Second Test – Day 3: Some culinary statistics and other observations


Much goes on at Adelaide that never sees exposure but I am going to drop the bombshells or should I say egg-shells from the investigative team working in the members stand.

  • 400 egg and bacon rolls are sold between 8am and 10am each morning in the western stand
  • Wood-fired pizzas are in demand throughout the day and when you u consider that the owner Greg continues to stoke up the fire with red gum logs in a very confined area you can understand why it is very sweaty work.
  • The cafeteria under the members has tried to sell authentic gastronomically delights but the members are very staid in their ways and weren’t interested. Change comes slowly amongst Croweaters.
  • 100 kegs of beer per day  equates to a little over 1000 cups of coffee according to my own statisticians who have done a “test run” .
  • Did not get the name of the guy who sat next to me in the bus  but he had the most marvellous tattoo of an in-flight Dennis Lillee on his calf. His game.  He goes by the name “Gomer’ and no doubt is an great cricket fan as he always get the top seat in the members, in the corner, so nobody interrupts
  • Many of the female workers in the members have been in their roles for over 20 years and whilst they love the job they often get no positive vibes from the members who they often regard as “very rude”.  Not all of them they say but enough to suggest that there is a social strata that exists between workers and members
  • Talking of members there seems to be far more women pro rata than in any other state. Perhaps that has a lot to do with the fact that South Australia was the first state to give women the vote.
  • GTV9 staff and executives are ropable about the amount of time that is lost when the players/umpires go to the third umpire for a decision. One producer said to me “we get so frustrated when it takes up to four or five minutes for a decision to be made. We are the ones who get all the complaints and it is not our fault.”  Maybe it is their fault as they were the ones who were instrumental in bringing in all the “new gadgets” to make the game more interesting for viewers.
  • Jacques Kallis batting at 9 for the first time in his career.  Best number 9 ever with over 12,000 runs to his credit
  • The South African commentary team are certainly the “poor boys” as far as space goes. They are in tent that would be no more than four square metres and there is always a group of at least five people in the box. If you were overweight it certainly would be a big help to drop a few kilos.
  • Must say the food in the employee’s tent has been superb throughout the game.
  • Interesting to see that many of the members don’t bother arriving at the game until after the luncheon break.
  • Loyal staff here at the Adelaide Oval – most of the catering, food service staff have been here for 20 years or more while Les Gray has been on the scoreboard for over 40 years.
  • Now that the ground has changed do we still call it the Adelaide Oval?
  • Crowds for the first three days have been interesting.  Day 1  – 17,792, Day 2 – 17,130 Day 3 –  How can the SACA say the house is full days before the event?
  • Did you know that two of the beautiful Moreton bay Fig trees were planted by HRH The Duke of Cornwall and York and HRH The Duchess of York and Cornwall on July 11th 1901.
  • The plaques that were attached to the two trees are now 2.3 metres of the ground and still attached to the trees.  The trees will never be removed.
  • The Duke became George V the grandfather of your Queen.

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