Geoff Sinclair’s Home and Away Games: Round 3

ROUND  THREE Carlton versus Essendon Saturday, April 10th., M.C.G. (Night) Zip – two to the Bombers. Consequently, relations are testy between me and Tommy Hubble.  Defeat makes us irritable.  He stays indoors doing the managerial side of Huntleigh Mews business, which involves sending one long email (that I know of) to Matthew Knights, the Essendon [Read more]

JOHN HARMS: Daff’s thoroughly modern buck’s night

A buck’s day can be a very good thing. A very good thing. I’ve been to a few – all pretty tame affairs, by yobbo Australian standards. Thankfully. (Like the night I had a rest from the card table to find many of the other lads watching Sound of Music on TV.) My own started [Read more]

Dons score again over old foe.

I wasn’t feeling too optimistic about  Essendon’s chances against Carlton on Saturday night, I had just returned from an entree at Princes Park where I saw Essendon seconds (Bendigo Bombers) get a thumping from Preston, now called Northern Bullants and when I checked the Amateurs results,I found out MHSOB got a great grandmother of a [Read more]

Bombers Prevail In a Bruising Encounter Over the Error-Riddled Blues

By Damian Watson I am in the midst of another lazy Saturday Afternoon and while recovering from laser surgery on my teeth I make the observation that footy certainly has the ability to both cure and compound on the resulting pain.