Ball tampering at a time of renewal and forgiveness

Leadership will be important for the Australian Cricket team if it is to recover and move on from recent events.


The disastrous results of the previous two Test matches, together with the ball tampering fiasco, have obviously demoralised the team’s confidence, and is not an ideal lead up for the Fourth Test commencing today.


Whilst the focus has been on the actions of Smith, Warner, and Bancroft, their former team mates are seething and shattered by those events, forever identifying them as part of a team that cheated. They will need to quickly recover from their anger and feelings of betrayal and direct their energies to the game at hand if they expect to perform at a competitive level in the next Test.


Having been cleared of any role in the fiasco, Darren Lehman must now use all of his undoubted skills to meld his team back into the cohesive unit we know they can be.


Tim Paine, Australia’s 46th Test Captain, has a massive job on his hands to lead from the front. He must set an example, and at the same time, he needs to contribute as a batsman and wicketkeeper.


Whoever incorporates the rest of the on-field leadership team must get behind their new captain supporting him like a captain has never been supported before.


And of course, the players must fulfill their roles with the bat and ball, as well as in the field.


Steve Smith’s press conference at Sydney Airport shown during the half-time break on the footy telecast was tragic viewing of a fallen hero trying to come to terms with what he has done.


It takes a brave man to front the press as Smith did, even as a cheat. Obviously, a devasted man, an emotional Smith acknowledged his mistake, a terrible mistake, saying he was sorry for his actions, and hoped, eventually to be forgiven, promising to redeem himself in order to regain the public’s lost respect.


At this special time of renewal and forgiveness, we can only hope that time will prove to be the healer it is.


We can only wait and see.


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Retired teacher who enjoys following the Bombers, listening to music especially Bob Dylan, reading, and swimming.


  1. I liked your line on forgiveness and renewal, at Easter, or any time Col. While I have been hardline on them deserving their penance, I would let them play State cricket at the Shield and 50 over level for the next 12 months. Not the lucrative BBL.
    You need your community around you when you are rebuilding your life and your character. Hardly lucrative (Smith and Warner will be rich for life whatever happens) but it provides essential structure to day to day life.
    I will be happy once Sutherland and Howard get the flick (not a golden handshake). They set the cultural tone for the organisation, and both have their neck in the swill trough.

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