Brown’s Lions Record a Sterling Victory over the Gallant Blues

AFL Round 2- Brisbane v Carlton

To be perfectly honest I didn’t have any knowledge of what to expect from the Blues on this Easter Thursday night.

Much anticipation has been directed towards this match over the past 6 months with a fiery, physical contest expected although most experts are tipping a Brisbane victory. To compound on Judd’s absence Paul Bower is ruled out with injury after his relatively impressive match in defence last week, while the Lions ‘two tickets to paradise’ in Brown and Fevola will look to impose themselves on the match in the forward line of a full-strength side.

However on some occasions the label ‘underdog’ lies comfortably with me and I am still confident of an admirable performance by the Blues, including hopefully the effective input of our recruits. After witnessing a fairly average episode of ‘The Bounce’, I tune into Channel 7’s live coverage of the match, thank goodness for Daylight Savings!

As the game commences the Blues are the first to emerge in the contest displaying the bulk of the attacking. In my opinion one of the most uncoordinated players in the competition, Setanta O’hAilpin tumbles a snap shot through for the opening goal following a crude Brisbane turnover. Already players such as Scotland and Carazzo are prominent in the midfield particularly their disposal through traffic. The lumbering forward Jonathon Brown converts his trademark ballburster from outside 50 tom place the Lions on the board, but Carlton maintain their small buffer with a goal to former Lion Lachie Henderson after a brilliant assist from Eddie Betts, already promising signs. Our hopes of a substantial Quarter Time lead are extinguished by both deplorable inaccuracy (3.11) and ironically the influence of Brendan Fevola who boots two consecutive goals using the space deep in the forward line to advantage. But my faith in the Blues still remains as we trail by a meager 9 points at the first break.

Watching the second quarter is as frustrating as losing your membership card, the Blues are woefully inaccurate and their lack of efficiency and ball use while in possession was laughable. The Blues are forced to burrow out of the pack, kicking to 50/50 contests and failing to hit targets while in contrast the Lions are swiftly making the transition through the corridor with precision. New Lion recruits Staker and Fevola increase the margin the 22 points at the major break. Josh Drummond is instrumental running off half back and delivering the ball with drive and purpose while young gun Scott Banfield provides pace in the midfield.

The Blues realise the match is slipping away and after no doubt receiving an old fashioned bake from Brett Ratten at Half Time begin the second half with all guns blazing. Trusty left-footer Kade Simpson re-vitalizes our chances with a magnificent effort from inside the arc. O’hAilpin sneaks it home and the Blues are gaining rapid momentum. The Blues are prevailing in the clearance count with McLean and Murphy provide inspirational efforts within the scrimmages. Big Setanta stretches his tally to 4 goals and the Blues gain the ascendancy. Late in the term it is classic end to end football on the greasy and diminutive Gabba ground. Jonathon Brown, in a bid to re-juvenate his rattled Lions side nails a shot off one step from long range. However youngster Mitch Robinson places his body on the line booting a miraculous goal before effecting an inspirational tackle to halt a Brisbane attack. As Boundary Rider Tim Watson claims, the Blues appear to be the fresher side at the final change with a 7 point lead.

The all important final term commences and momentum appears to fluctuate between the sides. The Lions midfield are beginning to impose themselves on the match as Rich and Rischitelli begin to gain possession and deliver pin-point passes.

Turning Point: 8 min 4th QTR

The main factors that inaccuracy and lack of ball efficiency, however this moment encapsulates the turning point. Following a Bryce Gibbs major from outside the arc to maintain the Blues dominance, you would have expected the fresh legs of the Carlton midfield to create a boil over. But Jonathon Brown, conveying his grit and determination competes in the marking contest, roves the footy and hard up against the boundary line on an acute angle he threads the ball through from 45 meters to inspire his team.

From that point onwards the result wilts in favour of the lions. Jonathon Brown increases his tally to 7 goals displaying remarkable inaccuracy as the Lions run away to a 19 point victory. A minor score from point blank range by the disappointing Eddie Betts describes the lack of composure and accuracy the Blues displayed tonight.

It is certainly a credit to the Lions to hold their nerve, however in order to stamp themselves as a Premiership contender the Lions need to obtain the ability to display 4 quarters of solid footy, a quality they haven’t used in the opening two rounds of 2010.

For the gallant Blues on the other hand obvious improvements need to be addressed. The absence of Chris Judd is also a factor as he has the ability to ignite his teammates by finding space away from the contest before delivering the footy with class and that was an essential tonight.

Brisbane Lions  4.3 8.3 10.7 16.11 (107)
Carlton              2.6 3. 11 10.14 12.16 (88)

Brisbane Lions: Brown 7, Fevola 3, Banfield 2, Clark, Rischitelli, Black, Staker
Carlton: O’hAilpin 4, Henderson 3, Gibbs, McLean, Murphy, Robinson, Simpson

My Votes: 3. J.Brown  2. M.Murphy  1. J.Drummond

About Damian Watson

Hey,my name is Damian Watson and I am 14 years old. My ambition is to become an AFL broadcaster/journalist in the future. I am a keen blues supporter and I live in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. I play and write for the Knox Falcons U/16's.


  1. Something tells me you’ve lost your Membership card before Damo? Lol

    Good performance by the Blues, especially in the third quarter. I imagined you jumping up and down after they got out to that handy buffer. Jonathon Brown is a superstar though, and the loss of Paul Bower before the match really showed throughout the match.

  2. Damo, great piece.
    i must admit i felt a bit for ya when the Blues started to fight back a little too late.
    as for The Bounce, i was disapointed they ddint have thier ‘Punked’ segment.
    i was so intrigued by Steele that i downloaded the video and have watched it many times since.

    Better luck nextweek Damo


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