Best of Lists 2019

Les Everett is an editor for,  and he also writes for the Footy Almanac. Les is seeking input from interested  readers to develop “Best of Lists 2019” for the website as outlined below.  Contact Les via  comments if you would like to participate.


Dear influencer


It’s Best of … time again.


We’re looking for your highlights from 2019 in the form of…


  • Best of lists: live shows, songs, albums, films, books, sporting events, TV shows, travels, restaurants, scoreboards… or any combinations of anything…


  • Or maybe an essay, poem, haiku, song that sums up the year for you.


  • Multiple contributions are welcome. Photos and illustrations very welcome.


We do this each year to share information and influence the world… to make it better.


The exercise also provides content for the website. Content = $$$ and since its inception in 2001 has made over $300.


Les Everett
writer, editor


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About Les Everett

A Footy Almanac veteran, Les Everett is the author of Gravel Rash: 100 Years of Goldfields Football and Fremantle Dockers: An Illustrated History. He is the WAFL correspondent and uses the money he makes from that role to pay for his expensive websites and and fund the extravagant Vin Maskell at


  1. John Butler says

    Les, be careful not to fall off that big money pile. You’ll break something.

  2. John Butler says

    Les, I didn’t get to the cinemas much this year, but here’s what John Waters reckoned were the year’s best films.

    10. “Joker”

    9. “The Souvenir”

    8. “The Golden Glove”

    7. “Pain & Glory”

    6. “Hail Satan?”

    5. “Amazing Grace”

    4. “Border”

    3. “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”

    2. “Joan of Arc”

    1. “Climax”

  3. Les, just wondering whether we can publish the contributions from the Almanac community on the Almanac site as well – or at least post links to them on your site. Cheers.

  4. Les Everett says

    I’ll like it both ways.

    So yeah publish.


    I will send links.

    If you’d like to see your 2019 contribution on just submit via email to [email protected]

    PS I might have seen the best thing for 2019 last night… Western Stars.

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