– the worldwide body or society of Christensens.

– the Christensen world : the greatest church in Christensendom.

Damien was born, Marty rose, Allen has been dropped – but will come again! Ahhh, we all love a father-son combo, no less an uncle-nephew trinity. And what better way to celebrate the return of the cult of Christensendom than the home-coming goal of Allen ‘I’m da key’ Christensen on Sunday? To help celebrate this magnificent occasion, we’ve minted this exclusive compendium of Christensendom. Let’s just call it, well, our very own Christensendium. All yours, courtesy of your very good friends at The Terrace.


  1. Love it. Thanks to the boys at The Terrace. Were the Christensens hot contesters of the half-time GF sprint?

  2. Not that i’m aware of – would love to know if this was the case!

  3. The Christensens were leading lights in the Geelong middle distance running scene in the early 80s. Very good steeplechasers. I doubt they ever had the fast twitch fibres to cut the mustard in the GF half-time sprint. I recall one extremely hot Vic Country championship, held in Albury on the Australia Day weekend in 1982 or 1983, when Damien (I think), leading the open 3k steeple by a fair margin, decided it was all a bit hot and had a relax in the water jump. Not sure if he bothered to finish the race.

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