Call for Social Media Images

Hello Almanackers!

I am setting up some social media accounts for both The Footy Almanac and the Women’s Footy Almanac, and I need your help!
My aim is to have an accompanying image that will link users back to our articles, preferably to do with the writer / who they’re with / something to do with the original piece.
If you have taken any nice photos while at a game or event – whether it be AFL, local cricket or a youth girls’ presentation night, I would love to pop those images up on the new Facebook or Instagram page.
Please note: If the photo was not taken by you, of a person who is not you or of a person who is under the age of 18, I will need express permission by the person/the person’s parent or guardian before putting them up on social media.
All images can be sent to me at [email protected]. Please leave your Almanac username, the title of your piece or the date you posted the piece in the email so I can link them up easily.
Thank you for all of your help.


Steph was told at an early age that, in the Connell family, we're Carlton supporters. She's never questioned it. She's a university student, a wannabe editor and a lover of music.


  1. Good luck with it Steph. I’m sure you’ll do a brilliant job. I’d send you all my social media images if only I had a social media account!

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