Barney’s 2010 AFL Crystal Ball Part 6: Port Adelaide and Richmond

by Josh Barnstable

Port Adelaide Power:

The Power made a resurgence of sorts on the field, putting in some good displays while also getting rid of that shocking home guernsey that they have worn since their inception to the AFL in 1997. Port Adelaide will now sport a new guernsey made by a six year old girl, a black number with a white and teal V. The away variation of it is white with a black and teal V. This will supposedly give Port a new, harder, stronger look and it has actually worked with me, they look scary wearing these jumpers, compared to the flashy jumpers that looked gay (the homosexual way.) They secured two skillful young players in the draft and these two will be the foundation of success in the years to come. They were John Butcher, the best forward in the draft, and Andrew Moore, likened to Ryan O’Keefe and Shannon Grant. These players will be great inclusions to the forward line that boasts 2009 Best and Fairest winner and former skipper Warren Tredrea, Brett Ebert, Robbie Gray and Justin Westhoff. Jay Schulz was picked up in the trade week, Daniel Motlop will hopefully make some more Youtube videos of his wizardry skills, as well as getting over his ankle complaint, while Jason Davenport, Wade Thompson and Nick Salter are young guns on the rise. The midfield is solid at best, but can be deplorable when form is down. Kane Cornes is the leader, Josh Carr is the spirit, Hamish Hartlett is the future and Danyle Pearce is the skill. David Rodan has recently done his knee, whether he tries the LARS treatment or the traditional recovering is still to be determined but I am confident we will see him playing late in 2010. Mitchell Banner and Matthew Broadbent showed promise in 2009, while Domenic Cassisi had a terrific first year as skipper, he will be looking to follow it up, and Steven Salopek is yet to fully cement his spot in the side. The backline has its issues, it can just give up sometimes, but the trio of Alipate Carlile, Troy Chaplin and Jacob Surjan are experienced and will lead the younger players. Chad Cornes plays at Centre Half Back when not in the forward line and midfield, the recruitment of Jay Nash will give them more experience and Tom Logan is a solid utility player. Michael Pettigrew needs more consistency, and the recruitment of Cameron Cloke from Carlton will help the Power if they are short down back or up forward. They have serious issues in the Ruck, Dean Brogan is approaching his farewell, Daniel Bass is a basketball convert, Cloke is known for his inconsistency and Glenn Dawson is inexperienced. Port Adelaide needs desperate help in the financial side of things to keep afloat in the AFL league, or its back down to the SANFL.

My prediction:
Leading goalkicker: Daniel Motlop
Best and Fairest: Chad Cornes

They carried rocks and stones in pre-season training, will this make them as tough as those objects? Carrying a rock may not seem very hard, but seeing pictures of the hardened youngster Dustin Martin grimacing in pain with a rock in his hands and wearing a painful face, you could tell it was hard work. Will it pay off though? Richmond have failed to be dangerous to any teams since early 2005, and haven’t made the finals since 2001. The forward line lost Matthew Richardson, Richmond’s favourite son and Nathan Brown. Robbie Nahas provided zip and defenders were wary when he was near. Mitch Morton’s season had its moments of controversy; Troy Simmonds will play his last season possibly up forward alongside Tyrone Vickery and Jack Riewoldt showed promise in what was a mini-breakout year. Jayden Post showed major skill and mobility, Richard Tambling had a career-best season and the duo in Andrew Collins and Danny Connors will be a dangerous pair if they both get a game. The midfield has some skill, but lacks consistency. Martin will slot straight into the centre, Brett Deledio will follow-up his great season and Ben Cousins showed he has not loss any class or poise in his one-year absence from the game. Chris Newman was solid in his first year as skipper, while Jake King became part of the team after being a bit player. Nathan Foley should be a welcome return after he missed from Round 14-onwards in 2009 with injury. In defence, they recruited Aboriginal sensation Troy Taylor, who can play up back or in the forward line. Kelvin Moore, Will Thursfield and Alex Rance are a solid trio of the backline, while Dean Polo, Luke McGuane and Jordan McMahon had good years. Graham Polak can also fill a hole if need be. In the Ruck, Vickery and Angus Graham form a good young duo. It’s a good team on paper, Daniel Jackson, Shane Tuck, Matthew White, Shane Edwards and Tom Hislop are also usual starters for the Tigers. New coach Damien Hardwick has his work cut out or him, as did every other Tigers coach before him, but I feel he can take this team somewhere. And it won’t be to another wooden spoon anytime soon.

My prediction:
Leading goalkicker: Jack Riewoldt
Best and Fairest: Richard Tambling

Tomorrow: St Kilda and Sydney

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  1. Steve Healy says

    fresh start guys.

    Isn’t it a shame that Troy Taylor is in trouble, just after being drafted.

  2. …troy….Taylor….
    should i know that name?

  3. Steve Healy says

    pick 51 for Richmond, he recently got arrested in Darwin I think

  4. Steve Healy says

    pick 51 for Richmond, he recently got arrested in Darwin I think.

  5. ohhhhhhh!! yerp now i know what ur on about.
    i dont know whats going on with footy players these days..drink themselves stupid, get arrested..seriously guys! grow up!

  6. You guys finally made it to part 6. I was waiting for you to get here before I posted Part 7, which I have now.

    Danni, I hope Steve has stopped being mean to you.

  7. Steve Healy says

    yeah I know, I dunno whats with it

  8. ..yeah Gigs hes being a goodboy now.
    He still doesnt get along with Pendleburybear though…not like Josh does anyway.

  9. Steve, I read comment 3. And then I read comment 4 and for some reason had a strange sense of deja vu…

  10. hahahahah lol

  11. ..OMG GIGS!! U stole comment SUPERMAN!!

  12. Steve Healy says

    yeah true gigs hahah

  13. What comment?

  14. Gigs!!! :(
    thats so meannnnnnnnnnn!!
    Steveeeeeeeeeeee Gigs is being mean to meeeeee!! :(

  15. Steve Healy says

    comment no.9 Jack Anthony’s number

  16. Well I’d apologise if I knew what I’d done…


  18. Oh. Sorry. won’t do it again.

  19. Lol i only forgive u cos you didnt know.

  20. In future nothing fro me before comment 60.

  21. lol no you can have the rest just not my two favs! lol
    Pendleburybear is happy cos i got comment 10

  22. Steve i fixed it :)

  23. You wouldn’t want me to take comment 36, Danni. Rene Kink was the spunkiest Collingwood player EVER!!!

  24. Steve Healy says

    yay comment McDonald.

    Good work Josh

  25. ..REALLYY!! ohh ill look him up!!

  26. Steve Healy says

    sorry, comment Jurrah. And now Cheney

  27. Steve Healy says

    damn it.

    What number was Gubby Allen Gigs?

  28. Comment chunky thighs

  29. Or not

  30. Gigs…umm hesm not that pretty.
    i thought he was gonna be like Dean Laidley Pretty.

  31. Steve Healy says

    gotta go guys, ill cya round

  32. Adieu DarlingDee

  33. Gubby was 27 at Fitzroy and Collingwood, except his first two year at Collingwood he was 33.

  34. 33… Cameronnnnn!! :(

  35. Sorry. Steve made me do it with the gubby thing…

  36. OH..great i got Toovey..
    i mean..oh great! :) I Got toovey!

  37. Dean Laidley is not pretty! Leave the poor bloke alone

  38. Josh face it

  39. Cmon, give Brad Scott a bit of credit

  40. Now that i think of it..James Brayshaw hes pretty too. :)

  41. Nah Dean is hotter than Brad.

  42. Yeah it runs in the North Melbourne FC

  43. i think we should get Dean to come to Collingwood, he would look pretty in our coach’s box!! :)


  45. ..Hahahahhahahaahha!! Gigs!! i love it!!!
    :D :D :D :D :D :D


  47. You me crazy but Heath Shaw isn’t looking too bad these days.. :)

  48. Im gonna miss Laidley in fact..

  49. Your crazy, he looks like a chimp

  50. Yeah but i’ll miss him MORE!! :(
    He was the cutest in press conferences!!

  51. NO HE DOEST!
    he’s looking good!
    so is Mr.Lockyer! what a stunner! :)

  52. Lockyer is another option for leading goalkicker for the Pies

  53. I know why you have such strong feelings for No. 16, Danni.


  54. ..huh? number 16 is Nathan Brown.

    hahahah NAWWWWWW PENDLEBURYBEAR!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  55. Gis can u make one with my name and Jack Anthony??? theres a challenge

  56. I mean 10. He WAS 16 in his first season.

  57. Gigs***

  58. I’ll work on it, Danni.

  59. lol yes Gigs the burn was so deeply that i HAD to name my teddybear after him!!
    yes, i love my Pendleburybear!! :)

  60. ..i miss Luke Darcy’s comments!! and Ralphy’s input!! i Want the footy to come back! :(

  61. Not long now Danni, i cant wait to go to Roos v Cats with the guys, should be an easy win, i just hope the roof will be shut

  62. …dont talk to quick Josh.
    The Cats wont be easy…

  63. Everyone is easy in the NAB Cup, except Carlton

  64. Well I better go…procrastination is getting the better of me and I need to read Emma!

  65. Cya Pendlebury bear

  66. Steve Healy says

    status- about to watch Bulldogs V Carlton in Round 5 this year

  67. Damian Watson says

    Another easy win for us, I don’t think I’ve seen any footage of that match.

  68. status- tired of the heat.

    lol u guys, when i left last night i had storytime with Pendleburybear and i have never seen anyone pay so much attention to a book that isnt so hot. lol

  69. How is my favourite teddybear today? lol

    I dunno why but the AFL website is a bit outdated today

  70. hahh lol well Josh hes pretty good for a teddy that went through about 3 chapters of Emma before bedtime including another tow when he first wokeup.

    LOL i hast went on the HS website Steve, is this you?

    Steve Posted at 1:27 PM Today
    Magpies bank on Travis Cloke for opener? The head line should have been, Magpies have no hope in Travis Cloke.

  71. status – looking for a Cobra Starship concert to go to in Melbourne.

  72. Damian Watson says

    Yeah I noticed that too the website is dated in December, they still have the David Rodan headline lol.

  73. Hmm i saw all these new headlines and i was getting excited that there was so much footy news but yeah it was all old

  74. ohh Josh if u do go u better run onto the stage! im planning to do that when Jonas Brothers decide to come here…it would be good if they would HURRY UP!!

  75. They’re too busy getting married and whatever else

    Wow, tickets are $51, that’s cheap

  76. Damian Watson says

    Danni I saw that show you liked ‘Drake and Josh’ for the first time and I have to say that is the worst acting I have seen.

  77. Steve Healy says

    Yeah I noticed that about the AFL website as well, dunno whats up with it.

    Yeah, I havent seen much footage of it at all, thats why im watchin it.

    And no Danni that wasn’t me unfortunately

  78. HAHAHAHAH ohh Come on Damo! ITS FUNNY!!
    Josh is such a nerd!

  79. Status – chocolate yogo

  80. Your lucky your not talking about me Danni..

  81. Damian Watson says

    I especially hate that girl off School of Rock, I can’t believe she has her own show.

    status ipod- Red Hot Chilli Peppers

  82. Oh Miranda Cosgrove? Yeah she’s annoying. I also hate Bindi Irwin

  83. the Red Hot Chili Peppers sing about Dani alot lol

    and no Joshy ur not nerdy at all!

  85. The Red Hot Chili Peppers made up a girl called Dani and refer to her a lot in their songs, i think the girl is real actually.

  86. Damian Watson says

    hahaha that was cold blooded josh.

    Yeah I hate it when bindi claims ‘my daddy is the best daddy in the whole world’, how about a bit of thought for the rest of us lol

  87. ohhhhhhhhhh.. :)
    me likey!! :)
    maybe i should look up some lyrics.

  88. One of their songs is called Dani Girl i think, but my fav is By the Way

    Itunes – Fireflies by Owl City

  89. Damian Watson says

    My favourite is Otherside.

    Have you guys ever thought about watching the footy on TV in 3-D/

  90. Is that possible?

  91. Standing in line
    To see the show tonight
    And there’s a light on
    Heavy glow
    By the way I tried to say
    I’d be there… waiting for
    Dani the girl
    is singing songs to me
    Beneath the marquee… overload



  92. Damian Watson says

    Well 3-D Tv’s are expected to be sold in countries like Japan and the USA in the next few months and obviously the sport will be in 3-D so I figure it won’t be too long until it comes here.

  93. Hmmm, nah that’s just gonna wreck the traditional way of watching sport, even though its been wrecked way too much already in my opinion. Imagine Jonathon Brown coming out of the screen at ya lol. Or am i thinking of something different than 3D?

  94. Steve Healy says

    gotta go guys, im off to my uncle and aunty’s house for a barbeque. Ill be back later tonight

  95. Damian Watson says

    Cya Steve.

    How has it been wrecked already? I reckon HD and surround sound makes watching AFL more exciting.

  96. Delicious

  97. cya Steveeeeee

    lol i would hide behind my pillow! hes a big boy J. Brown! :)

  98. Yeah that’s all good, watching it in HD and stuff, but with the addition of multi-coloured umpire uniforms, clash jumpers, the GPS systems, the tracking systems and stuff like that is too high-tech for footy

  99. some singer needs to write a song about my Michael Buble or Joe Jonas..that would be cool.

  100. Steve Healy says

    watching footy has been wrecked by advertising

  101. Danni, i dont think a pillow could save you

    Haha do you guys know those rides where you sit and watch TV or something and the whole room starts shaking and spinning around? They have one at the Melbourne Aquarium, lol imagine watching the footy with those effects, it’d be strange

  102. i agree! how can i concentrate on my matchreport if i drool over Hungry Jacks adds!!

  103. Steve Healy says

    Yeah I kind of agree with you Josh, anyway cya guys

  104. I reckon footy should create more ads that keep the viewers entertained like Cricket does with the KFC ads. I know the footy has the Toyota Memorable Moment ads but there’s only 6 or 7 of them and they hardly show all of them

  105. true that josh. what if it was a pink pillow? Nah DONT WORRY Pendleburybear will save me.
    yeah ive been on that ride, its fun as!

  106. Damian Watson says

    What so you guys would rather have 6 games on a Saturday in muddy, sloppy conditions.

    Without advertising and expansion the game will die within the next 50 years!

  107. …hmmmmm and i do enjoy looking at the surfer dude in the NutriGrain adds..

  108. The game survived for 80 years without advertising.

    Without all that useless technology won’t make all games played on a Saturday and make conditions muddy, but the point im making is i want footy to be a game, not advertisment. Like i was arguing with Michael and Steve on MSN recently, advertisment and sponsors is killing the history of the game. What happened to Princes Park? Its not called Visy Park, while Footy Park has succumbed to sponsors and became AAMI Stadium, same with Kardina Park, York Park, Etihad Stadium, Carrara and Marrara Ovals. Imagine if the MCG or SCG were renamed 7/11 Stadium or something like that. And when i watch footy, i wanna see the footy, not how fast this player is running and how far this player has travelled

  109. interesting points made Joshy.
    Although i must admit that i find it very interesting to see the endurance levels of my players when the powerade stuff comes up.

  110. Not to mention the amount of sponsor space is on guernseys these days, its ridiculous

  111. Damian Watson says

    First of all Josh without the new and improved drainage technology the grounds would be muddy and sloppy. Unfortunately for you Josh all sports are becoming corporate and the game is changing and we cannot survive without the money invested in clubs and stadiums through advertising.

    Secondly the names of the MCG or SCG will never be changed.

    Thirdly groundbreaking technology such as the GPS tracking device, heart rate and diet has improved the players health, well being, skill and performance on the field.

    Thanks these changes and new rules the game is faster and is more of a spectacle around the country.

  112. Damian Watson says

    I should point out that the money from sponsorships and funding is keeping clubs like Waaia alive.

  113. Really i dont think so.. I mean our Collingwood gersey only had the tiny Adidas and their either the fly emirates thingo..thats about it.

  114. why did they stop playing the commercial with the Learner driving with some of the AFL captains in it? :(

  115. Yeah that’s all true, but just don’t you think the Powerade Running Man is unnessecary? A player knows how much distance he has travelled already, and he knows that he hasn’t been pulling his weight already.

    20 years ago, would you say that Kardina Park would never change names? Along with the traditional York Park and Carrara? It won’t be long now until Subiaco and the Gabba get renamed into some sort of company sponsor.

    I didn’t really know much about the drainage system.

    Also, i think that player’s possession tallies should only be shown after a game. It would make the game more exciting and provide more suspense.

  116. Damian Watson says

    Because the footy season is over Danni although I’m sure the ad will return next year.

    By the way you’re right the sponsors don’t take up too much space on the guernseys.

  117. No…i like the Powerade Running man. :)
    the player may know that but i certainly wouldnt.

  118. Yeah but look at Melbourne’s guernsey, the traditional red and blue with a big white patch on the back with Kapersky in green writing, imagine that on it in the 1970’s. And the Roos guernsey from 2008, the old blue and white stripes with a big ugly red vodafone sponsor space on the back really took away the style of the traditional stripes.

    Damo, i have no idea about the current financial state of the Waaia Footy Club, but i do know that we don’t get much money at all yet we are still one of the powerhouses of the competition and have been for quite a while. Recently we lost 4 of our best players to go play at a better known club with more money and better facilities, but they know that Waaia are a better club coz of the way we treat our players with a nice meal and drinks after training, something you dont get at those high-tech clubs in the Murray Footy League

  119. Damian Watson says

    Josh, thanks to the money from the sponsors for the naming rights (and I guess the Government) these stadiums have recieved some much needed upgrades. Let’s face it Carrara is a dump and the re-furbishment will be a great benefit to the club and supporters.

    The Powerade segment is great as it gioves the player and the viewers an accurate result of his distance and gives a great indication of the players performance.

    Why should they be shown after the game and how does it bring up suspense? If you ask me possesion tallies on TV within the middle of the game gives us more perspective on the sort of day the player is having and we always refer to the amount of possesions within a quarter in our reports.

  120. Say your at the footy, you see a player dominating and you have to wait until the end of the game to see how much touches they got. It would provide more discussion for fans to debate how many touches they think a certain player got. Like in Western Bulldogs v Geelong in Round 21 last year, Ablett didn’t really play well yet racked up 40-odd touches, i wonder how many people at that game would have predicted he would have that many if they didnt know his quarter-by-quarter tallies.

    I know that some stadiums really need to be refurbished, but why do they need to renamed into something ridicilous? Doesn’t the Sponsors and Government care about originality and tradition?

  121. Damian Watson says

    You may not get too much money but the amount of money you do recieve keeps your club alive. Without funding and sponsorship your footy club and my footy club will be history.

    I agree that character can’t be decided from money and I’m sure those involved at your footy club are great people money keeps organizations alive.

    By the way the money for the food and drinks comes from the funding as well!

  122. Damian Watson says

    Anyone that earns almost 40+ possesions must have played a reasonable game or at least his work ethic would have been noticed. The result of the match enables us to shower more praise on the winner.

    Just because the name of the stadium is different doesn’t mean that tradition will be altered, the ground will always be on the same site and I will repeat that the money from the naming rights helps to keep the stadium alive.

  123. Um don’t think so Damo, the players wives buy the food and cook it themselves lol.

    Well, i got no comeback to any of that

  124. ..the WAGS cook?

  125. Yup, and the blokes supply the beer and soft drinks

  126. status- drinking very cold water…craving ice-tea :(

  127. I had the coldest ice tea yesterday, and drank two of the big bottles when i stayed with Hayley

  128. ohh i love those big bottles!!
    Drake and Josh is on! :)

  129. ipod- Lovebug- Jonas Brothers

  130. Itunes – Magnificent – U2

  131. wonder if theres a song called ‘delicious’


  133. Delicious – Sleeper, must download it

    That was yesterday wasn’t it?

  134. Damian Watson says

    Yeah there is a song named Delicious, I think it was sung by a British band in the 90’s and it was crap.

  135. Nope its today, according to the news.
    lol Damo how do you know that?

  136. I know it from wikipedia lol

  137. Damian Watson says

    Didn’t they have an Elvis festival the other day?

    No I just heard it once and I didn’t like it, you can tell they were British with their accents in the song.

  138. Danni, his birthday was yesterday

  139. …well i just saw it on the news!

  140. Probably yesterdays news lol

  141. hey im not THAT BLONDE!!

    status- bored

  142. Status – footy-kicking time in half an hour

  143. status- craving jelly..

  144. i hate jelly

  145. btw, how many things can u crave at once??

  146. i dont know i always crave stuff!
    lol my friend just randomly came over with my cousins! lol they just left now.

  147. Im all wet from the sprinkler, feels refreshing

  148. nawww lol wet joshy!! :P

  149. Dad kept kicking the ball into the sprinkler so i had to run in and get it lol

    Status – bored, got the fan goin level 3

  150. lol
    Status- tying purple ribbon on Pendleburybear, i swear he is so smoothered!!

  151. I put a pink ribbon on my cat today, but took it off coz i was scared he’d choke

  152. lol nawww kittyyyyyyyy!! nah i dont have that problem with pendleburybear :)

  153. i think hes the most spoilt teddybear ever! :)

  154. All the while Meddyteddy is gathering dust

  155. lol nawwwww nah hes sittin on my pillow ontop of my ipod. lol

  156. but yes..Pendles does get more attention.

  157. Jeez i hope he doesnt break your ipod..

  158. nawwww hahaha nahh thats impossible Meddyteddy is tiny! :)

  159. Status – phone has 4% battery left, and i dont have a charger :(

  160. …you lost ur charger??? :O
    i suggest u turn it off!

  161. I had 3 chargers, my brother took one of them, then he took the other one coz he lost my first one, then took my 3rd one coz his friend needed one. Its off atm

  162. ipod- knock three times- Tony Orlando

  163. lol i always lose mine! cos i put it away so well that when i need it i cnt find it LOl

  164. I usually keep mine hanging off a telescope

  165. …yeah that makes perfect sense! lol off a telescope!
    why is music from the 70s so good! i would so play that song at my wedding! lol

  166. What? I got a telescope in my room

  167. now im craving..m&ms
    lol yeah buy why hang it there? lol

  168. coz its a really good spot to hang all my stuff like ipod chargers and stuff

  169. ohh okay then lol.
    status- not sure what to eat…

  170. what is going on with Steve’s Dees?
    first ballet, now ponies??
    Circus anyone!?? LOL

  171. I just had nesquick, delicious.

  172. lol well i settled on one of those Continental soup sachets. lol

  173. Hmm not delicious

  174. lol its not THAT bad plus i need to get used to them since me and my husband will have to live off them when we get married..until i learn to cook.

  175. You mean Superman?

  176. lol yesssssssss!! :) :D Heheheheh!!
    *giggles happily at the idea*

  177. Hahaha yesterday me and mum were driving out of the driveway and a p-plater flew past us and mum was sayin that they all drive like idiots and i was like hey Danni will be on her P’s soon, she can drive out to Waaia and pick me up and take me to AFL games lol then the p-plater in front of us slammed on the brakes coz they missed a turn and mum goes NOT IF SHE DRIVES LIKE THEM!!

  178. LMAOO!! hahhahaha lol
    well…not until i get used to those bloody roundabouts!
    why do i have the feeling that when the time comes for my test ill fail! LMAOO

  179. i reckon roundabouts would be easy, well in the country anyway since there’s only 2 cars on a roundabout at one time realy

  180. yeah..NO! not in the city!!
    on the way to school theres a big one and its always busy! the first time i tried to do it i was gona cry!
    Hailey had to use the breaks on her side to clam me down. then she made me do it by myslef twice.. :(

  181. its funny though cos Hailey used to tell me to speed up and now shes like “slow down!!”

  182. Lol Hayley was tellin me how the instructor has pedals at their feet as well as the driver

  183. yep she only uses them if shes sure in gonna make a wrong move or slam into another car. but it a great feeling at the end of the session when she says, “that was good, i didnt touch the pedals once!” im like YAYYYYYYYYY!! lol

  184. haha Hayley said her instructor used the pedals on her heaps but she’s an alright driver now

  185. lol just hoping to pass the test!
    i thought i would fail for my Ls but i got 97% and its funny cos wheni was in the line waiting 2 guys were doing the test i went in with them 10 mins later did the test , passed. went to leave and they were still in there! LOL

  186. I think female drivers are worse than male drivers, and its not a joke. I remember a couple of months ago i was coming home from Cobram and there’s a bend that takes you to Waaia and also a straight road that connects with the bend so you have to slow down when goin around the bend to see if anyone is comin on the straight road and me and Mum were coming in from the bend and there was a female driver who was checking her makeup in the mirror and didnt even check to see if anyone was coming and we almost crashed into her, my heart seriously stopped for like 5 minutes after that. Mum didnt listen to me say that there was someone coming too, so that also proves my point that men are better drivers lol

  187. …excuse me! lol but somethings are distracting when driving, for example i was starting at this pretty dude on a stroll meanwhile my instructor was telling me off for driving into the bicycle lane! so therefore its the guys fault! same thing with the makeup lady, she was probably trying to impress someone with her makeup.

  188. Oh so its always the mans fault is it??? lol

  189. well yes, he shouldnt be out on a stroll if hes pretty enough to distract a Learner during her driving lesson, its dangerous!

  190. Well, we have an excuse when we drive bad in the city. We’re from the country :)

  191. lol add a YEEEEEEEEEE-HAWWWWWWWWW and that might just get you off the hook.
    LMAOO :P

  192. i havent even driven with MY car yet!
    im so used to the one of my instructors!

  193. We need a “we’re from the country bumper-sticker” lol

    I can imagine Michael bein a shocking driver

  194. You own a car?

  195. lol Mikey

    yeah my Grandparents bought a new one, gave me thier old one, you know since i need one to practise and crash with.
    Its a Hyundai Excel
    its dark blue.

  196. ohhhhhhhhh maybe i will be able to drive to the next launch! lol :)

  197. Thats an alright car, bet it goes good

  198. Meh i wouldnt know! i havent driven it yet!
    lol it looks like a muzza magnet though…lol which should be interesting…

  199. Danni, no. Just no. Who’s the tool about to hop in the car?? hahahahahahahah

    “im a Barbie girl, in a barbie world..”

  201. NAWWW imagine Pendleburybear sitting next to me in the front seat! nAWWWWWW :)

  202. Yeah, im sure you’ll be pullin dudes off walkways in that car…

  203. He can make sure you dont drink and drive, or you’ll be a bloody idiot

  204. lol i meant MY actual car for the muzza thing! not the pink one.. lol

    i want that carr soo BADDDDDDDD!!
    yeah dont worry…Pendleburybear already sat me down and gave me the talk.

  205. I hate those car ads where people smash into trees or whatevs and stuff

  206. lol..yeah i hope i dont do that!
    i would be wayy to scared to drive that pink car..its just for looking at..soooo prettyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! :)

  207. I want a blue and white car, or a green one

  208. ohhh..not lime green??? lol

    i want those pink furry seatcovers and fluffy dice to hang on my mirror!

  209. Our family car is lime green, and our previous car was dark green

  210. really? i cnt look at lime green without my eyes hurting lol.

    seriously though my car is muzza magnetic the bait is DOOF DOOF music and thats all i need! lol

  211. I think its a nice colour.

    Im not prepared to pay too much money on a car, that’s why i’ve got my eyes set on my Nana’s oldie

  212. lol well i didnt but i got it as Steve wold say ‘thrown at me’ So im happy, as long as it drives right?
    :) lol

  213. True

    imma cry…..
    i dont know what happening hes acting like collingwood, getting to the Semi and losing it! :(

  215. The picture they used today of him in the HS was terrible


    Whats wrong with you!!

    What’s wrong with you? There’s a whole double story page spread, but the cover page of the sports is totally ugly

  218. lol Yeahh thats not his best…
    love the shirt! :)

  219. i just saw it now on the net.

    <3 ROGERRRR!!! :)
    its so annoying like even if i bought a ticket i woulndt know if he was playing in that match!! that soo STUPID

  220. Jeez how long did this BBQ that Steve went to go for? He’s been gone for ages

  221. Steve Healy says

    what a time to say that my freind!

  222. WELL OBVIOUSLY.. steve decided after eating that he was going to try and find Jurrah, he’s door knocking at this very moment LOL

  223. That’s almost as flukeish as when Hayley got comment 1000!

  224. damn it.

  225. And just like that the conversation stops…

  226. Steve Healy says

    oh no, you got a car for free as well!!!

    Are you from Earth?

  227. i beta go.
    its storytime again and Pendles is annyoed at me for ignoring him for more than 10 minutes lol, hes spoilt that teedy!!

    cya guys!

  228. lol steve i guess comment 229 answers ur question.


  229. Night teddy

  230. Steve Healy says

    goodnight, have a good time on your planet

  231. ..And Danni

  232. Steve Healy says

    yeah goodnight Danni and bear

  233. For anyone interested, there’s a chat log between Josh Kennedy and all WCE and AFL fans on the West Coast Website, i was just reading through the conversation he was having with all the people.

  234. Danni, i sent Harry O a private message on FB asking how to send a twit pic, and this is what he just sent me back:

    hey buddy, just go to and it will have the instructions there.


    Jeez, not very helpful!

  235. HE CALLED U BUDDY!!! :)

    lol yeah i tried those instructions before…seriously i cnt be bothered.
    i woke up at 1:40pm it was sooooo nice! :)

  236. Steve Healy says

    im tired

  237. IM NOT! IM ON A HIGHH!!

  238. OMG yay, Billy Madison is on tonight at 6:30!! :)
    i love Adam Sandler

  239. I woke up at 9:15, had to go to the tip

  240. Steve Healy says

    ive just been outside in the hot sun for ages.

    But yeah im on a high on the inside

  241. I was sittin underneath the sprinkler before, it was 38 degrees in my Nana’s pergola at 10:15 this morning

  242. lol..hey guys..wanna go for a spin in my car!!??
    :D lol

  243. Steve Healy says


  244. No, i dont

    Its an outdoor sitting area usually covered by a roof so it has plenty of shade, almost everone has one

  245. Actually, i do wanna go for a spin Danni. Come pick me up, see you in 3-4 hours

  246. ..fine! i was going to let Pendleburybear drive.

  247. Steve Healy says

    not me, in fact I dont think i’ve ever heard that word before.

    That’d be nice Danni

  248. lol nice timeing to change ur mind!
    yeah ill be over soon, we cane go Maccas drive through and get some frozen coke.

  249. Jeez you cant escape Melbourne today, in the HS there’s a full page story on Jack Grimes and in the Age there’s a story about how Melbourne should start winning games etc. Steve did you notice the mistake in the picture of the Dees players in the Age?

  250. Mmm, maccas

    Has anyone been watching the tennis? Just recently Andy Roddick was having a big argument with the umpire, went for ages

  251. lol nah..if i do i only watch Fed :)
    hahahah lol who won the argument?

  252. well Roddick didnt get the score reversed so the umpy won it

  253. nawww poor Andy! :(

    status- waiting 4 Billy Madison to start

  254. Aaron Black almost beat you Danni, he slept in till 12:30 lol

  255. lmaoo picture this-
    we go for a spin, im driving you guys to maccas and then we get stopped by a cop who asks, “wheres the full licensed driver?”
    and then we all point at Pendleburybear!!
    nawwwwwwww lmaoo!! :)

  256. Steve Healy says

    Yeah I noticed Josh, it says in Dean Bailey’s second season as coach, it was in his first cos primus is still their sponsor, plus Colin Garland is out ther lol

  257. lol see it makes sense for me to marry a footyplayer, they sleep in just as much as i do. :)

  258. Steve Healy says

    will you blame it on Pendles if you crash the car as well Danni? lol

  259. and then Pendlebury bear gets dragged outta the car, frisked and gets handcuffed :) nah that’d be horrible!

  260. Well i noticed the mistake coz they had the 150 years logo thing on their jumper

    nawwwwwwwwww they would need really small hand-cuffs! or should i saw paw-cuffs! lol
    nawwwww :)
    nah id balme it on you steve! :P

  262. Steve Healy says

    Yeah, you blame it on me when im not even in the car!

  263. …i thought u were comming with us!

  264. LOL paw cuffs

  265. Steve Healy says

    yeah, but im not gonna be in the car everytime you drive, the bear probly will


  267. LOL STEVE, true ,true
    omg i should buy one of those baby seats and put him in it in the back!
    most spoilt teddy ever! :P

  268. Steve Healy says

    hahaha wouldn’t it be funny if you tell the police that there’s a bear in the car, and then all these guys with tranquiliser guns come thinking its a real bear lol

  269. tranquiliser guns??!! NOT near my baby they wont! lol

  270. Steve Healy says

    Danni, is there anyone/thing in your house that isn’t spoilt?

  271. lol..oh come on Steve!
    its not fair!1 im not going to the training session cos dad says its too early and too hot! and im not gonna see Federer play here :( see i dont get everything i want.

  272. Make sure to strap him in Danni, dont want him flying outta the windscreen do we?

  273. nope, ill pay one of those experts that know how to put in the car seat properly. then i can use the rest of teh back seat for his blankets and toys. nawwwwwww :)

  274. Hmm, i’ve always wanted to hop in a taxi and say “follow that car!!!”

  275. Steve Healy says

    I bet Pendles will have his own room soon

  276. lol, no thats not gonna happen!
    i cant fall asleep without him next to me!!
    i even took him with me to

    ahaha lol Josh

  277. well guys im off for the movie!! YAYYY
    with Pendles ofcorse!
    should be back when it over..


  278. How long are you going to keep it for Danni?

  279. Hahahahah Dad just let the cockatoo inside and he was in the kitchen and pooped on the Age!! Great way of showing your alegiance

  280. ..HAHAHHAHAHHHAHA!! lol

    how long am i gonna keep what??

  281. Pendlebury bear

  282. oh! lol yeah FOREVER AND EVER!! :)
    I love him soooo muchhh :)

    status- drooling at Taylor Lautner pics

  283. Gross

  284. not gross,
    LOL i founf this ten reasons to love Jaob Black (Taylor Lautner’s character)
    the good ones are
    ~ he has a pluse
    ~ he didnt leave
    ~ he runs around half-naked all the time
    ~ he looks damn good without a shirt.

    i agree to all of the above! LOL

  285. Lol im havin a four-way with mates on msn and this one kid said: what u doing babe?

    lol he sent it to the wrong person and made us all laugh and pick on him, then he sent another message saying: did u work today babe?

    lol its very funny

  286. …awkwardddddddd!!!
    ahahhahahahahahha!! lol
    he obviously wanted that to go to a certain girl and not u fellas LOL

  287. Derrr! lol, well there’s a girl in the conversation but it wasnt for her lol

  288. HAHA he just did it again !

  289. hahah lol
    omg Candy did that once…
    i was at mt cousins house and she was talking to me and to a friend of a guy she liked and the guy she liked was in his display picture. so she sends: OMGGGG HES IN HIS DP!!” thinking it sent to me…but when looked up she had sent it to his friend!! LMAOOOOOOOO hahhahahah

  290. Hahaha lol, stupid Candy

    Haha this kid’s on fire, he did it again. He’s also on fire, coz he’s a ranga

  291. you should have seen us the next day at school, absolutly pissing ourselves laughing!! and we would have to face the guys that week for ball prac!! lmaoooo freaking hilarious!!!

    lol well Mikey didnt tell us about his ‘babe’

  292. Lol, i think you’d ddddddiiiieeee if u saw this kid Danni, he has girls hangin off him.

    Michael was tellin me and Steve that he is the only “single Allan”

  293. well it will stay that way if he argue with girls the way he does with me! LOL

    reallyyyy Joshyy!!?? is he really that prettyyy????

  294. The girls think so, i aint answering that lol, on his facebook he’s got millions of girls talkin to him

  295. okayy..what celb does he look like??

  296. Umm…none? Lol, i’ll send u his facebook pic?

  297. sure..ive gotta see this guy!

  298. Steve Healy says

    hey guys, I was just playin backyard cricket

  299. ….and now i can see why

  300. ..he looks like a footyplayer already!! :)

  301. and whoever this ‘babe’ girl is…shes lucky!!

  302. Steve Healy says

    is he better looking than me Danni? lol

  303. Steve ya know i love ya but..YES

  304. He’s the kid who i said is gonna be training with the schoolboys footy team, and he goes for North! We best mates

  305. Steve Healy says

    oh no! where did I go wrong!!!!???

  306. SEE i knew he was a footy dude1
    i can tell from his arms

  307. lol just being honest!
    hes bloody pretty he is!

  308. Mum bought him maccas once, so he’s sworn that he will return the favour big time when he is the best player in the AFL

  309. he looks like 17!!

  310. Damian Watson says

    Well Maccas won’t help!

  311. you know who would JUST dieeeeeeeeeeeeeee??
    candy! she loves ranggas

  312. Lol, he’s year 9, well 10 now, but he was born in 1995. He’s the strongest kid in our year, the tallest, the biggest, has size 15 shoes and he just texted me lol.


  314. tell him HES PRETTY!! :)

  315. Steve Healy says

    is he a ruckman?

  316. Steve with those arms he looks like a forward.

  317. He’s a ruckman, but kicks goals.

  318. is his name Mark or Matthew??
    cos he looks like one of those

  319. Nope, greg

  320. ..he doesn’t look like a Greg..
    oh well lol

  321. Oh well

  322. Where’s he upset at me for saying that Greg is prettyer?

  323. Steve Healy says


  324. nawwwwwwwwwwwwww STEVEYYYYY!! :(

  325. Steve Healy says

    you used me!!!!!

  326. … i didnt! its not like i dumped you. lol

  327. You betch Danni, cold hearted

  328. Steve Healy says

    well… good point

  329. lol hahahha Josh!!

    exactly Stevey when i dump u then u can say that all u like lol

  330. Steve Healy says

    then dump me already! hahaha

  331. nope, not gonna happen steve! :P

  332. Steve Healy says

    :) :)
    :) :)
    :) :)
    :) :)
    :) :)
    :) :)
    :) / :)
    :) :) :) :) / :) :)

  333. lol :)
    thats right ur stuck wif me! :P

  334. Steve Healy says

    hmmm that was meant to say LJ.

    oh well

  335. Steve ur not a very good bf, i tell u im not dumping u and the first thing u think of is JURRAH!!

  336. Steve Healy says

    oh well this is FOOTYalmanac not relationshipsalmanac

  337. lol not impressed Healy! not impressed

  338. Steve Healy says

    How can I get him out of my head when im looking at pictures of him on my wall as we speak?

  339. ..Steve you have to put me before Jurrah!

  340. Steve Healy says

    okk, ill put you before Jurrah ;) ;)

  341. ..really!!! :)
    nawww Steveyyyyy thats so cute!

  342. Steve, im sorry for what you have to put up with

  343. ..never thought id end up with a blond..

  344. Steve Healy says

    nah, its fine Josh (i think)

  345. lol ill bet steve never thought hed end up with a Magpie lol

  346. I think i speak for me, Damo and Michael when i say we feel left out!

  347. lol well i can give Mikey Candy cos she likes ranggas but i dont know what to do 4 u and Damo lol

  348. Nah i want Candy :P

  349. Steve Healy says

    no…that was never what I planned Danni, lol

  350. You do? hmmmm well tell her!! lol

    yeah i knew that much Steve lol

  351. Who would wanna be with a Magpie though? Its a freakin bird!

  352. Nah stuff that lol, you know im a nervous kid!

  353. ..its a cute bird!! unlike an ugly crow!!

    ohh want me to tell her??

  354. I like crows better than magpies, but i like hawks better than all of them.

    Hmmmm, no

  355. well fine ill give her to Mikey, like i said she likes Ranggas. lol

    WHAT crows are scarey!!! :(

  356. Damian Watson says

    A crow took my lunch once lol and magpies are not exactly the friendliest of types either!

  357. hey boyfriend, where did ya go!!??

  358. Im sorta ranga tho!

    Magpies are scary! They swoop ya when all your trying to do is just have a nice peaceful ride on your bike!

  359. know, im afraid of birds..except im fine around Magpies…make sense? lol

  360. HA! Poor you Damo lol

  361. Steve Healy says

    Well, like I said yesterday I think, you should’ve gone for Hawthorn when you thought of it. And you would’ve celebrated the joy of a premiership

  362. We used to have a pet magpie, it slept in my brothers pockets and stuff, then flew away one day. Now we have a cockatoo

  363. True and they have C.Brown and Mitchell and Buddy….
    damn them LOL

  364. Nah screw Hawthorn, look at where the Roos are headed this year!!

  365. Omg Baby magpies are the CUTEST!!!!!!!!! <3 :)

  366. I dont like Buddy, i think he’s selfish and really immature

  367. Damian Watson says

    And yet you predicted that the Hawks would be Grand Finalists lol

  368. ….Josh have u met the guy?
    i have spoke 2 words to him so i cant say much but hes pretty!!

    steve u better make some room in ur wallet window for my photo!

  369. Well yeah..

    But look at the Roos list, we have the fastest player in the AFL, three others who are in the top 15 for speed, the defence is young and strong, forward line is young, quick and talented and so on

  370. Josh u forgot the pretty home gersey!! :)

  371. Yeah but the way he carries on on the field, flexing his arms when he kicks a goal every time. I much prefer Jarryd Roughead

  372. Steve Healy says

    Buddy seems like a great bloke, I remember there were interviews of him on the AFL website.

    I will Danni, ill pick out one of the ones you sent me in the email

  373. Oh yeah, and the pretty clash guernsey

  374. Josh thats not for his own show-off sake, that for us girls to enjoy! lol
    he didnt do that when i asked for his autograph! it would have been cool though!

  375. Steve Healy says

    Excuse me! Aaron Davey is the fastest!

  376. Nope Steel Sidebottom is the fastest!!

  377. Oh one of my comments got thru on the Joel Selwood article on Superfooty today.

  378. Damian Watson says

    I don’t think Buddy’s celebrations are as arrogant as some of the Port Adelaide players oh and Jeff farmer.

  379. Ahh listen to yourselves

  380. lol Steve i was just kidding about the wallet thing! its okay u can keep your pic of jurrah there. lol

  381. Steve Healy says

    Just cause he won the time trial Danni

    Really Josh, I was reading that before

  382. Cornes anyone?? now that was a celebration!

  383. Hmm i reckon Jeff Farmer can boast, he’s the Wiz.

    Hmm i still remember the 2007 Preliminary Final. Chad Cornes and Warren Tredrea’s goal celebrations

  384. Steve Healy says

    phew im off the hook

  385. Steve u dont disagree with ur gf!
    its not romantic!

  386. Steve Healy says

    Jeff Farmer was a legend. 6 goals in the 98 QF and that awesome double handed to tap to Neitz for a goal. you have to see that

  387. Steve Healy says

    sorry Danni, ill never hurt you again honeybird

  388. Anyone remember Cornes’ celebration when Port defeated Adelaide in 2006 in Round 21?

  389. Damian Watson says

    I have on that 90’s DVD, what about Brendon Goddard with the handcuffs gesture.

  390. get a room

  391. anyone remember a specific celebration by Daisy??

  392. goodstuff DarlingDee

    shut it Joshy! lol

  393. I dont think there was anything wrong with Goddard’s celebration, it was just recognizing his brother.

  394. Steve Healy says

    what about Brad Dick’s finger shaking

  395. Josh i mentioned the Cornes one the same time as u lol

  396. I remember when Thomas kicked a goal against West Coast in 2008 and he did a big celebration, he wore long sleeves that day

  397. lol Steve he learnt that from neon leon. he said so himself cos at first Brad woudl jump up and down like a girl to celebrate but Leon stepped in and gave him lessons. lol

  398. I love Dick…’s celebrations! Lol, funny how Neon told him to tone it down a bit

  399. Damian Watson says

    What about STRAUCHANIE’S celebrations? they are the stuff of legend.

    You kids and your young love lol.

  400. lmaoo i know..he said he had to step in! LMAOO

  401. LMAOO – Damo

  402. Steve Healy says

    Yeah Damo, I’ve got that game on tape as well, well from halfway through the 2nd quarter.

    Haha, another funny thing in the 90s DVD is when Everitt clearly says “hey black guy” to Scott Chisolm. Chisolm was a legend

  403. Dick reminded me of a little kid in a candy store when he first clapped when he kicked a goal

  404. Nothing beats having Toovey right beside u when u kick a sealer to help u celebrate. just as Jack Anthony lol

  405. Damian Watson says

    If I had a dollar for every time Steve has mentioned that game I’d be in Tahiti right now! lol

    Yeah poor old Scotty Chisolm, Everitt suspended himself after that.

  406. Tahiti??? ohhh can i come with u Damo??

  407. Steveyyyyyy when r u gonna get my name tattooed on ur lower stomach, u know like ben Cousins’???

  408. Damian Watson says

    Only if you have $5K to burn!

  409. Steve Healy says

    yeah it was an awesome game Damo!

  410. yeah i do, my bf will pay for my ticket? aint that right Steveyy?? :)

  411. Im gettin a tatoo as soon as im allowed, well as soon as i get enough courage and Hayley takes me there lol. I’ve got the offer to get my tongue pierced, just too scared to do it

  412. nahh don’t Joshy!! that would kill!!

  413. Josh u should get an eyebrow bar though, that would look good on you.

  414. Steve Healy says

    nah no tatoos as far as im concerned Danni :)

  415. Nah i want a tongue one so people won’t notice it sorta, plus it wouldnt hurt

  416. Damian Watson says

    Imagine Josh at 70 years of age with the same tatoo!

  417. Steve Healy says

    my sister’s got so many piercings, shes more metal than skin

  418. hmmmmm okay ill compromise on that one steve.

  419. Steve Healy says

    ill scribble your name on my hand, is that good enough for ya Dani?

  420. You will all get tatoos in your life i reckon.

    I’ve got my ear pierced, but took it out at the start of the practice match this year and never bothered puttin it back in

  421. yeah thats the bad thing is when u get old they sag with ur skin..tatts look nice when ur young but when ur old not really.

  422. I agree with comment 419 about hayley.

    My mum has her tongue pierced

  423. lol..if its in permi marker than okay LOL :p

  424. Yeah but say you get a tatoo on your chest, what oldie is gonna take their shirt off in public for everyone to see?

  425. I Disagree Josh i dont think i will ever get a tatt, ever.
    i might get another earpiercing…right next to my original one but thats all.

  426. 426- you would be surprized

  427. Not to mention the new technology that will take tatoos off in seconds thats bound to come in the next 20 years

  428. seriously josh, if candy saw greg shes dieeeeeeeeeeee and then coem bak to life and dieeeeeee again lol.

  429. That’s in Melbourne tho! All old people are disgusting there :P

  430. Steve Healy says

    yeah ive seen a few old blokes at the beach before, with all these tatoos on their chest and back..not a good sight

  431. Haha that made me laugh actually lol

    Next time she’s on FB, i’ll give her his profile

  432. yeah well im sure they will all keep their shirts on in 42 degrees!

  433. Damian Watson says

    I will never get tatoos or piercings, if I ever do I will swim to Tasmania and back!

  434. Steve Healy says

    are you bagging my Grandma, Josh?

  435. Damian Watson says

    Unless it’s for charity!

  436. Steve Healy says

    I agree with 435

  437. Steveeeeeeeeyyyyyyy!!! :)
    Pendles is waving to you!!

  438. Steve Healy says

    hi pendles, you’ve got a nice owner.

  439. if i got a tatt or piercing id be disowned!!

  440. No im not Steve

    Wth Pendlebury bear? You hate Steve remember?

  441. *pendles nods and agrees with Steve*

  442. Damian Watson says

    Is Pendles ever going to wave or at least put the finger up at me? lol

  443. Steve Healy says

    ssshhhh Josh, ssshhh

    Nah I was only jokin about the Grandma thing lol

  444. Lol Pendles likes to test the water Josh lol


  446. Man im feelin unloved by that bear

  447. Josh Pendles said that ur his favourite! lol

  448. Hmmm, give him a small hug from me, not a big one

  449. Hey does anyone know what match is being replayed on 7two tomorrow night? In my tv guide it just says Round 11, 2007.


  451. Damian Watson says

    Essendon v West Coast

  452. I heard Anthony is in full training now after his finger incident, good news

  453. yeah..i think thats what Pendleburybear was trying to tell me. lol

  454. Oh ok, Hird dominated that game. I might watch it

  455. ya know, he might not look it but Pendles is only 2 years old. :)

  456. Damian Watson says

    Hey Josh whatever happened to Leigh Adams? Is he still on the list?

  457. What’s that in human years? Lol

  458. Steve Healy says

    Leigh Adams played great in that Hawthorn V Roos game.

    I think ill watch Essendon V West Coast, I dont think I watched that game

  459. Guys, pendles is grabbing my arm, he wants attention, gee he can’t sit 5 minutes without being in my lap!
    i betta go and read him a story!

    night fellas!!:)

    Night Steveeeeeeeeeyyyyyy!! :P

  460. Yeah he is, he’s training pretty well at the moment. He had a great second half of last season so he should be ready to cement his spot

  461. Steve Healy says

    cya Danno

    “cya Danno!!”
    im ur gf for goodness sake!!

  463. Damian Watson says

    Night Danni.

    Gee some expert I am lol, I should Pay more attention to North Games!

    Yeah that 2007 game wasn’t bad, it has a nailbiting finish.

  464. Steve Healy says

    Leigh Adams is a star of the future for the Roos, he came in and had an instant impact

  465. not impressed HEALY


  466. Steve Healy says

    cya honeybird :) :)

  467. Yeah i thought he’d get delisted after he did his knee but he’s bounced back strongly.

    Steve, i saw in today’s Age that Isaac Weetra played 2 games. What were those games? I thought he never debuted

  468. Steve Healy says

    great finish- Geelong V Dees, Round 21 2006. The scores are level, and Jimmy Bartel tries to rush it through for a behind as the siren goes but fails

  469. Damian Watson says

    I know he played in Rd1 2008 when Fraklin dominated.

  470. That game was pretty eventful. The great finish, Lonergan’s injury, Yze’s mark

  471. Steve Healy says

    nah, he played the first 2 games of 08, and made no impact whatsoever

  472. Damian Watson says

    W Bulldogs v Hawthorn 1999 was a great finish, in the dying seconds I think the Hawks looked like scoring a behind, the umpire was about to signal touched but was slapped back into play on the goal line. A draw the result.

  473. Steve Healy says

    k, wasnt there a Hawthorn V Bulldogs in 96 where a hawthorn player missed a sitter in the final seconds?

  474. Damian Watson says

    I dunno, what about Lloyd’s comeback match in 2002 when he missed on the siren against the dogs and it was a draw.

  475. I think the best classic finish was Sydney v West Coast from the 2005 Grand Final

  476. Steve Healy says

    yeah, and what about Billy Brownless in the 94 QF

  477. Steve Healy says

    hahaha, and Daff was shown in the crowd in the final seconds

  478. One game i hate to watch is the one where Ablett took that one-hander against the Roos to put the Cats into the GF.

  479. Damian Watson says

    Yeah those were classics, 1977 GF was good too.

    By the way I heard a rumour that Andrew Lovett’s career at St Kilda is over.

  480. Would you think that Lovett’s career in the AFL is over? Or will another club pick him up?

  481. Damian Watson says

    1987 PF Steve one of the most intensifying games.

    When was Daff shown? better have a look at the tape!

  482. Lol i reacted the same way as that Damo when i heard Daff was shown in the crowd. Its about 3 minutes from the finish of the game, just watch from when it goes into 5 minute warning

  483. Steve Healy says

    About a minute to go in the last

    Lovett’s talent is too good to got to waste he’s a freak.

    Jimmy didnt know the rules!

  484. Steve Healy says

    It was 3 minutes?

  485. Haha poor Jimmy will always be remembered for that

  486. Steve Healy says

    yeah Damo, the GF should’ve been Carlton V Melbourne and the Dees wouldve won

  487. It was when there was a stoppage in the middle of the ground, West Coast go forward, Sydney concede a behind then Cox marks from the kick in and Barry takes that screamer. So yeah about that

  488. Damian Watson says

    Oh yeah I just saw it on youtube, I like his reaction when he realises he’s on the screen.

    He knew exactly what happened!

  489. Hmm i just realized, the Roos have played off against every team of the Fab 5 in a Grand Final except Melbourne.

  490. Have any of you guys ever been shown on screen?

  491. Damian Watson says

    Jimmy wasn’t the only one who squandered chances, what about Simon Eishold’s miss? possibly the worst shot on goal in history!

  492. Damian Watson says

    I always used to sit in the front row at Princes Park for Carlton games so I’m sure I would’ve been seen a few times but they didn’t have a video screen at the ground!

  493. Steve Healy says

    wait till this season, Josh.

    I was shown on the screen during Melbourne V Adelaide in Round 10, 2007, on the MCG scoreboard. I’m visible in the crowd during Melbourne V West Coast last year, and I marked the ball behind the goals in Melb V Rich in Round 22, 2008, dont think im shown thouh

  494. Steve Healy says

    I remember Richmond’s David Bourke once missed an incredibly easy shot. That would’ve been in about 2001

  495. My mum, dad and my mate are seen in North v Hawthorn from 2003, but i was cut off!

    I reckon if i wear my wig to games, i’ll get shown on the big-screen lol

  496. Remember in 2001 where David Bourke took a couple of amazing grabs in the space of a couple of weeks?

  497. Steve Healy says

    yeah, we might cya if we look back at the replays Damo.

  498. Steve Healy says

    Jeez tough luck Josh. Nah I dont really remember.

    yay 500 comments

  499. I’ve always wanted to mark the ball in the crowd, but the best i’ve done is mark the ball at Waaia games when the seniors are playing.

  500. I reckon one of the marks to rival Gary Moorcroft’s was Robbo’s from 2001 against the Dockers. The fact that he was able to control the ball when he nearly lost the handle of it while floating in mid-air was spectacular

  501. Steve Healy says

    yeah that was an unbelivable mark. Robbo is up there in the greatest flyers of all time.

    I couldn’t believe I marked it. Deledio banged the ball through the goals and it went straight to me, and I marked it so cleanly without fumbling

  502. You wouldnt rate Deledio very highly if that ball smashed into your face lol

  503. Steve Healy says

    yeah lol, I was so suprised that I threw it down to the ground straight away, I shouldve held on to it for a bit longer though

  504. This is probably a stupid question but what do AFL footballs feel like? I’ve always wanted to know

  505. Steve Healy says

    Yea same, I might ask Fitzy that lol

  506. Haha at least you know you’ll get an answer, unlike Daw! Fitzy might not know coz he hasnt played a game yet. Anyway im off now, cya

  507. Steve Healy says

    cya, Josh

  508. Steve Healy says

    wow, its so hot today!’

    I didnt end up going to the beach, instead they’re coming for lunch, they should be here any second now.

    Status- putting more Dees pictures on my wall

  509. My back is so sore.

    Status – doing a slideshow on the AFL

  510. Steve Healy says

    really, what for Josh?

    its 42 degrees at the moment I think

  511. lol you guys Daffey looks like Brian Mcfadden when hes on the bigscreen at the wc vs syd final LOL.
    He REALLY DOES!! :)

    Its bloody hot

    satus- reading Emma

  512. Steve Healy says

    Hello Danni

    Is he that irish guy?

  513. hiya Steveyyyyyyy :)
    yeah thats him!
    i think hes still dating Delta.

  514. Steve Healy says

    yeah, Daff also looks way younger

  515. Lol he looks nothing like his pic in the Almanac.

    Its 43 here, im making up a slideshow coz im bored, prob wont get it finished but if i do i’ll send it to you guys

  516. Steve Healy says

    AFL news today:\

    The Swans have handed out their numbers, Bradshaw will be wearing 19, McGlynn 21, Josh Kennedy 12, Mumford will wear his same 41 from Geelong, Gary Rohan and Lewis Jetta will wear 16 and 32 respectively,plus some others

  517. Steve Healy says

    nice, Josh. I think I’ve made tons of slideshows on footy for school over the years

  518. Damian Watson says

    geez it’s so hot, another reason to hate summer weather.

    I’ll probably be going to the Big Bash on Friday!

    How long are the slides Josh?

  519. Steve Healy says

    Nice Damo,

    gee, I really wish I went to the beach today.

  520. I’ve only made 2 slides so far Damo, so far the front page is all the top 10 draftees and im going to go through each side, starting with Adelaide, stating what is new (new guernsey, new players, new logo etc), a bio of each player in my words and the fixture for each team.

    What’s the Big Bash?

    I hadn’t noticed that Mark Seaby was given number 1, and was going to complain that Bradshaw should have taken number 1 and left 19 in retirement because of its legendary status, compared to Hall’s.

  521. Damian Watson says

    The Big Bash is the Domestic 20/20 comp, I’m going to Victoria v Tasmania at the G’.

  522. Steve Healy says

    it’s where all of the state teams play in a tournament of 20 20 matches.

  523. Hahaha me and my friend just got our second warning before being banned on the Superfooty forum lol.

    It’s gonna take a while for all these new guernsey numbers to sink in. Has every club finalised their new guernsey numbers?

  524. Oh and go on msn if u can Steve..

  525. Steve Healy says

    im on the super footy right now. Great article by Shane Crawford on Croad

    The Dees haven’t, they’ve only given Scully and Trengrove numbers.

  526. Steve Healy says

    Yep ill go on, yeah Josh there have been way too many number changes this pre season, it will take a while to sink in. Especially those pointless Richmond ones

  527. I like how the Roos only had a small amount of changes, and they were to players that deserved it

  528. Damian Watson says

    Yeah I agree some of those number changes have no significant reason.

    Steve, do have some sort of idea why Jeff Farmer changed his guernsey number from 33 to 8 one year? while he was playing at the Demons.

  529. I still wonder why Chris Tarrant went from 17 to 20. I know its his former number but still

  530. Have the Blues given out their new numbers Damo? I know Brock McLean got number 7, but that’s all i’ve heard

  531. Damian Watson says

    No not that I’ve heard of, I know that Lachie Henderson recieved number 23 which I think was Adam Hartlett’s old number

  532. Steve Healy says

    Damo, Jeff Farmer became number 8 one year in honour of his Dad who passed away, i’m pretty sure

  533. Haha i just heard Seamus McNamara on the news, bloody American accents. They’re annoying in my opinion.

    Status – still too hot, and shocked at how Sam Stosur went today

  534. hey guys.. :)
    status- finally put Emma down, head hurts BADDDDDD

    yeah i know Steve that why i didnt know it was him at the launch until John said so on the mic, lol


  536. Steve Healy says

    yeah hahaha, I was expecting him to look like what he did in the 08 Almanac, longer hair and a beard.

    How did Stosur go? hmmm I dont really pay attention to the tennis

  537. Steve Healy says

    its so hot in my room, im dying

  538. Damian Watson says

    Stosur lost badly didn’t she?

  539. Lol American Pie.

    Yeah it was a shock when i saw Daff when i pulled up at his house, i was wondering if i had the right address lol.

    She lost 6-3, 6-1

  540. lol yeah hes looks ten years younger with short hair.
    nawwwww ist okay bf, just think of ice-cubes and the northpole.

  541. What are your thoughts on Simon Katich and Phillip Hughes? I reckon Hughes should stay in for this test

  542. Steve Healy says

    thanks Danni :) lol

    I reckon Katich should stay in, he’s in great form, plus Hughes was struggling quite a bit.

  543. But the test is sort of a dead heat game, might as well keep Hughes in and see what he can do.

  544. Damian Watson says

    Yeah I agree if Katich is fit he will stay in the line-up and there is no reason why he should be removed.

    Marcus North is having admirable summer as well.

  545. Damian Watson says

    Sorry let me rephrase that, if Katich is fit he will return to the line-up.

  546. Steve Healy says

    Katich should be fit, Ponting said.

    Yep, its time for North to go out and replace him with someone like Andy McDonald (even though the Aussies might not need another bowler)

  547. STATUS- Guilty for eating 4 tim-tams, let only one in the tin so i cant say i ate them ALL .

  548. Pardon my less-than-great cricket knowledge, but has Brett Lee retired?

  549. Steve Healy says

    Nah, he just sucks and has been tormented by injury

  550. this is how much i love food-
    the other day i was eating chicken and putting like heaps of mayo on it i would eat it..but it didnt taste right..not as haevay and creamy so i would add more and moree, but still…nothing then i said
    “mum the mayo..its not as nice”
    mum laughs, “yeah thats cos its the 95% fat free one”
    ME-“HA!! i knew it…wait..why did u buy THAT ONE FOR!!?”


  551. My mate puts mayo on everything, even chips with cheese and gravy

  552. Steve Healy says

    hahaha, I hate anything thats 90 something percent fat free

  553. LOL i do that too. well not on the gravy but i lay it on heavyyyyy

  554. Brett Lee doesnt suck..he used to be my favourite player. Now its M. Hussey

  555. me too steve, it ruined my mayoexperience.

  556. brett lee = pretty

  557. I dont think i’ve ever tasted Mayo?

    Status – cant wait for the footy replay on tonight, i’ll prob only watch the first quarter though

  558. Brett Lee = receding hairline

  559. …u have never tasted MAYO??
    JOSH….wow u are missing out on serious mayoexperiences!

  560. Steve Healy says

    mayo’s pretty good. Lee has dropped in form by a mile in the last couple of years.

    I watched Brisbane V Essendon at the Gabba (96 QF) last night, I watched up until the start of third until I got tired and hit the hay

  561. status- eating warm chicken salad with mayo..and not the bodgey fat free one!

  562. status- feeding Pendleburybear

  563. steve when you buy us a house i will make sure the fridge has not fat-free stuff and that we have a year supply of Nutella

  564. Steve Healy says

    I had a chicken sandwich with lettuce and mayo today.

    Well, I guess every “living” thing has to eat lol

  565. Steve Healy says

    Thanks Danni, im not sure how im gonna afford a house though, maybe ill ask to do a report on all 185 games in the Almanac this year so I can get thousands of dollars lol

  566. lol yeah well thats a start..i did mention i want a double story around the area of Goschs paddock mind u. :)

  567. Comment 392

  568. ..Josh..we havent got a house yet, how can we get a room! LOL

    ps- shut it Joshy

  569. Steve Healy says

    yeah thats fine, id love to live that close to the G

  570. Get a house, then get a room

  571. I’d love to live AT the G..

  572. good :) Pendles will love kicking the footy before storytime :)

  573. i dont know about u guys but i definatly prefer the MCG over Etihad. i dont know why but having no roof and the breeze there just make so much more of a difference.

  574. I prefer a night match at Etihad to the MCG, but i’d love any venue

  575. really? nah i wouldnt.
    no way. the cold chill at the mcg on a Friday night, LOVE IT!

    STATUS- Watching fav song/ fav music video of all time.
    I know- Drake Bell
    (From Drake and Josh)

  576. Damian Watson says

    He actually writes songs! I thought that was just his characetr on the show, I suppose when you can’t act singing is an option.

  577. yes Damo lol
    and his song I know is my favourite of all time even over the Jonas songs.

    Steveyyyyyyyyyy i wnat u to grow ur hair out like Drake’s in the ‘i know’ videoclip it will look so pretty!! :)

  578. Damian Watson says

    By the way I’d prefer the MCG although when their tension and intensity in a game of footy Etihad under a closed roof isn’t too bad.

  579. I’ve never been to a night MCG game, the closest was a twilight match at the G and it was in daylights savings time.

  580. Steve Healy says

    I love every AFL ground, but nothing beats the G, night, day or twilight

  581. i agree boyfriend!
    and no more haircuts for u!

  582. Status – getting my tan on. Its dropped about 6 or 7 degrees in the past half hour so im gonna go kick the footy with my new best friend, the spray bottle

  583. No soup for you either Steve, no soup for you!

  584. Steve Healy says

    you use spray tan?

    My hair’s already getting long, how long is this Drake guys hair?

  585. My hair is looking like Daisy’s, except brown

  586. Steve Healy says

    I havent gotten a hair cut since the launch, so if you can imagine what my hair would like now it looks like that.

    Status- playing AFL 98 demo

  587. .. :) so it alreadly looks like DRAKE’S???

    josh even i, the most pale person ever dont use spary tan! lol.

  588. i havent gotten a haircut since the launch either! :)

  589. Steve Healy says

    is Drake the guy with long brown hair? im looking on google images now

  590. Steve watch the video, it looks better there!! :)
    i love that video watched it twice today..heres a third!! :)

  591. Steve Healy says

    well what would you know danni? :)

  592. IT DOES?? IM RIGHT??!!
    OMG yay meeeee!!

    nice work Stevey u have to send me a picture nawwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!
    i love that VIDEO!! its my favourite!!!

  593. Steve Healy says

    ill send some pics of me and around my house soon, and of my Dees jumper which I promised Josh I would

  594. status- watching Drake Bell video for fourth time…

  595. Damian Watson says

    Are you planning to get a number on the back of the jumper Steve?

  596. Steve Healy says

    I said that I’d get 24, but I dunno when ill get it

  597. gonna go rage soon! I kicked the footy on the roof, it’s my own fault though. I was trying to see how many kicks in mid-air i could get, i got 3 and i was losing control so i booted it real hard and it went over my head and straight on the roof.

    I never said i use spray-tan

  598. lol steve will get hims 24 when i get my number 9 LOL

  599. Damian Watson says

    At least you’ll get your stuff back! The Indians that live next door to me pounce as soon as one of my footys or cricket balls go over the fence, they never give any of my stuff back!

  600. well Damo u shoudl go over and get it back urself. thats what i used to do we i kicked my footy over the fence. i would go over to the neighbours and get it back.

  601. Yeah well i have to wait for a decent storm with lots of wind to get the ball back, and i dont see that happining anytime soon

  602. Lol the indians are probably like That little italian kid next door keeps throwing stuff into our backyard!

  603. Damian Watson says

    That’s what I always do! but they swear they never saw a trace of anything that went over the fence even though I can tell they are pulling my leg.

  604. lol Damo thats cos u should go over as soon as it happens! that way u can say
    “i JUST kicked my footy ino ur Yard, like RIGHT NOW”

  605. Steve Healy says

    ive got the same problem Damo. I always climb onto my roof if somethings there, I also love climbing on to the highest point of my roof, its a great view

  606. Damian Watson says

    Yes I do exactly that but 9 times out of 10 they are never home and it’s not like I can climb my particular fence!

  607. Steve Healy says

    early last year I was at my grandma’s house, I kicked my footy over the fence and it got attacked on by about 5 dogs who lived there. I couldnt believe it, my footy was torn apart before my eyes

  608. Stevey! no more climbing the roof!!
    i dont want u to get hurt!!

  609. Steve Healy says

    my 3 neighbours are: A rich snobbish family who already have a mansion, but are apparently building another level on their garage which will block the sun from our backyard if they do so.

    A family with a few kids who think its fun to throw balls and another objects hard to our fence.

    And a couple of old ladies who live together and we are freinds with and always bring tennis balls back to us if they find them.

  610. Steve Healy says

    Dont worry Danni im an experienced roof climber! lol. Once I was on my roof and the kids who live in the mansion house opened their bedroom window and started talking to me. hahaha it was funny, we were bagging each other.

  611. Damian Watson says

    Steve that’s every kid’s worst nightmare!

    Luckily my dog has been trained not to destroy anything in it’s path (aside from cats and magpies)

  612. My dog wouldn’t hurt a fly.

    Lol what sort of abuse were they hurling at you Steve?

  613. omg my brother just came in with a water bottle..and well u can guess what he did next!!
    Status- WET!!

  614. Steve Healy says

    They were going “how did you get up there”? And I shouted back: I flew! And then they went: Well, at least we keep our roof clean, and then I said something like: At least we only have one roof, you have about 10!

  615. how old are they?

  616. Steve Healy says

    hahaha, i’ve been putting my head in cold water regularly today.

  617. Haha.

    Why does Neighbours go on a break for so long? Wish my real neighbours would go on a long break

  618. Yeah well hes lucky my hair already sucks..cos if it was straightened I would have killed him for wetting me!

  619. Steve Healy says

    there’s a girl the same age as my sister (your age Danni) and a boy who’s 2 years younger than me I think

  620. When i was outside before i sprayed myself with the hose and was squirting my face with a water bottle regulary.

  621. hmmm..steve u better not cheat on me with that other girl…!!

  622. Steve Healy says

    Every year Neighbours always finishes with a controversial moment, and then when it goes back on nothing amazing actually happens

  623. Don’t you hate nosey people like that?

  624. Steve Healy says

    nah, dont worry, i’ll never cheat on you Danni.

  625. Haha this is Harry O’s latest status on FB:

    Harry O’Brien nearly missed my interview on 3aw cos I refused to stop guitar hero midway. I was on a massive roll playin the stones sympathy 4 the devil!

  626. my neighbours are nice elderly people who say hello when they see me and always returned by footy if i didnt go over to get it myself and bought heaps of chocolate off me when i went around fundraising.

  627. Steve Healy says

    yeah, I really hate poeple like that

  628. nawwwww goodboy Steve :P

    lmaoo Harry!!

  629. Steve Healy says

    yeah how funny is that Josh.

    Do you kick the footy in your backyard Danni?

  630. i used to… havent for years now :(
    but yeah me and bro used to play kick to kick until it got to dark to see. lol

  631. Steve Healy says

    Oh really Danni? You should start again lol

    I was just havin a few kicks in my backyard before, but my backyard is terrible for kicking the footy.

  632. That’s what i was gonna do tonight but its on the bloody roof.

    Status- wet hair

  633. My backyard was good for footy until dad planted the Cedar tree and now its bloody huge and takes up like half the yard.
    Cant complain thought cos its a symbol of Lebanon and stuff lol.

  634. You should start kicking the footy in alleways, it could come in handy one day ;)

  635. …Josh was that supposed to be suggestive?

  636. Cos you know i have a boyfriend..

  637. Only you would think that Danni!

  638. Steve Healy says

    status- same as 634 now

  639. ..a boyfriend who isnt very attentive ,LOL

  640. Lol you should have known that about Steve beforehand Danni

  641. Steve Healy says

    hey!! hahahah danni.

    I’ve got a massive tree that takes up heaps of my yard too, it grows sideways bloody hell

  642. LMAOO Superman would try and pick me up and Steve wouldnt even know! lol

  643. Lol the whole team would be tryin to pick u up and Steve would be like “trainin well boys”

  644. JOSH! hahahahhahahahahahha

  645. Steve Healy says

    (sigh) ok, ill try and be more attentive from now on if you like

  646. Who votes we switch threads? This is getting ridiculous

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