VAFA – B Section: Old Brighton v Fitzroy


Brighton Rock; while Beeched wailers waltz

Jack Beech, Fitzroy life member, club stalwart and recently retired from 4 years of reserves grade Club captaincy after a stellar senior career got married last Saturday. This was the highlight of the Fitzroy football community when the reception played out at the home of the bride in McKean Street North Fitzroy after Saturday’s disastrous results at the Brighton Beach Oval in both reserves and seniors. Well done to you Jack and your new wife; we anticipate senior CHF’s for the Royboys and Roygirls teams circa 2035 and don’t believe we will need to encourage you to get started in being prolific in this regard !


While the reserves were mentally practicing their bridal waltzes for the whole day including Coach Richard Willingham the seniors were able to absorb the plaintive cry from senior coach Nick Mitchell for spasmodic periods save the last quarter when the wedding attendees seemed to dance off stage metaphorically to the full Nijinsky


In the first quarter both sides had one goal apiece at the 28 minute mark; begging the question as to why the quarter continued for another 6 minutes in which Brighton kicked an additional 2 late goals. Coach Nick implored the players at the first break to keep their concentration for the whole time and not drift from the game plan as they had in the these vital and crucial minutes. Not heeding the call immediately the Roys allowed Brighton to kick a further 3 goals in the first 8 Minutes of the second quarter before holding them goalless in the remaining 23 minutes as they were held by Brighton for the whole quarter.


These aberrations to the coach’s clear admonition and encouragement to keep on task laid the groundwork for the fatal final result. A 2v3 goal third quarter saw the final begin with Brighton 6 goals clear and with the confidence this engenders to “snuff” the remainder of “the battle with delight” as the Timor pony did in Banjo Paterson’s legendary poem. The slaughter of the final quarter was only less remarkable than the swift, short, succinct and authentic roast given by the coach immediately post game in a no doubt calculated way to seek the appropriate response to this week’s game at the BSO where Nick would love nothing more than to hold high the brandy keg from around the neck of the Snowdogs, his old team St Bernard’s, at games end. Give it your best boys for it is said that “those who distribute the milk of human kindness cannot help but spill a few drops upon themselves.”


Best players were those that contributed for the whole 4 quarters. These were Lewis Pavlich (mark and arguably goal of the day into the stiff westerly not to mention soldiering on after an awkward tackle by him saw his own tackle take a whack at the 16 min 50 sec mark of the 2nd quarter),the Aid(e)(a)ns Burke and Lambert, the ruckmen Owen “Yale” Symington and Harris Scholtz Mitchell and the ‘crows’ Baccanello and Obushak.


We cannot blame the Russians or the FBI like some lefties do for their losses. Hopefully the Tramconductors will not be intimidated by banter bashers when assembling behind the goals to support the boys on Saturday but rather be inspired by Jesus’ words to Saul ,as he then was, on the Damascus Road, that “it is hard for thee to kick against the pricks” (Acts 26:14 KJV).

Go Roys !

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