Blues need to look forward

As anyone who has been attempting to play catch-up in a tipping comp will attest, the one thing this AFL season has recently cried out for was some uncertainty. Proceedings have come to resemble the average English Premier League season, where a handful of clubs have cleared out from the pack and most speculation presides [Read more]

I love the Hawks

I love the Hawks. I love the way that someone came up with the brown and gold, the worst colour combination in the (current) AFL (I’m talking to you Giants), and yet they have resisted the urge to stuff it up in the name of marketing. I love how they don’t mind recruiting fat, washed [Read more]

Talkin’ Hawks Blitzin Blues Blues

“Somebody said they saw me Swinging the world by the tail Bouncing over a white cloud. Killing the Blues”       John Prine The night, the game is still a blur to me, such was the anticipation leading up to the first bounce. By the time the game got under way I was all over the shop. [Read more]