Round 4: The taming of Adelaide

“The taming of Adelaide” What’s happened to Adelaide? The town and the supporters? When I booked our trip to Adelaide as a January birthday present for my husband (who doesn’t really follow the footy as keenly as I do), I expected to feel some heat. Seasoned supporters told me I was brave, their supporters were [Read more]

AFL Round 4 – Adelaide v Carlton: Ticking boxes

Round 4, AAMI Stadium, Adelaide v Carlton, 17 April 2010 by Bernard Whimpress ‘Jesus ticks all the boxes.’ The message from the newish medium – illuminated rotating and revolving AAMI Stadium fence signage – occurred half way through the game and put me in mind of the story told of the early 1970s sign outside [Read more]

Crows circling the gurgler

It’s a question that I have been wondering since the start of the season. Why was this match being broadcast on Channel 10? Surely North Melbourne v Sydney should have been on free-to-air television, but the Carlton supporters at 10 (Robert Walls, Tim Lane, Sam Lane, Andrew Maher) must have requested this match. After a [Read more]

Carlton unravel the zone, while Adelaide just unravels.

The modern AFL environment seems perpetually hyped, with blowtorches primed for target on a weekly basis. Even by these standards, Round 4 seems pretty early for a make-or-break game.  But it couldn’t be denied that the competing sides in this match were badly in need of a win, with pressure mounting on both camps.

Blues Conquer the Underachieving Crows in a Vital Victory

By Damian Watson Over the past seven days the football press have dubbed this match as a “D-day” for both of these proud and talented clubs in 2010. The Crows who at one stage throughout the summer were predicted to be Top 4 finalists this season have somewhat been disappointing in the eyes of the [Read more]