Chelsea v Swansea City at Stamford Bridge


by Basil Naimet

1983 was the last time Swansea made their appearance at Stamford Bridge.

Their return wasn’t pleasant!

After a frantic start by Chelsea and one that saw them struggle to get any rhythm going, especially where it counted most, in the goal area, the Blues looked vulnerable.

In contrast Swansea, looked sharp in the opening 25 minutes and challenged Chelsea’s back four well. Their passes were precise and belied their underdog tag. In the 18 yard box Swansea threatened.

In the 29th minute Chelsea score through some good work by Torres who grows in confidence from week to week.

In the 36th minute Ashley Cole delivered an exquisite ball to Ramirez who had some work to do hammered the ball around the Swansea keeper to make it 2-0.

However with Chelsea on the ascendency in attack, a bittersweet moment came for Torres’ through a reckless tackle he made on Mark Gower. Going in with two feet in the tackle, studs showing, forced referee Mike Dean to show the red card in the 40th minute.

The second half began with promise for Chelsea as they continued the onslaught towards the Swansea goal.

However their finishing was less than ideal, and lacked support in the midfield and at times up front, where it matters.

Breaks made by Juan Mata and Nicholas Anelka while entertaining provided an anticlimatic end to the flurry of play.

But Chelsea kept the pressure on the Swansea defence, and defended well when Swansea attaked. Its something that the Chelsea defence has been working on, and it showed when a persistant Swansea continuously ran at the men at the back for Chelsea. They showed no sign of nerves or of being overawed.

But the men from Wales were playing against much classier and prestigious opponents.

Chelsea pushed for more goal scoring honours. In the 76th minute Bosingwa and Ramirez combined to finish off the seaside Welshmen. A fine solo effort from Ramirez ripped past the Swansea keeper.

Persistence paid off for Swansea through Williams scoring in the 86th minute. The defence from Chelsea lax,  Bosingway caught off guard with no attempt to mark his man.

But Swansea’s joy was well and truly smothered. Any hope of a comeback was shortlived, when, as if on cue, Didier Drogba who replaced Nicholas Anelka scored a masterful goal delivered by Malouda in stoppage time.

Drogba as is often the case, knows exactly where the goal is. Even without looking.

He latched onto a slightly wayward pass from Malouda who slipped when passing. Drogba regathered, pirouetted  and with precision, fired a shot past the keeper  who stood dead in his tracks- watched helplessly as the ball sailed past him and into the net.

A finer moment so far could not have come for the Chelsea stalwart who showed promise and who will no doubt build on his form after his time away with injury.

Chelsea                    Swansea

Torres (29)               Williams (86)

Ramirez (36,76)

Drogba (94)

Crowd 41,800

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  1. The CHAVS first visit to Loftus Road in 16 years was not so good for them.

    They lost 1 – 0 to QPR early this morning..

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