Barney’s 2010 AFL Crystal Ball Part 7: St Kilda and Sydney

by Josh Barnstable

St Kilda:

So close, yet so far was the story for St Kilda in 2009. 22 wins from 25 games but failed on the big stage against Geelong. That hurt them. It hurt them more then any other premiership loss would have hurt any other club. They have a great team that so many people failed to rate before 2009. The forward line is great, Nick Riewoldt and Justin Koschitzke form a great goalkicking duo, while crumbers Stephen Milne and Adam Schneider will be looking to redeem themselves after wasting many opportunities on Grand Final day. Untried trio Tommy Walsh, Tom Lynch and Andrew Lovett will also play a role in the forward line in 2010, and Brett Peake may be a dangerous crumber at times. The midfield is strong, Lenny Hayes is durable, while Nick Dal Santo and Clint Jones have plenty of class. Andrew McQualter came of age in 2009, Jack Steven showed potential, David Armitage should get a few games and the likes of Brendon Goddard, Leigh Montagna, Farren Ray and Jason Gram should find it easy to get a game. Michael Gardiner and Steven King form a dangerous duo in the Ruck, with Gardiner showing he has the ability to go forward and kick goals. Adam Pattison was recruited in the draft as a back-up option if King or Gardiner go down with injury or suspension. The back half was sensational in ’09, but the question remains if they can keep it up in 2010. Zac Dawson was a revelation at Full Back, he got plenty of support from Sam Fisher, Sam Gilbert, Jason Blake and Steven Baker. The recruitment of Jesse Smith was an absolute steal, you f***** thieves! I would like to see the Saints go that one step further, but I guess they would then be two premiership’s behind North Melbourne’s total of four, and with the Saints known as the worst team in football historically, that doesn’t show well for my team.

My prediction:

Leading goalkicker: Nick Riewoldt

Best and Fairest: Lenny Hayes

Sydney Swans:

The ugly ducklings finally look set to becoming the Swans that they are, with the arrival of John Longmire in the main seat coming in a couple of years, the recruitment of Daniel Bradshaw, Lewis Jetta, Gary Rohan and Byron Sumner, the Swans already look faster, stronger and more exciting on paper. The forward line took some major blows in 2009, but they were coming and it heralded a new start, Hall is gone, O’Loughlin is gone, Schneider left at the end of 2007, that’s three main goalkickers from the Swans’ premiership days. Jesse White has major potential; Adam Goodes showed he had more strings in his bow, capable of playing at Centre-Half Forward and first-round draft pick Lewis Johnston is finally fit and raring to go. Throw in Rohan and Jetta, plus Ryan O’Keefe and Pat Veszpremi, that forward line is better than one that would boast both a fit Hall and O’Loughlin. The midfield is, as always, blue-collar workers. Jude Bolton, Jarrad McVeigh, Brett Kirk and O’Keefe lead a strong, young midfield such as Kieren Jack, Craig Bird, Dan Hannebery, Brett Meredith, Ed Barlow and the Hawthorn recruits, Josh Kennedy and Ben McGlynn. Jarred Moore has been around for a while, but is starting to become a great player, while the likes of Marty Mattner and Tadhg Kennelly will play up through the midfield from the defence. This is where the question mark lays for the Swans. Craig Bolton is one of their most important players, Lewis Roberts-Thomson is skilled but doesn’t make the back of the Sydney Morning Herald. Perhaps LRT would be better suited up forward, where Johnston could possibly take up the Centre-Half Back post. Mattner is fast becoming one of the most important playmakers for the Swans, while the return of a fit Kennelly will help tremendously. In the Ruck, there was major panic for a while after Darren Jolly packed his bags and went to the Lexus Centre, but with the arrival of the skilled Shane Mumford and the out-of-favour Eagle Mark Seaby, as well as White and the development of Daniel Currie, the Ruck stocks are refreshed, young and strong. The Swans are set for a big season, if Paul Roos employs an attacking-style of play, Bradshaw, Goodes etc. will be getting on the end of plenty of goals.

My prediction:

Leading goalkicker: Daniel Bradshaw

Best and Fairest: Adam Goodes

Tomorrow: West Coast and the Western Bulldogs

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  1. lol Steve didnt you know being attentive was part of having a gf? LMAOO

  2. ohh Saints B&F-… UMMM
    Luke Ball OH WAIT
    lmaoo hahhahhhhaha :)

  3. Steve Healy says

    ok Danni, um.. I love you?

  4. I wasnt very attentive with mine, maybe that’s why it didnt work out too good? Lol

    Gloating much Danni?

  5. Steve Healy says

    By the way Josh I think your overreacting to Jesse Smith lol

  6. nawww lol better Healy, better :)

    gloating? me??? Nahhhh!! :)

  7. I think your overreacting to Simon Buckley ..

  8. Damian Watson says

    Do you know how many relatives came up to me and asked if I had a girlfriend? soon it will be compulsary to have a girlfriend by the age of 12!!!

  9. Steve Healy says

    ok, at least your telling me where I go wrong lol

  10. Same thing with me Damo, Hayley’s always asking how my ‘girlfriend’ is. I usually reply ‘yeah Bob’s good’

  11. ..isnt bob ur goat?

  12. Lol i remember last year i was in the car driving with Mum in Numurkah and we saw two kids from Grade 6 holding hands so Mum beeped the horn and they quickly let go of their hands and looked back at us lol

  13. Gee u guys are all pretty! i think ur jst to shy to make the first move or too picky with who you want to choose that you dont see whats going on. lol

  14. Damian Watson says

    lol “Lewis Roberts Thomson is skilled but doesn’t make the back page of the Sydney Morning Herald”, that’s a new one although I thought Sydney’s main paper was the Daily telegraph.

  15. ..steve U TOOK COMMENT SUPERMAN!!!!!!!!

  16. Steve Healy says

    oh well, theres no need to worry about that now that we’re together Danni

  17. Hmm when i was with a girl at school everyone was telling me to kiss her and stuff but i was way too scared too so i didnt lol.

    Yeah i asked Steve what the Sydney paper was called and i got that response then i asked my Nana and she said the Sydney Morning Herald so i went with that

  18. Steve Healy says

    And comment Nathan Brown lol

  19. I got comment Cunnington. Nice alliteration there

  20. LMAOOO naww JOSHYYYY! lmaoo
    see i knew it , ur all too shy..well minus Mikey!

    ….and Nathan Brown too?

  21. The next day i wasnt too shy though haha :P

    Today feels like the start of the NAB Cup to me, probably coz on the same day last year it was stinking hot as well

  22. Steve Healy says

    ive kissed a couple of girls before.

  23. status- choking on water at comment 22


  25. Damian Watson says

    The tennis hasn’t even started yet!

  26. Steve Healy says

    But then I found you Danni :)

  27. JOSH’S STATUS- Puking at comment 26 LMAOO

  28. Damian Watson says

    Which sporting event has more value and purpose?

    A) Commonwealth Games

    B) Winter Olympics

  29. Steve Healy says

    commenwealth games, cos the Aussies are terrible at Winter Olympics apart from that lucky speed skating victory hahaha that was awesom

  30. So have i

    Damo, just wondering, who will you be barracking for in the Roos v Cats NAB Cup game?

  31. ……winter Olympics, cos Michael Buble is the advertising dude and on commercials his song ‘i just havent met u yet’ comes on and i like it! :)

  32. Status – puking at comment 26

  33. Lol i’ve seen that ice-skating win on 20-1 heaps of times.

    I like the Commonwealth Games

  34. Steve Healy says

    Danni, you stole comment Jurrah!

  35. Steve which song would u dedicate yo me???

  36. ..yeah thats cos i love him so much.

  37. I’d dedicate Black Or White by Michael Jackson to Danni

  38. Damian Watson says

    lol Steven Bradbury that win is the stuff of legend.

    Hmm probably North since they have gone 12 years without a Premiership flag compared to geelong’s 4 and I am eager to see some of North’s young players.

  39. Damian Watson says

    I’d dedicate “Cold as Ice” to you Danni lol kidding.

  40. Steve Healy says

    any song by the Jonas brothers or Elvis, Danni

  41. I wanna see Ryan Bastinac play, but probably wont be able to coz he’ll be pinging around the field too quick for my eyes

  42. LMAOOO DAMO!! hahahhahahaha!! LMAOOO

    STEVE be specific!

    mmm nice JOSH

  43. Hot Mess!!

  44. Steve Healy says

    A boy like me, A girl like you by Elvis

  45. hot dayum!!! lol Josh

    interesting choice Steve..why did u go for a slow song?

  46. Yeah Steve, Danni likes them fast :P

  47. Steve Healy says

    because it represents our love for each other in many ways

  48. mmmmm fair enough.

    i would have dedicated-
    ‘the way u make me feel” by MJ
    thats a real dancefloor filler!

  49. Damian Watson says

    If Danni never feels satisfied with Steve just pull out one of Lily Allen’s songs lol.

  50. lol nah i love love music that i can dance to, i love to dance.

  51. Steve Healy says

    yes, Danni that is a great song!

  52. Steve Healy says

    who doesnt love to dance ;)

  53. i dont know, but im always the first one on the dancefloor. lol

  54. Steve Healy says

    im always the first one to lie down on the dance floor- the only one to actually lol

  55. lmaooo yeah nice who doesnt stop dancing and one who just lies down. lmao

  56. Steve Healy says

    I dont only lie down! I can do other things you know!! hahaha

  57. lol breakdance?

  58. I can do the hokey-pokey

  59. Steve Healy says

    nah not quite Danni, but I can try :) :) :)

  60. lol Joshy! :P

  61. nah Steve dont worry lol.
    just learn how to muzza shuffle and we are all set! :P

  62. I love you spray bottle

  63. Steve Healy says

    shuffling’s easily, all you have to do is bounce around with your feet like a retard. Who cant do that?

  64. Me

  65. You’ve been hit by
    You’ve been struck by
    A smooth criminal

    lmao josh
    u have to learn it looks HAWT

  66. I reckon it looks pretty stupid actually.

    I like Alien Ant Farm’s version of Smooth Criminal better. I heard that version before MJ’s anyway

  67. Damian Watson says

    I like the original version better, I hate bands who sing cover songs it’s plagiarism at it’s finest.

  68. Steve Healy says

    hahahaha Alien Ant Farm.

    Actually I just tried shuffling then, its harding that it looks

  69. What’s funny about that? They are a good band.

  70. yeah..steve make sure u perfect shuffling!! :)


  72. Steve Healy says

    its just funny how they covered Smooth Criminal, plus its a funny band name, and the videoclip for that song is terrible

  73. Its a gun as video clip!! lol

    Oh i had to sing that song during school concert Danni, i had to hold up a piece of cardboard with 3 written on it in the 123 bit :)

  74. lol

    status- picturing Medders

  75. Damian Watson says

    I’m guessing that was a one hit wonder because I have never heard of Alien Ant Farm.

  76. Damo have u heard of STEPS??
    :) :)

  77. Its the only song i really know that they sing

  78. Damian Watson says

    Aren’t they that weird band who do covers of Bee Gees songs?

  79. Steve Healy says

    thats sad lol, their one hit wonder is a plagirised song

  80. dude…i dont know but i used to love em as a kid and i still listen to their song

  81. Steve Healy says

    oh ive heard that song before

  82. It’s time to begin now count it in ??
    5 6 7 8

    My boot scootin’ baby is driving me crazy
    My obsession for a western my dance floor date
    My rodeo Romeo a cowboy god from head to toe
    Wanna make you mine better get in line
    5 6 7 8

    lol steve loves it! :P

  83. Damian Watson says

    Oh yeah the country song.

  84. Steve Healy says

    do I?? lol

  85. yeah cnt u see Jurrah dancing to it!?

  86. Steve Healy says

    hahaha maybe

  87. Dancing unsuccessfully to it

  88. Steve Healy says

    im off now cya

  89. lol nah i can see him going at it, cowboy hat and all! :)

  90. k, byeeeeeeeee STEVEYYYYPIE!

  91. Im bored and got 3 hours to kill, what to do ?

  92. Damian Watson says

    Josh do you have a quad bike?

  93. STATUS- typing up piece on pretty coaches list. lol guess who is number one?? lol

  94. Damian Watson says

    not Laidley?

  95. Damian Watson says

    Wait is this current coaches?

  96. Brad Scott? Yeah good choice.

    Nah but when i help Dad with the milking i ride one. They’re fun

  97. nah just overall really Damo.
    NO JOSH!! Dean Laidley is number one :)

  98. Status – scared :(

  99. lol whyyy??
    hey u guys help!! didnt paul Roos go all crazy and stuff when he did his speech when the swans won the flag??

  100. Not really, he had a big wind up in his speech and just shouted a few famous words at the end.

    Coz there are code red fire warnings right where i am, and we’re being told to evacuate the house either tonight or early tomorrow

  101. ..shit!!! omgg Josh!!
    Be Carefull!!! :(

  102. Haha at least that made me laugh :) meh we survived last year’s fires so we should be right this year but u never know

  103. how it that funny??

  104. dont worry

    Dont fret, it should all be right. If anything bad happens, i’ll just follow the plan that i wrote in my story that i sent u guys

  105. ….okayyyyy…

    status- sending list as of now.


  107. Send it to me Danni, im bored and wanna read something

  108. did you get it?

  109. Yeah, once again, he has a family!

    I dont get the Dean Corey Laidley though?

  110. Yeah u told me already!!
    WHAT?? what dont u get?

  111. Im telling you again then!

    What’s with the Corey in the middle?

  112. Sooo whats wrong with that? hes pretty! look at Colin Firth hes like 49 and has a son my age and i still love him!

    well i think thats his middle name.
    Corey..heheh lol

  113. ..ohhh crap i forgot the E in Corey!!
    lol hopefully Gigs will spot out the error!!

  114. Oh ok, i thought you might have been referring to a spunk called Corey Laidley or something.

    Danni, its Laidley for christ sake. What do you see in him seriously? I understand Roos and Harvey, but not him.

  115. ….Josh HES PRETTY!!!!
    especially for his age, hes PRETTYY!!!

  116. I dont think im gonna make the footy tonight. Another 2 hours, how am i gonna manage that??

  117. ..Read Emma..oh wait no that will put u to sleep!! lol

  118. guess what im doing at this hour?
    History revision!!!
    I love doing work really late..i don’t know why but im in the zone when its late.

  119. I do my best work at the last minute

  120. ohh check the HS website..Juddy has spoken!!! :)
    and apperantly so do the journos of HS look at the time it was posted!

  121. Did you see Jetta’s tatoo?

  122. yahaa!! thats gotta kill!!
    like OUCHHHHHHHHHH!!! its a lot of ink.

  123. well i better go…
    Emma is waiting…i need to read a few more chapter before bed so that i dont feel guilty, eventhough i did well which how much i read this afternoon.

    Nighty night!! sweet dreams!!

  124. Hayley and her boyfriend have bigger tatoos than that. When i say i want a tatoo, its nothing like that. I mean i just want something like Aaron Edwards has

  125. Lol k cya

  126. The Blues have given out their numbers, with Henderson and McLean recieving 23 and 7 respectively. Kane Lucas got number 24, there are no changes with the experienced players.

    A Carlton man has been charged with assault in Adelaide over the christmas break. Damo?? Lol nah Adam Hartlett

  127. Steve Healy says

    Gday guys,

    I just watched the newest Harry potter movie then for the first time. its ok.

    Jack Watts looking good on the AFL website

  128. Steve Healy says

    By the way, I went to sleep at almost 4 last night, and woke up at 1:20 today, so im a bit confused

  129. The AFL website is looking good, the new red banner suits.

    I went to sleep at 4:30, and woke up at 9. I watched all of the match last night.

  130. Damian Watson says

    Hey guys,
    Yeah nobody will wear Fev’s number 25 for the Blues next year, hey it’s Adelaide he should be rewarded lol kidding.

    Yeah the hottest night on record last night, I watched the match as well but managed to get to sleep at 2:30.

    I’m guessing you didn’t have to evacuate Josh?

  131. Actually, i sat on the couch last night watching the game and kept spraying the spray bottle into the fan and it was terrific, i actually got the shivers at some points.

    Nah, knowing my family, we would only evacuate when the fire had already done the damage.

    It’s pretty windy at the moment, and smokey, not as hot as yesterday but still pretty bad. Did you guys get my email?

    Oh and about the Collingwood v West Coast replay tonight from 2001, can anyone tell me if its a match worthy of staying up and watching?

  132. Steve Healy says

    I was watching another show with my brother and sister until 2:45, and then I watched a bit of the game and then went to bed and read for a while.

    Yeah Josh, that powerpoint looks great, its gonna take a while to do all the clubs

  133. Damian Watson says

    Actually Josh it’s Collingwood v North Melbourne and you should stay up for it!!

    Sav Rocca kicked the winning goal for the Roos and his brother Anthony missed in the dying seconds and the Roos held on by two points.

    Yeah I got the powerpoint, a good summary on the Crows.

  134. I’ve tried making one of these powerpoints before but never got past Collingwood

  135. Oh my bad, must have mis-read it. Yeah i’ll stay up for it then

  136. Steve Healy says

    Yeah, its Collingwood V North, followed by Bulldogs V Carlton from R3 1999

  137. Oh that’s right Coll v WCE was on this morning after the Ess v WCE game.

    Steve, i’ve noticed your sister has a weird obsession with the number five

  138. Steve Healy says

    yeah, I dont really get that lol

    Josh go on FB

  139. ..WHAT!!
    the game i mean.

    Steve- Harry Potter gets better with evry movie. loved tha last one.

  140. Steve Healy says

    1:30 or so, Danni.

    Its ok, but not that much really happened- its hard to explain.

  141. hahahahahahha nawww poor Angus! :(
    this is what he last posted on twitter.
    AngusMonfries – Trust my aircon to fail me on Melbournes hottest night on record!! The old wet flannel didn’t help much…
    about 5 hours ago from Twitterrific

  142. Steve Healy says

    jeez, it was so hot, when I woke up this morning (afternoon) I was so uncomfortable I thought I’d die

  143. Steve Healy says

    Breaking news, Marc Murphy could miss the Nab cup as he is about to have hip surgery

  144. lol i went driving today at 1:15pm but we had air-con in the car so i was fine.

    status- drinking ice-tea
    Be jealous Joshy!! :P

  145. Steve Healy says

    I wasnt even awake at 1:15 danni

  146. lol well i had to be up at 12:00 to get dressed and eat before my lesson.

    Steve i think this couple thing could work now that u hav adapted to my sleepinf

  147. Damian Watson says

    Well Murphy’s will leave the door open for players in the NAB Cup although I’m concerned that he might not be fully fit come round 1 with Judd altready out of the side.

    What type of car do you have Danni? Ford? Holden?

  148. Steve Healy says

    hahaha, yeah I think so Danni, my sleeping habits are turning around, and I dont plan to go to bed early tonight

  149. I’m a Ford man if anyone is wondering.

    Last night was weird for me.

  150. Hyundai excel
    lol ill post a link of it, well its not my car but it looks exactly the same in style and colour execpt mine has four doors not 2.

    lol keep it up boyfriend! :P

  151. One of the contenders for that guernsey:

  152. Steve Healy says

    I will girlfriend.

    I wont be on much tonight, its been a year today since my Grandpa died so ive gotta go to a mass in celebration, not celebrating in a bad way

  153. lol Josh did u see the pic Harry posted of himself asleep holding his cat’s tail? LMAOO

  154. Yeah lol.

  155. Ohh, well condolences and its nice that you are celebrating his life in that way.

  156. ROFL JOSH!! hahahha ROFL!!
    see i told u hes a teddybear on the inside! lmaoo hahhahahaha!! nawww i love medders!

  157. Lol Steve my friend keeps asking me who SHLJ off Superfooty is

  158. Damian Watson says

    Danni stop being so stereotypical lol not all italians are muzzas.

    Remember they’re supposed to be tank and I’m far from it.

  159. And not all country kids wear straw hats and flannies and ride ponies

  160. Steve Healy says

    hahahaha, sorry about before Josh, my internet crashed so I went off FB

  161. lol..Damo i was saying that in general my car is a Muzza Magnet!! lol
    they will be trying to climb through the windows to get in!! lmaooo

    not that steve will notice ey josh? LOL

  162. IN RESPONSE TO 161
    yeah? well not all girlies have straigtners and two wardrobe and a coffe machine.

    status- still drinking ice-tea
    Envy me!! :)

  163. Steve Healy says

    coffee machines, arent they only avaliable on spaceships?

  164. Nah Steve will be like “hey get off your dentin the car!! Danni get out so they dont climb all over the car” lol

    I had ice tea yesterday, drank it in like 30 seconds lol.

  165. Damian Watson says

    Do you know much about your grandad’s commentary career Steve?

  166. Steve Healy says

    Since when have I become a retard? lol

  167. You always were

  168. Steve Healy says

    He commentated footy on 3GL in the 50’s and 60’s, he was a pretty prolific radio broadcaster back then, he even broke some record where he did a radio marathon, he was on for 4 straight days or something

  169. lol Josh.

    thats pretty cool, 4 straight days…

  170. Steve Healy says

    hmmm, lets just say your treading water Barnstable

  171. Steve, are u gonna wear a suit?

  172. The guys from Shepparton always try and stay on radio for a while, they even get tatoos while doing a broadcast lol its funny.

    What do you call an italian girl? Muzzarette?

  173. Just like Gawn, Healy

  174. nahh Josh u call em Marias! lol

  175. Steve Healy says

    nah sorry Danni, im gonna wear shorts and a t shirt, ive never worn a suit in my life.

  176. Damian Watson says

    oh yeah thats the old Geelong station. 4 days straight!!! what could you talk about for 96 hours?

    By the way having a coffee machine doesn’t mean you’re loaded!

  177. lol well i bet u would scrubb up nicely if u did steve. :P

  178. Ohh ok..

    Why would you wear a suit in this weather? No offence, but im sure your grandfather would like you being comfortable instead of being all squirmish and hot in a suit

  179. Talk about footy for 96 hours, easy :P

  180. Steve Healy says

    its cooled down in Melbourne Josh.

    Gawn can walk from here to Antarctica like I told you hahaha

  181. 178- about the coffee machine- THANKYOU I AGREE, NOW tell that to healy and Barnstable

  182. Steve Healy says

    Yeah it was an amazing feat,

    anyway guys ive gotta go now, I’d stay on if I could, but im playing some backyard cricket with my brother and afterwards ill be going out, so ill be back later tonight if your all still on. I wish everyone the best, I guess.

  183. I just dont see why u need a coffee machine? What’s so bad about the kettle? Its like having a dishwasher instead of doing the dishes, their’s more work in having a dishwasher

  184. I’ll be on until the game finishes tonight/tomorrow.

    Have a good one, i think, Steve

  185. ..i do have a dishwasher. and with the kettel u cant make the froth!

    ..kk cya Stevey

  186. Actually, now that you mention it, i’m gonna go make some hawt chocolate

  187. Damian Watson says

    Cya Steve.

    Josh having those appliances doesn’t mean you’re rich Josh, I mean I’m well off but were not exactly millionaires, it’s just more convenient and I’m sure Danni would say the same.

  188. i think i have said this many time and heres another-
    Damo i agree.

  189. ….guys


  190. Status – went to get a hawt chocolate, ended up doing the dishes, having tea and watching Neighbours.

    Oh and i just found my prep photos, now im gonna try and find old friends on FB

  191. status- currenlty squealing at the fact my tennis hero is here…

    Yeah well i mopped the house and cleaned the bathroom and put out a load of washing!
    lol i’m a good housewifeyyy!! :p

  192. Jeez, according to my prep photos, my best friends were all girls. Jeez i was a playa back then.

  193. NAWWW hahahahhahah little Joshyy! :P

  194. Its sad to see that all the little girls looking all innocent in those photos are the main sluts of Numurkah these days

  195. tell me about it!
    dont forget i go to a girls school!
    seriously the number of times i sing under my breath to get a message across to a friend when one of the girls i can’t stand is playing up…
    “you’re the pride of every fake that comes around, this messed up town.”
    i tell ya i have seen it all, at girl schools its all betching and backstabbing, you cant trust many people.

  196. If theres one thing im not its fake. I cant stand people who are fake it just pisses me off. which is why if I don’t like someone I won’t act all nice because I don’t like them. why should i be all nice if im really thinking otherwise in my head.
    im polite when I need to be but I would just love for one of them to cross the line once..

  197. Yeah our generation is messed up.

    Wooh!! I take back comment 603 on the Port Adelaide and Richmond thread, im goin outside for a kick! :)

  198. Hmm there’s this girl at school and she’s pretty but she always has a fake voice thats really high, chirpy, girly and plain annoying, yet when she’s being ‘real’ her voice is sorta normal but she puts on her squeeky voice to fit in with the cool group of girls

  199. ..ohh god.
    lol i dont even know this chick and i already dont like her!
    well atleast u didnt have to hear a cetain girl asking her friend if she should fake a preganacy to see her bfs reaction..and im talking she like declared it in the hallway. i was there trying to get some books rolling my eyes. like why would u say something like that in public!!??

  200. Damian Watson says

    Why would someone even consider that?!

    It’s too wet outside for me to have a kick, fancy that in the middle of summer.

  201. Damo i have no idea but i do know that i cant stand that girl.

    on a brighter note-

    Now thats what i call a tennis champ in training!! :)

  202. Damian Watson says

    I’d prefer watching Maria Sharapova aside from the constant grunting.

  203. each to thier own Damo.
    i cant believe Roger is HERE..AS IN HERE, HERE!! :)
    and he looks so relaxed in training.

  204. status- watching Federer training vid for third time.

    knock on wood, its great to see him so fit! :)

  205. Damian Watson says

    Maria Sharapova is champ of another kind lol.

    Are you planning to see any of the matches, the tickets for the main games are extremely expensive.

  206. Footy’s in the tree again :(

    I did the worst thing could u do, i grabbed the ball, bounced it, then took my eyes off it and didnt see where it was heading. I felt quite sick after that, wasnt a good way to start lol.

    Now im gonna go sit outside with mum drinking lemonade coz its like 25 degrees

  207. …Damo dont go parents wont take me.
    Next year i will camp outside the arena with Candy.
    is there even any chance of knowing who is playing on the day that u have tickets before hand?

    ROGER FEDERER- Simply the best!! :)

  208. ..ohhh i cant wait for his next press conference!!!!!!! :)
    accent = adorable!!!

  209. I really dont see what u see in him

  210. Damian Watson says

    Josh, which tennis player do you admire the most?

  211. I admire a few, Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic and Jo Wilfred Tsonga. I’d saw Hewitt, but i think he’s still too arrogant

  212. Damian Watson says

    I think Hewitt is past his prime as well, I reckon it’s been about six or seven years since he last won a major grand slam.

    How long until your tennis season starts again?

  213. We start on Janurary 30, hopefully the hot weather would have passed by then.

  214. Damian Watson says

    I hope so too, but late Jan-February always seems to be the warmest period of time.

    Anyway I’m off to watch that Austin Powers movie.

  215. What do i see in him?
    well i will tell u
    1. great hair
    2. great smile
    3. great serve
    4. awesome forehand
    5. how he is so cool but at the same time concentrates and gives it his all
    6. he’s humble
    7. he’s fashionable
    8. his presence on the court
    9. the way the ball spins so cleverly off his racket
    10. the way he gets those really tricky hits that get my reactions of “omgg Roger you legend!!!”
    11. the way he leaves me shaking my head at the unexpected accurate shots the takes.
    12. whats not to like?


  216. ..i miss my boyfriend! :(

  217. Hmmm. You have a strange taste in men Danielle.

  218. Hmm im sure Joe’s havin fun at the moment..oh you meant Steve?? lol

  219. ohhh and
    13. his accent
    14. the fact that he is the ambassador of Lint chocolate
    15. The RF symbol, love it its clever!! :)

    okay now im done.

  220. lol yeah ill bet joe is..

    yes i meant steve. lol

  221. Speaking of, is the tennis on tonight?

  222. ..hmm i dont know
    im just looking forward to the footy.

    lol ill bet Steve is happy, got himself an older woman. LMAOO

  223. Lol who knows who and what he’s doing right now Danni.

    R you staying up to watch the game tonight?

  224. Duh!! ofcorse i am!! :)
    i get to see the vintage Magpies! :)

    …Josh what do u mean who knows WHO hes doing??????????????????????????????

  225. Oh, that came out wrong..

  226. ya think!
    Nah hed never cheat on me!
    hes knows im pretty! LMAOO

  227. random comment- my smallest toe has a massive bruise on it.. massive! and it hurts

  228. What did u do to it?

    The guys (and girl) on the Shepparton radio station went to the tatoo shop and made the girl get a tatoo of a giraffe on her pinky toe while on air lol it was funny hearing her scream

  229. ..JOSHYYY it hurts! :(
    well mum tld me to get up and do the washing and i got up…and i can be clumsy sometimes and on my way my foot slammed into one of the pole legs of the chairs really hard…and not it HURTS!! :(

  230. I hate kicking my feet on the legs of chairs or something like that, especially when its cold and my feet are numb

  231. :( Its really sore.
    mum asked it i had broken it
    ME- “umm how am i supposed to know! i havent broken anything b4! im not a doctor!”
    :( ouchhhhhhhh!!

  232. I’ve broken a toe before, twice, bloody kills

  233. …ouuuchhhhhhhhhh!! :(



  234. Is your toe discoloured at all or puffed up?

  235. yes and…..yes a bit puffed up.
    feels very tender…ouchhh!!

  236. You prob broken it then lol. Better luck next time.

  237. …you have got to be kidding me.
    it will prb get better in like a week or something…omg i so cant wear heels, it will kill! :(

  238. Its only your little toe so it shouldnt hamper anything you do, just with some discomfort thats all

  239. Steve Healy says

    hey guys, I just got home a minute ago.

    My knees have been sore lately

  240. My back’s been sore for ages, i got x-rays on it last year but never got the results back.

  241. Steve Healy says

    I hope your toe gets better Danni :)

  242. Steve Healy says

    status- feeling pretty good

  243. Steve Healy says

    Josh, who are you doing at the moment? hahaha

  244. thanks Steve.
    status- a mixture of history notes and Emma and on here. :)

  245. lol Steve, i told josh u wouldnt Cheat on me cos u know im pretty ! lol

  246. Umm..i’ll tell you on msn ;)

    I’ll leave use 2 alone ;)

  247. Steve Healy says

    soooo Danni, how was your day today?

  248. Steve Healy says

    yeah, your too pretty to cheat on

  249. lmaoo hahah Josh u dont have to leave!

    yeah good until the toe thing … :(

    nawwww i knew u were a smartcookie

  250. ..wait JOSH SAID USE!! dont say USE OR YOUSE!!
    agghhhh , kills me

  251. Steve Healy says

    Yeah, ive hurt my toe like that before actually, I was playing indoor footy.

    your very right Danni, I know my stuff

  252. Steve..are’nt u soo excited that at this very moment, Tennis champ and number one, roger Federer is breathing the same Melbounre air as us!!!

  253. Steve Healy says

    yeah, talk properly Josh!!!!!!

  254. Jeez i hope he doesnt pass out with all that intoxicated Melbourne air

  255. …..oh no..ROGEYYYYYY!!!!
    Maybe i should fan the air…

  256. Tell him to come to Waaia, we have clean air (except for all the dust)

  257. ..Josh if i could TELL HIM something i would waste it on telling him to go to Waaia!!
    …i would tell him something….else..

  258. Steve Healy says

    Yeah, thats amazing Danni, I hope you see his limo again

  259. …i didnt see his limo..
    :( my uncle did and he txted me about it..he didnt even chase it.

  260. Danielle Says:
    January 12th, 2010 at 10:55 pm
    ..Josh if i could TELL HIM something i would waste it on telling him to go to Waaia!!

    You WOULD waste it on telling him to go to Waaia? NAWWWW THANKS DANNI!! :) :)

  261. …damn it..i mean i WOULD NOT, NOT NOT NOT.

  262. Steve Healy says

    Would you tell him that your already taken, Danni? lol

  263. if i could tell him something i would tell him how much i admire him as a player and why i admire him. and i would ask him about his childhood and why he plays. i woudl also recite that list i made about him before.

  264. lol Steve i doubt Roger Federer, father of 2, happily married, world number one would look at me that way!
    to him im no more than an adoring fan! :)

  265. Steve Healy says

    im an adoring fan of yours Danni

  266. Really Steve..i thought u wouldn’t like a Collingwood supporter.

  267. Steve Healy says

    neither did I…

  268. Anyone want a good song to download? On A Friday by Blaqk Audio

    ew, lovebirds

  269. lol so what exactly are u a fan of?
    i dont play tennis, im not a rockstar…

  270. hmmm ill take a look at the lyrics

    ipod- i know- Drake Bell

  271. Joshy, it seems a bit too punkrock for my liking..

  272. Its not punk-rock

  273. lol really? that what i felt from the lyrics.

    ipod- unchanged from b4.
    :) i loveee this songggggggg

  274. Its like electro-dance sorta, i dunno, just download it!

  275. Steve Healy says

    Drake Bell… reminds me of Daniel Bell.

    GO DEES!

  276. lol..he does?
    have u seen that video yet Steve?
    Drake’s one.
    its my fav of all time! its so classic and theres this one part..i love it so much as a media student where the cam in on a low angle pointing up at him with this ray of white light and hes sorta looking down. it goes past quick but i love it :)

  277. Damian Watson says

    haha Austin Powers was a funny movie.

    Does the fat guy from that Drake and Josh show sing?

  278. Steve Healy says

    nah I havent seen that video…yet

  279. Im watching the David Letterman Show, well not watching its just on

  280. Steve Healy says

    oh yeah thats a pretty funny show, my brother always watches every episode

  281. I love the new Worlds Greatest Shave ads..

  282. NAH damo Josh doesnt sing.

  283. Steve Healy says

    there are new ads for that?

  284. ROGER ROGER ROGER!!!!!!!!


  285. Yeah, i dont sing

  286. Well guys talk soon, im off to clean up read a bit of emma and then..FOOTYTIME!

    NIGHT! :)

  287. Haha at least i know we beat Collingwood!

  288. Steve Healy says

    yeah ill probably watch too.

    Cya Danni :)

  289. Steve Healy says

    status- waiting for the conversation to continue

  290. It’ll take a while. Great conversation we’re havin with that annoying kid

  291. Steve Healy says

    yeah, hahaha I wonder if Danni’s still up

  292. Nah who knows what or who she’s doing lol

  293. Steve Healy says

    hahaha that line will go down in history along with im off now cya and my wallaby story

  294. And the delicious line!

  295. Steve Healy says

    im off now cya

  296. Its cold and raining

  297. Steve Healy says

    its pretty cold and windy here

  298. So, i presume you are all gonna have a go at that Fair Shake Of The Sauce Bottle contest?

  299. omg u guys!!
    i was
    up till 4:30am!!
    watched the whole game last night, soo bloody good!! got teary seeing Jimmy Clement hit Didaks on the chest for his first afl goal :(
    and Tarkyn!! omggg he was such a muffin!!!!
    so then at about 3:30 it finished so i hit the hay..then dad calls from the lounge saying theres a replay of the anzac day match on fox sports.
    me-“NAHHHH im soo tired”
    SO I STAY In bed for like two minutes and then DAD teases me so bad he starts naming players hes like “danielle, look, ahhh, MEDHURST, DIDAK”
    -danni still in bed
    dad- “BROWN, ANTHONY…”
    so we watched that from the 3rd up to the last 15 mins of the final cos dad was falling asleep and so he said,
    “maybe we should hit the hay while the boys are still in the lead so it feels like WE won!” LOL
    SO yeah i had a late night and then i woke up this morning feel sick. i have a huge headache and stomach ache.
    so yeah..thats about it really.

  300. Haha what did i tell you Steve?

    I was drifting in and out of dreamy land while the last 10 minutes were on, but luckily i witnessed Rocca’s goal and Rocca’s miss. As soon as the siren went, i went to sleep then got woke up at 4:30 by Mum

  301. Steve Healy says

    hahahah I was up till almost 4:30 last night

  302. did u SEE LAIDLEY!! IN BLACK AND WHITE!!!!!!!!!!!
    you could just imagine my reaction..
    if u cant here it was

  303. Ahahahaha i remember when they showed Laidley and i was like “omg i wonder if Danni noticed that…”

  304. Steve Healy says

    hmmm I shouldve watched some of the match

  305. Josh…ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i noticed alright!
    talk about Dyyyyyyyyyyyiiiiiinnnggggggggggg
    we shoulda keept him!! :( damn!
    how cute was his reaction on the siren its like fast forward from learning from Mick and the next thing he was coaching North!
    nawwwwwwwww! :)

  306. omg Steve u missed out sooooooooooooo bad it was soo bloody good!!
    lol Josh did u see when Bucks kept slapping Carey on the cheek!! LMAOO i was pissing myself! it was soo funny.

  307. Hahahahah yeah that was funny, its a pity you get reported or a free kick against you for that these days. I would like to point out that Carey won that fight..

  308. dude who cares?
    that topped off my night.

  309. How good was Sav’s goal!? Tarrant was pretty good too.

  310. yeah i know.
    it felt so weird watching it though.
    i felt kinda sad…

  311. I must admit i reminiscsed a bit when Grant kicked those goals. How come the Roos are so good at beating the Pies from a big deficit? Like the match last night, Round 19 of 2005, Round 5 of 2008, Round 7 of 2010..

  312. im not sure but u guys always come out firing against us…annoyingly! lol
    the game last night was a ripper.
    there was so much desperation and hunger in it.
    When i saw Malloy and Nick Davis i had the biggest grin on my face. then it hit me how long ago that happend and that one day players like daisy, Superman, Didak will eventually leave too, then i felt really old.

  313. Damian Watson says

    I told you guys that was a good game to watch!

    Did you see Shannon Grant’s goal to put the Roos within a couple of points? that was a ripper.

  314. Yeah last night was Didak’s first match

    Yeah Grant’s goal was terrific, didn’t top the goals he kicked in Round 19, 2005 against the Pies. Oh and worst on ground for last night? Digby Morrell. And i was surprised at how well Stuart Cochrane played. (Looks like we got a new kid on the Almanac..)

  315. Damo :)
    i saw the whole thing.
    brought back memories and i felt so sad and happy at the same time watching it.
    lol Didak was i think 18 and kicked his first goal..of many to come might i add! :)
    loved every bit.

  316. Damian Watson says

    Don’t remind me about Grant in the 1999 Grand Final!

    Danni I think Laidley was there crying with Mick at the end of the 2002 Grand Final.

  317. I was surprised at how much the intensity lifted in the third quarter, i was even cheering on my players to knock one of your criminal players out! Lol just joking…

  318. Steve Healy says

    sorry I havent been talking much guys, ive been having a disagreement on the Superfooty forum with a Carlton supporter.

    Yeah, we might have a 6th member of the fab 5, and our 2nd member of the italian 1

  319. Steve Healy says

    Yeah that was a bad day for Blues supporter, but Matty Lappin’s goal was a ripper

  320. -Danni I think Laidley was there crying with Mick at the end of the 2002 Grand Final.


  321. Damian Watson says

    Yeah I remember Lappin’s goal.

    What were you and the supporter arguing about Steve?

  322. Hey Damo, remember when Justin Murphy wrecked his knee? I was almost sick when i saw it, then i kept rewinding and watching it again lol. I think it was Rice who had the shot on goal while he was being stretchered off and kicked it

  323. Does anyone remember when Laidley had a confrontation with a St Kilda supporter in the crowd in Round 9, 2006, and the St Kilda supporter killed himself that night?

  324. ……Ohh yeah no was’nt it a North supporter?

  325. Steve Healy says

    yeah that knee injury looked terrible.

    nothing about footy, well kind of, he was saying I couldnt talk about footy on this thread and started having a go at me

  326. Lol and Steve said to bake a cake with all the wooden spoons he has lol that’s gold.

    Im not sure actually, mighta been. Dunno, i try and avoid that match as much as possible

  327. Damian Watson says

    Yeah that injury was ugly, I think he was contesting at the top of the goal square and landed awkwardly.

    Yeah that was a North supporter, laidley felt bad after that.

  328. why would u use a wooden spoon to bake a cake????

    Im sure he did Damo, i mean its not his fault his players were not performing, the most he can do is direct them and yell.

  329. Damian Watson says

    List of Wooden Spoons:

    Carlton= 3

    Melbourne= 12

    The Melbourne cake will seem a lot larger, lol.

  330. I feel bad when coaches get the sack, its not their fault. Except for Wallace, that was his fault ;)

  331. Steve Healy says

    Damo this was a seperate argument, its not gonna be re-booted on here.

    At least we’re not St.Kilda

  332. 12??? really… gee thats not good.


  333. Hahahahahah Damo

  334. Damian Watson says

    Looks like Dean Cox will miss the NAB Cup.

  335. i want cake!!
    ohh i should be hopefully getting my number 9 on friday!! :)

  336. Steve Healy says

    yeah it does.

    be back later guys, im off to play a bit of back yard cricket.

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