AFL Round 5 – Geelong v Hawthorn: Cats Take the Chocolates

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Geelong v Hawthon

3.20pm, Monday 21/04/14

Melbourne Cricket Ground, Melbourne


Returning back home for the university break over Easter, I was unable to attend the clash of the top two sides in person – and that was perfectly fine by me. I hate watching the Hawks play Geelong, for the simple reason is that we lose nearly all the time – with the exception to the rule being the preliminary final last year. So sadly I was forced to watch from the couch, with McAvaney, Matthews, McLachlan, Ling and Watson for company.

The opening goal was kicked by Varcoe, the very same man that could have put the Cats through to a grand final last year. Funnily enough, this goal was scored with remarkable symmetry to the shot he had on the same ground in September last year. That was quickly countered when Puopolo broke from the centre, found Rioli who hit Gunston with a spearing ball inside 50. Gunston duly converted and it was one apiece.

Joel Selwood – I’m sure by his standards and to my relatively inexperienced eye – had a shocker for most of the day. He had 20 disposals at 75% efficiency but he didn’t seem to impact the contest as much as Cats fans would have come to expect over the last few years. This was clearly evident when he got too close to the man on the mark and had his kick smothered, and after following up put his second attempt into the crowd put on the full, much to my delight.

The discipline from the Hawks was a little lacking; Birchall was warned by the umpires for wrestling and Smith was equally unruly. This normally isn’t an issue for the boys in brown and gold but they seemed intent on going after Cats players off the ball. The quarter was then finished with McIntosh hitting the post from a distance (inside the square!) that would have made Cats fans cringe, but a 3 point lead would have been some comfort to the supporters from down the highway.

Cheney playing on Hawkins was like watching a Mini Cooper go around in the V8 supercar championship; it was always going to end in tears for Hawks supporters, as Hawkins kicked five for the day and was really the difference in the end. In comparison to Roughead at the other end who was well and truly beaten by Harry Taylor all day – one of the most unheralded players in the Geelong side in the last 5 or 6 years in my opinion.

Johnson put the margin out to 13 points before Taylor Duryea put one through from beyond the arc but the Hawks were still a goal down at the main break.

Hawthorn appeared to be under more pressure from the Cats than they had been in their first four games, continually handballing themselves into trouble and making very uncharacteristic mistakes in the back half. McEvoy’s smart conversion in the pocket from a pack mark on the goal line brought the margin again back to 6 points after the Cats made the running early after half time. Hawkins launched a missile from 55 out to give Geelong a 13 point lead with 3 and a half minutes to play, but Breust kicked a replying goal a minute later to keep the Hawks in touch with one quarter to play.

McEvoy was subbed off at three-quarter time and Mitch Hallahan was brought into the game, which according to the expert commentary of Channel Seven would give the Hawks some more run in the last quarter. Sadly it would be a case of missed opportunities in the last quarter, with Rioli and Gunston in particular missing shots which in hindsight they really should have kicked. Hawkins again imposed himself on the game to put the game beyond doubt and as has been the trend since the end of 2008, the Cats got the chocolates – albeit a day later than the general public.

As a Hawks supporter I’m not too concerned – although losing to Geelong is never a pleasurable experience, we do have some personnel yet to come back into the side. It’s early days in the season and there’s a long way to go. I just wish we could beat those bloody Cats!


Geelong: 3.5   6.9   9.14   15.16 (106)

Hawthorn: 3.2   5.9   8.12   12.15 (87)



Geelong: Hawkins 5, Johnson 3, Murdoch 2, Enright 2, Varcoe, Guthrie, McIntosh

Hawthorn: Breust 3, Gunston 3, Hallahan, Rioli, Duryea, Hale, McEvoy, Smith



Geelong: Johnson, Hawkins, McIntosh, Bartel, Duncan, Rivers, Selwood

Hawthorn: Mitchell, Gunston, Breust, Birchall, Simpkin, Hill


Votes: Johnson (Geelong) 3, Hawkins (Geelong) 2, McIntosh (Geelong) 1

About Jeremy Hill

Devoted Hawthorn supporter and University Blacks footballer who spends more time watching, reading and writing about sport than is considered healthy. Like most people my age, I'm 20.


  1. Thanks Jeremy. I listened to the game whilst driving down the Western Highway. That made it extremely difficult because poor old Drew Morphett has no idea. His untimely moments of silence were broken with such gems as “…and Schroeder goes in after it” (Schroeder wasn’t playing), and “The Cats skip clear again” (they were 1 point in front).

    Anyway, enjoyable for Cats supporters.

  2. daniel flesch says

    Dips , have always found Drew Morphett sadly lacking in competence as a commentator – his mistakes far too frequent. Though i met him once years ago and found him nice enough . He’s just not much good as a footy commentator despite being one for 30 plus years.

    Jeremy , if B.Lake hadn’t elbowed Walters in the G.F. and got rubbed out for 4 weeks , he would have been standing Hawkins , with a possibly different result. Hope he has learnt a lesson there. Or the Hawk hierarchy given him one.

    And for the trivia buffs – has anyone else got b.o.g. in a Granny AND suspended for foul play ?

  3. Jeremy Hill says

    Totally agree with you Dips, never been a massive fan of Drew Morphett, even though I don’t listen to many games on the ABC these days.

    Also agree 100% with Daniel too, had Lake been playing in this game Hawkins may have only kicked 2 or 3 goals and the result may have gone the other way. In saying that, kicking 12.15 isn’t going to win you many games of footy, especially against a quality team like the Cats.

  4. Oh Jeremy, if you’d only been born 30 or so years earlier, you could have seen the Hawks beat the bloody Cats on a regular basis. .During the 1970’s the Hawks won 15 of the 20 encounters. In the 1980’s the scoreline narrowed slightly, the Hawks wininng 13 of the 20 encounters. Thus the score card for that two decade period saw the Hawks winning 28 out of 40 encounters, as they virtually owned the Cats during that time. As a Cats supporter then, i was not impressed.

    Even though currently the Cats have won 12 of the last 14 clashes, the Hawks victories in the 2008 Grand Final, then the 2013 Preliminary final lead to Hawks premierships. No matter how often the Cats have won the recent encounters, they’ve not beaten the Hawks in a Grand Final since 1963.


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