Big brother has dozed off

You really do have to wonder!  “let’s embrace technology to enhance the game”  the suits have said but they seem to have missed the important bit.  How about it is not just a token effort but we actually take it seriously lads or not have it at all!

Millions and squillions are spent on the footy by those on high.  So, Friday night we have a cliffhanger between the Bombers and Blues and the eye in the sky has nodded off.  Neither team will feature in the Grand Finale at season’s end but rest assured, if it is a close one there may well be a meltdown at AFL house  if a goal line review is stuffed up.

Tom Waterhouse must be licking his lips and has probably set the odds already.  No need to offer us our money back on this one, it is a certainty there will be an almighty stuff up at the pointy end of the season with this inane attempt by the AFL hierarchy to ‘fix’ an age old issue with modern methods.

Let’s wait and (hopefully) see.

Larry from Lonnie.




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