Book now for Willy Lit Fest: Stereo Stories, A Passion For Footy, and more.

Time for music-loving Almanackers to book a table at the next Stereo Stories show and see Smokie Dawson on his home ground: Williamstown Town Hall, as part of the Williamstown Literary Festival.

It’s a 90-minute show on Saturday 18 June, with other guest writers including Andy Griffiths and Brian Nankervis. Andy will be channelling Vincent Price and Alice Cooper, while Brian’s stories include  yarns about 1960s schooldays and  1970s travel, romance, footy and music.

The Stereo Stories Band, and director Vin Maskell, are deep in rehearsals at the moment, fine-tuning the interplay of story and song: working out when the writers pauses their narration, when – and how long – the band comes in, and when the writers resume their stories. It’s a balancing act of give and take, of story and song, of music and memoir.

Early bird tickets only $15.

There’s plenty more at the Willy Lit Fest, of course: David Astle, Stuart Coupe, Nick Gadd, Leigh Hobbs, George Megalogenis, Alice Pung, Helen Morse, Mark Seymour…

A Passion For Footy, on Sunday afternoon 19 June, sees Angela Pippos chairing a session featuring  Alicia Sometimes, Nicole Hayes and Michael Hyde.

Early bird tickets only $10.


  1. fark can you move it back? Sydney Film Festival….

  2. Or can the Sydney Film Festival shift its dates?! We could be at a wariter’s festival on the Vic/NSW border in early September. Cheers.

  3. There’s something about “Willy Lit” and ex-wives that sends a shiver up my spine.

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