Christmas cricket Torrumbarry style

Pam Sherpa Christmas cricket

Freshly mown strip a Torrumbarry


The afternoon Christmas Day  afternoon cricket match has been a tradition as long as I can remember. As kids we  played it at our family home on our farm near Gunbower.  It was compulsory for everyone to join in. Over the years  we’ve grown up  and moved. My sisters have lived in Melbourne and I’ve lived  interstate.
Fortunately one of my sisters  Lyn, and her husband Peter Richardson have moved back to the local area and live close to the Murray River at Torrumbarry just down the road from Gunbower.  It has once again gives us   a ‘home base ‘ for  get-togethers.

Pete, an avid cricket fan had carefully prepared the pitch on the front lawn.  After a delicious lunch with a dozen people and a rest under the shady gum trees we commenced  the leisurely game of cricket . And leisurely it was, with the temperature  warm and our age befitting  we took turns to bat and bowl – two rounds each.  Running was dispensed with. Fielding provided us with minor challenges as cactus gardens, flower beds and a lagoon edged the field.
A relaxing day on the lawn was had by all.

Pam Sherpa Christmas cricket 2

Pam Sherpa Christmas cricket 3

Pam Sherpa Christmas cricket 4



Pam Sherpa Christmas cricket 5


  1. Luke Reynolds says

    Fantastic Pamela, great photos. Love a homemade cricket pitch, especially at Christmas.
    Cracking lawn, nice to see green grass, even under the trees!

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