Bridgewater bog

Last week’s rain, plus the pressure of a number of earlier games, turned the Adelaide Hills Central Division match between Bridgewater and Mt Lofty into a mud wrestle.

During its history, the Bridgewater Oval has earned itself a reputation for producing conditions that would have the average mud lark rejoicing.

Read his yarn and see some amazing photos here.




  1. Ben Footner says

    When my brothers played juniors for Mt Barker years ago the team managers used to have disinfectant on hand for any grazes sustained in the Bridgewater mud.

    When the creek was in flood, if the footy went in they had a bloke with a net who would run downstream and scoop it out before it washed away. Very amusing to watch.

  2. You don’t realise how much you miss the muddy grounds until you see photos like this. If I wasn’t such a man there would be a little tear in my eye.

  3. Is it just me, or did anyone else find these photos of the muddy footy oval infinitely more interesting than every article published today dissecting the Judd tribunal decision?

  4. pamela sherpa says

    That is serious mud

  5. that hall goal is superb. and ‘showering’ in the creek is gold!

  6. Nothing has changed at Bridgey oval over the years . Great photos

  7. Andrew Weiss says

    I have umpired in the Hills for the last 9 years and can say that I umpired an A grade game where the ground was worse than this. In fact I don’t think there was a blade of grass on the whole oval by the time the game had finished. Two funny things happened on that day one involving a player and one involving myself. The first one occured in the third quarter when a player lining up for goal took two steps and went no further as he found himself totally stuck in the boggy mud. He was so far down that you could not see his ankles and the bottom of his shins. Then in the last quarter when I was trying to run in to call a ball up (about the 100th time we had made that call that day) my foot boot came off my foot and got lost somewhere in the mud. After a couple of minutes it was eventually found by a player and it took a further minute to get back on after trying to get as much mud out of it as possible. Lets just say that at the end of the game the uniform did not make it to the washing machine but rather the nearest bin.

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