Blondes have more fun

In response to Glen’s hirsute challenged team, I thought I would rustle up a team of blondes.

Some of these players started as blondes before either losing it or darkening in colour.

In putting together this team I noticed how many forwards there were, something perhaps about their personality?

Also how many played for either Hawthorn St Kilda and Sydney/SMFC.

I included Malcolm Blight as Coach as I couldn’t think of others beside Peter Knights and perhaps Blighty had a better record as coach.

If you can include other blondies, I welcome your comments.


B: A Collins (Haw)                  L Roberts Thomson (Syd)          G Cunningham (St K)

HB: D Bolton (Geel/Syd)       Paul Vander Haar (Ess)             T Barker (St K)

C: S Maxfield (Rich/Syd)      Sam Mitchell (Haw)                  D Rhys Jones (Swans/Car)

HF: P Knights (Haw)              Mark Maclure (Car)                  J Akermanis (Bris/WB)

F: B Hall (St K/Syd/WB)        W Capper (Syd/Bris)               B Brownless (Geel)

Foll: C Ditterich (St. K /Melb)    P Crimmins (Haw)        B Cable (NM)

Inter: Russell Morris (Haw/St K) T Luff (Syd) R O’Keefe (Syd) S Crawford (Haw) P Curran (Haw/Bris) T Hopkins (Carl) D Glascott (Carl)

Coach: Malcolm Blight (Geel/Adel)
Apologies to Dermott Brereton, I believe his hair was originally Red then dyed blonde.

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A keen observer of all things sport and a Swans tragic, David likes to dabble in sporting documentaries including the Max Bailey doco for Fox Footy. David is currently filming a documentary on the Australian Cycling Men's Team Pursuit squad as they prepare for the 2016 Rio Olympics.


  1. You’ve left out a blond father and son who are both better than anyone named here.

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