Bulldogs’ Perfect Bark on Bastille Day: Be Loud, Be Fair

by Braham Dabscheck

St. Kilda Member No. 22657


I don’t know if you saw ‘AFL 360′ last night. Bob Murphy made an appearance and promoted the Western Bulldogs’ campaign for its supporters (and those of all other clubs, if not all sporting codes) to be tolerant and respectful of the various ways in which we all differ; whether it be by age, gender, race, ethnic background, religious belief and so on. A video was shown comprising contributions by various persons who make up the Western Bulldogs family. It is excellent and is available on the Bulldogs’ website. The Bulldogs are asking its members and fans to sign a petition to ‘Be Loud, Be Fair’ in support of its anti discrimination campaign.

Australian football seems to be assuming a larger place in our cultural and social fabric. For many years the AFL has had an Indigenous round celebrating the original Australians. It also has multicultural, respect for women and raising money for cancer research rounds. We have also had specific games dedicated to raising funds for research into medical problems of those associated with the game, such as Neil Daniher, and the upcoming match between St. Kilda and Richmond for Nick Riewoldt’s sister and Jack Riewoldt’s cousin following the too early death of Maddie Riewoldt – Maddie’s Match. And then we have had the coming together of the footy industry following the tragic death of Phil Walsh. His funeral is today.

In so many ways, various parts of the footy world are on the front foot in seeking solutions to the problems which bedevil society. The Bulldogs’ ‘Be Loud, Be Fair’ campaign is another example of this.  I signed the petition and pointed out that I was a St. Kilda supporter. I urge other Almanacers to do the same, and include information on the club they support.

Well done Bulldogs!


Find Out More About The Bulldogs’ ‘Be Loud, Be Fair’ Campaign or sign the petition via THIS LINK 





  1. Neil Anderson says

    I did see the most popular footballer Bob Murphy on 360 and he was the perfect ambassador for that campaign. You just hope that most supporters have a similar set of values and morals as Bob does and the Club is not just preaching to the converted.
    They could have called it, ” No Dickheads Allowed” .

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