Cats Allegiance

We’ve done it again–defied the odds that is! Speaking of odds, earlier in the week I remarked to my brother Harry how generous the line odds of +25 points were for the reigning premiers. Then again hardly surprising with all the Hawthorn hype and the pervasive penchant for people to write Geelong off. Another brother Jack counts among the doubters but for a very different reason. Such is the depth of his heartfelt love for the Cats that he chooses to protect himself against the potential hurt of shattered hopes by continually predicting a Geelong loss. He can’t bring himself to watch the big games live including last night’s heartstopper. He was apparently very happy and relieved that he had a locked in dinner engagement with no media intrusion threatening to spoil his evening with news of his boys going down. His relaxation turned to sheer delight when a text message came through on cue at siren time. Immediately he was assured he could celebrate the victory in style, safe in the knowledge that no-one would text him in the wake of a Geelong defeat. In Adelaide for the 2009 Saints v Cats Grandfinal, he took to walking his neighbourhood streets, leaving instructions for his oh so understanding wife Kate(who also happens to be Tom Harley’s Godmother) to leave a sign in the case of a Geelong victory in the form of Cat’s scarf strategically draped across their letter box. Word has it that as he turned the corner and came within view of his household mail delivery receptacle, he was reduced to tears of relief mingled with joy. These and similar tales were recounted during Jack’s being sworn in as a Judge in 2010. It seems the legal fraternity find this level of passion very amusing. Jack was wearing his Geelong tie as he placed his hand on the bible and swore the requisite allegiances included in the very formal ceremony. I reckon at the same time he quietly included his lifelong loyalty to the boys in the blue and white hoops and yet again last night they did’nt let him down!

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