Blues in Strife

The Carlton Football Club was thrown into a state of high uncertainty after this week’s release of the BRW 100 richest Australian business people. There was a glaring omission of the Blue’s redeemer, Richard Pratt, from the list as well as concern over the rising number of claims against his estate by aggrieved mistresses. A source within the club revealed the absence sent a shock wave through the Club and has put a huge dint in Clubs’ plan of hanging off Pratt’s shirt tail for the rest of time.

“We were just dumbfounded. Every paper in the country sprouted about how Dick is one of Australia’s richest men. We accepted his offer of Presidency in good faith thinking he was loaded and would tip in heaps to get us out of the toilet. Next minute we discover he is not even in the top 100. We are seeking legal advice as we believe Juddy may have been a love child and we want our cut. Club saviour my bum”.

The news of the deceased former President fall from the heights of business has placed a strain on Carlton already tight budget. Pratt was embraced as the club’s redeemer particularly after he persuaded the former West Coast champ to sign with the Blues. Now it would appear that the planned redevelopment at Visy Park may be in jeopardy as is the ability to pay Judd his estimated $6.3 million salary as Environmental Ambassador for the former cardboard tycoon. “We had just enlarged the day spa and had intended to make a start on an upmarket Gelato shop and micro brewery but that all out the window. We are speaking with Lexus as they dont seem to have Centre at the moment”

The source went on to say “I supposed we should have twigged when he invited Jack back that he may have been having a lend. Now if that’s all, I need to get Juddy to pathology”.

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