Almanac Music: Celebrate the Oils at the Flem-Ken Bowls Club

Leo Grogan is a big Midnight Oil fan. Huge fan.


He’s such a fan that he’s put together a spoken-word show to celebrate the Oils.


He’s calling it The Basement Flat Tapes and it’s on at the Flem-Ken Bowls Club on Thursday evening 2 November, just a few days before the Oils hit Hanging Rock and then Melbourne town.


Diehard fans (as if there any other types of Oils fans) will be reading extracts from liner notes, press clippings, gig reviews and especially the Andrew McMillan tour book Strict Rules.


“It’s a low-key, local, self made happening,” said Leo, perhaps a little modestly.


“It’s for thinkers and drinkers, poets and slaves, readerly and writerly types with a passion for musical musings. And Oilheads!”


And it’s also a fundraiser for a local charity.


More details at the Flem-Ken Bowls Club website.


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