Cats from the Murray

I barracked for Geelong for the final three decades of last century. Their recruiting zone straddled the Murray River, drawing in players from both Victoria and NSW.  I thought I’d draw on my memory, picking a team of players from that neck of the woods.

I have been a bit picky, including current day player Tom Hawkins, whose father and two uncles played with Geelong. I left out Swan Hill’s Bill Ryan, as he debuted prior to the zones. Similarly, Jerilderie’s Rod Waddell came via a few different sides including Carlton.

Who is missing? Who would you leave out? Almanackers, let me know.

OK, here we go:

B: S Hocking, Cobram  C  Cleave, Cobram  J Hawkins, Finley

HB: B Toohey, Barooga  S Reynoldson,  Strathmerton  J Cassidy, Cobram

C: N Bruns, Leitchville  G Landy, Echuca  G Toohey, Cobram

HF: D Cameron, Barooga, W Brownless, Jerilderie P Doyle, Berrigan

F: P (Ocker) Stephens, Jerilderie T Hawkins, Finley  J Durnan, Narrandera

Foll: D Flanigan, Katamatite G Hocking, Cobram G Cameron, Katamatite

Inter, from : M & R Hawkins, Finley D Jackson, Finley P Brown, Echuca J Fehring, Leitchville




  1. Skip of Skipton says

    Mark Bos is missing.

  2. The Wrap says

    Wot? No John Sharrock? The Tooleybuc Kid. Probably a bit before your time Glen. A member of the 1963 Premiership team and a Life Member at the club. Dips would remember him. Did his knee in 1968 and never again pulled on the Blue & White Hoops. He was unstoppable on the forward flank. Finished up at full back.

  3. Valid points gents. To my memory Mark Bos, like his then team mate, John Mossop was from further down the river, on the SA side of the border.

    John Sharrock, yep he was prior to my time barracking for Geelong, 1969-1999. He also predated the draft. Who else has come from TooleyBuc? Was Sydney’s Leon Higgins from Tooleybuc, or further up river at Tocumwal ?

    Can someone please jog my memory.


  4. Wrap – I was 4 when Sharrock did his knee. I remember it well because the whole alphabet thing was just coming together at that stage.
    Q is for Quiet.
    R is for rooster
    S is for Sharrock (just did his knee apparently).

  5. Skip of Skipton says

    Mark Bos was from Wandella near Kerang. Near the Murray.

  6. Skip of Skipton says

    Andy Preston from Echuca could be on a wing ahead of G Toohey there Glen.

  7. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    How could you overlook Piangil’s Brett Hungerford?

  8. Luke Reynolds says

    Looks a strong team Glen. Wonder how it would compare to a Western District Geelong team from the same era given much of it was a Fitzroy zone.
    Our family always followed David Cameron closely as my grandfather coached him in the juniors at the Beeac FC before they moved to the Murray.

  9. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Thanks Gen glad to see ex Norwood 82 premiership long kicking ruckman the late,Jeff Fehring get a spot on the bench

  10. Dr Rocket says

    Good team Glen!

    Leon Higgins was from Tocumwal.

    Keith Miller from Echuca via Jerilderie and Greg Nichols from Berrigan would boost the bench

  11. The Wrap says

    Are we counting Murray anabranches? Has anyone come out of Deniliquin or Moulmein?

  12. Ta folks.One player i should have considered but i din’t was Tony Gilmore from Swan Hill. Keith Miller, 1 game : Brett Hungerford similar, thus overlooked that pair;Greg Nicholls i’ ‘m struggling to recall . DR Rocket, sorry but Leon Higgins was not a Cat, thus does not qualify.

    Like the man with the orthopaedic shoes it seems i stand corrected re a few players; Mark Bos’s home town of Wandella i’m not familiar with, similarly i can’t recall Andy Preston being from Echuca.

    To all my fellow almanackers, thanks for the feedback. Give me time and i’ll devise a few more teams.


  13. Whoops, sorry i didn’t check my notes before i hit post comment, not the first time i’ve done that!!! Sorry DR Rocket i mixed up my response to you re Leon Higgins. I’m aware you were saying he was from Toc,not trying to include him in my team, but i rushed my response.


  14. Cobram’s John Barnes came to Geelong in 1992 via the Bombers. Played over 100 games for the Cats, including that memorable 1994 final against Carlton out at Waverley. Teamed well with his fellow Cobramite, Buddha.

    Cheers, Burkie

  15. Spot on Burkie. I could try to pass the buck and say i left out Barnsie coz he played for Essendon first, but i totally forgot him. How ?!?


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