in that I scored a park right on the fence. Given the inclement weather and the prime position, I could stay in my car. I had the best seat at the ground.

Sheltered from the abrasive elements, I sat in the comfort of the Voyager listening to RN’s Sunday Extra program and watching the game; Caulfield Bears v St.Peters under 10’s. There was an interesting interview with a writer discussing the merits and origins of the semicolon, the history of punctuation and the interrobang. I had to know what an interrobang was!?

My attention was divided and perhaps, lopsided.

I love radio. Especially Sunday mornings. Excellent programming that marries well with junior footy, if there’s no one to talk to around the ground, or if it is too cold to get out of one’s car.

Funnily enough, I’ve been looking to buy a new little car to replace the people mover that I’ve had for too long. My Voyager, a Grand Touring model, has done too many short trips and not enough grand tours which has stuffed the battery; it makes strange noises when I turn left and its’ winter aroma is not of Sweet Vanilla but that of Sodden Grass. The floor has biscuit like chunks of dried up mud that have dislodged from the soles of football boots. They could be mistaken for Tiny Teddies or pieces of Nutrigrain.

With regard to a new car, I don’t want anything too fancy; something small, clean and economical; something that won’t fit a football team.

I’ve done some research and discovered if I go up a notch or two on some of the base model vehicles, I’ll get one that comes with added extras like dual zone climate control and heated seats.

“…., Heated seats, ….” Haydn, the salesman with no “e”, tells me.

I have to repeat that to myself. “Heated Seats?!”

“Getting a bit fancy”……. I’m thinking.

Well, that was until today’s arctic chill descended. I have decided I might have to reconsider the parameters for fancy, as I suspect there are still a few cold mornings and football years head, and like most people, I want the best seat possible.

Our ferocious Caulfield Bears were not so ferocious today. They lost with 8 points on the scoreboard (yes, we still have one) to the boys in the red and the green’s, 16 points.

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