Round 6 – Western Bulldogs v Adelaide: The Challenges of Becoming {a Bulldogs supporter}

Joe takes his 4 year old Scarlett to her first footy Western Bulldogs match, with a toy dog mascot, hot dogs, children to play with and a sunny afternoon all good omens. Then the game started. On the train home, an old Doggy supporter gave her opinion on Joe’s footy parenting. [Please discuss. Ed.]

AFL Round 6 – Western Bulldogs v Adelaide: The Talia Bros Cup

A chance encounter with some faraway friends for Swish Schwerdt was the highlight of an otherwise forgettable Crows winning day. Still, winning ugly probably beats losing pretty and certainly beats losing ugly.

AFL Round 6 – Adelaide v Western Bulldogs: Munch on, munch on, what a lovely luncheon!

There’s something more than a little surreal about this piece: Bulldogs v Adelaide in a Boomerang Bar. [Never thought I see a reference to the Ramones and Gabriel Garcia Marquez in the same piece – Ed].