Can Collingwood win a premiership with their young list in the next five years? Part Four: Coach and Final conclusion

This will be a short and sweet article because everything has been covered in the past three articles. So the final part of this series sees as look at the coach and the final conclusion to whether this side can win a flag. The coach, Nathan Buckley have been tested recently and questioned of their capabilities. Been under pressure since taking over in 2012 from Mick Malthouse in the controversial succession plan which was implemented in 2009. After winning a premiership and being runners-up the following season saw Buckley with the pressure to keep Collingwood competitive. After many list changes which saw many experienced players leave and a lot of young talent come in saw Buckley’s credential’s questioned. I wrote an article about whether Buckley’s job is really safe and I still stick to my word that it isn’t. This is because even though we are re-building, this side is more than capable of finishing in the top 8. They have failed in 2014 and seem likely to miss them again in 2015. Both after starting the season 8-3. I think Buckley needs to give us Collingwood fans something to look forward to in the future which he has in the players we possess. However seeing some solid performances to close the year would be extremely satisfying. I think finishing the season 13-9, 12-10 or 11-11 should be the aim for Buckley and look to build into 2016. Although, missing finals in 2016 should be the final straw for Buckley who still does possess a better win percentage than most AFL coaches. Hopefully, he can lead Collingwood to a strong finish and a bright 2016 with the vision of having a solid season for a WHOLE season, not half.

Final Conclusion

My final conclusion is that this side is more than capable of finally winning a flag. This side that Buckley has built has seen a side needing maturity and consistency for the future and the way the club is travelling it is all looking up. Buckley, yes is under pressure but if it is him or someone else they have a very strong list at their disposal. We can’t rule out potential new draftees and recruitments from other sides and also some of our own leaving. I didn’t mention Trealor, Aish or any other potential new recruits because we can’t come to the conclusion that they will be there in the coming seasons. Although, having them in our side will bolster our midfield even more and will be welcome additions in this side. Hopefully, we can live up to the billing and produce a solid output from the draftees and players we have. This here is the final 22 that I have created from 2015 (present day) and 2020 (potential future line-up)


Best 22 – 2015 (full strength)

B: Toovey Brown Goldsack

HB: Williams Frost Langdon

C: Varcoe Pendlebury Sidebottom

HF: Adams Cloke Fasolo

F: Elliott Reid Blair

Foll: Grundy Swan Greenwood

Interchange: Moore, Macaffer, Broomhead

Sub: De Goey



Best 22 – 2020

B: Langdon Frost Williams

HB: Scharenberg Marsh Maynard

C: Crisp Pendlebury Sidebottom

HF: Broomhead Moore Fasolo

F: Elliott Reid Kennedy

Foll: Grundy De Goey Adams

Interchange: Witts, Ramsay, Oxley, Freeman

sub will probably be scrapped by then*


If you agree/disagree let me know in the comments below! Thank you for reading my four part series. I will be back with more articles about Collingwood, the AFL and sport in general


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  1. A good analysis, Nicholas.
    And I love your passion for the Pies.

  2. Andrew Fithall says

    I noted your analysis of Mason Cox in the midfield review. There is a positive buzz about him and he could be a real factor. We let Ceglar go to Hawthorn because we have Grundy and Witts. With Cox pressing for selection, it may mean that we again have a surfeit of ruckman.

    Thanks for your work.


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