AFL Round 6 – Adelaide v Western Bulldogs: Munch on, munch on, what a lovely luncheon!


If dreary soft-rockers Boston, at a mid-tour band meeting, voted for an expansionist nomenclature policy, and re-named itself Massachusetts, would more fans have bought its 1976 single More Than A Feeling?

No, I thought not.

Would it now somehow get more than a single airing on any of the turgid FM No Repeat Workdays? Would Marianne still walk away?

I don’t see why Footscray, with its evocative connotations of Whitten, Sutton and Hawkins, and proud sense of history and place, changed its name to the amorphous Western Bulldogs. From my outsider’s viewpoint it appeared as an ingenuous marketers’ strategy. It’s a cruel dilution. How many new fans pledged allegiance?

An 11am football start suits the unexpected rhythm of my Sunday. Well before dawn I’m awoken by a ferocious thunderstorm. Also electrified, our boys bound from bed in the torrential dark, ready for breakfast and the animated French nihilism of Oggy and the Cockroaches (named Joey, Dee Dee and Marky after The Ramones).

The storm seems to have been conjured by Industrial Light and Magic, and given that we’ve recently endured ten weeks with no precipitation, including the driest month since 1869, we’ll take it. We need to play catch up rain to get to Singapore’s annual average of 95 inches. As happens in the tropics, ambling down to Robertson Quay late morning, all signs of the deluge have evaporated.

The Bulldogs begin brightly, and the Crows spectate, as is their 2014 pattern. Cooney and Boyd collect uncontested disposals, while Adelaide is unable to string anything together. Our tackling is as limp as a British boy band. Suddenly, we’re down by four goals, and the Boomarang Bar’s Martian prices for Heineken look irresistible.

Robert Murphy is a learned footballer, thinker and columnist. I love watching him compete, but will be even more absorbed in his post-playing career. To go dumbly into broadcast media would be beneath him. Why not AFL Writer-in-Residence?

It would be de rigueur to paint him as a Gabriel Garcia Marquez, but I reckon his fresh unorthodoxy and scrubby, alert style is more Annie Proulx, of Wyoming Stories fame. He plays wholly unlike the blubbery Newfoundlander Quoyle of The Shipping News, in accumulating many possessions. He might choose to withdraw from public life, but unlike others (BT, Tredrea, Darcy) this would be a loss.

Having put a leash on the rampant Bulldogs, the Crows commence. They re-discover how to tackle, use the football with innovation, and kick eight consecutive goals. Galloping target Josh Jenkins imposes himself.

Revving his modish chassis, Tom Lynch reverberates about the forward line. James Podsiadly has toiled all season for little scoreboard impact, but courtesy of clever marking, steers through two pivotal majors in the middle of the second stanza.

When the AFL salespersons again claw malevolently at our game’s fabric, and players’ names are forever festooned across their backs, the only way Giansiracusa will be readable is if Billy Brownless makes a comeback, and legally adopts this handle. Typical of the zest is this small forward poleaxing Dangerfield on the three-quarter time siren.
However, the subsequent scuffle is brief as all are keen for an orange and a rub with the magic towel.

The last term is a pulsating classic. Having led early by about five goals, the Western Bulldogs are down by nearly four when they surge, to lead by a point. There are superb solo moments from Wright and the Bulldogs’ boy named Tory and wrestling, attractive football. Betts intercepts an errant goal square handpass, and converts with two minutes left to secure the Crows’ success.

Adelaide’s second Docklands victory in a fortnight gives our season momentum and hope. I head home along the river in the drenching sunlight.


WESTERN BULLDOGS       4.2  6.5  6.6   12.11 (83)
ADELAIDE                             1.4  5.7  8.10 13.14 (92)                          


Western Bulldogs: Dickson 3, Stevens 2, Dahlhaus 2, Campbell, Higgins, Crameri, Giansiracusa, Stringer
Adelaide: Podsiadly 3, Jenkins 3, Lynch 2, Betts 2, Mackay, Sloane, Laird 

Western Bulldogs:
 Boyd, Dickson, Macrae, Liberatore, Cooney, Murphy
Adelaide: Lynch, Thompson, Podsiadly, Jenkins, Dangerfield, Crouch  

Western Bulldogs: 
Adelaide: Dangerfield (ribs), Shaw (leg)

Western Bulldogs: 
Tom Campbell replaced by Lachie Hunter in the third quarter
Adelaide: Sam Shaw replaced by Mitch Grigg in the fourth quarter 

Reports: Nil

Umpires: Bannister, Ryan, McInerney

Official crowd: 17,404 at Docklands Stadium

Malarkey Votes:

3. Lynch

2. Podsiadly

1. Boyd








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  1. Ben Footner says

    Loving the view from Singapore Mickey!

    Nothing to get too excited about just yet, but the boys are just quietly doing what they need to do (while their cross-town siblings light up the competition I might add), and I’m happy with that.

    Yesterday was like taking out the rubbish in your worst y-fronts – not pretty for anyone who caught a glimpse, but the job got done so who cares.

  2. Thanks Ben. More than happy for Port to be the main act in April. Agreed that we are getting the job done, but two wins at Docklands is great. We need to also win at Adelaide oval. I think we’ve some emerging positives like our tall forwards, and the Crouch brothers. Don’t rush Text back yet.

    I reckon I enjoyed the game more than you as a spectacle. The Docklands can offer up thrilling, fast football.

  3. Dave Brown says

    Yep, Tex can wait another week Mickey. Oddly, hopefully dominating the Magpies in front of a packed house at Clare would have greater significance than half a game against Melbourne.

  4. I think you’re right Dave. Adelaide’s tall forwards are starting to function well, so no need to rush Tex (not Text as I misspelt it. Text would be Warney’s little known nickname).
    How good will the footy be at Clare? Mid-autumn afternoon, glass or two of wine, dinner at Bentley’s pub!

  5. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Thanks Mickey enjoyable insight in too your life in , Singapore . Spot on our tackling was pathetic early ,, but then our tall forwards took over . WB made the point afterwards
    Jenkins and Lynchs pace and mobility really troubled them . A honourable mention to ,
    Hardigan who was torched early by , Campbell but eventually got right on top so much that the lattter was subbed . Sloane last q was vital at least it made us 3 wins 3 losses
    Thanks Mickey

  6. mickey randall says

    Thanks Malcolm. Our forwards seem to be functioning pretty well. Interesting that most of them have come from elsewhere, and some as bargains. Hartigan is growing with each game too. I reckon WB might slot some big fellas up forward this week! The Collingwood game will show us some truths about where we are.

  7. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    And of course, More Than A Feeling has also spawned the AFL officially endorsed September popular music song – The Holy Grail

    as well as tributes

    Less Than A Feeling – Hoodoo Gurus
    Smells Like Teen Spirit – Nirvana

    I’m still hoping for this to happen:

    Also, not to forget that Australia’s version of the Cockroaches begat The Wiggles

  8. Whether this is a tribute or damnation, I’m not sure, but so many rock songs sound like More Than A Feeling.

    I’d take Jonathan Richman over Aerosmith.

    I reckon The Wiggles concert is among the best I’ve experienced.

    Thanks Swish.

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