Three Weeks Out – Geelong

Zac Holt has seen Geelong’s season enter a stage of frustration as the post-bye curse continues to plague the ladder-leaders. He has identified what worked before the malaise and which players are most responsible for the downturn – and could potentially spur a second wind.

Geelong versus the Bye

When is an apparent problem not really a problem? Zaacman ruminates over Geelong’s unhappy relationship with the Bye in recent seasons in the lead-up to this week’s clash with Port. His September plans may well hinge on the result, if history is anything to go by.

Geelong Era at an End

  2007 Coming off an horrific 2006 season, and with coach Mark Thompson given the last year of his contract to turn things around, Geelong launched an aggressive and ruthless campaign to win the flag and break a 44 year drought down at Kardinia Park. Characterised by daring, up-the-middle, play on at all costs, all [Read more]

Blues of the father

I dread Geelong playing on a Friday night these days. Last couple years it was ideal. Finish work, head home or to the pub with the boys, couple of frothies and watch the Cats paste whoever was unlucky enough to be fixtured in for that week. Not this year. Geelong’s general dominance of the last [Read more]

Starting to play like they want it

I took the night off work to go to Friday night footy at the G. Friday being our busiest day/night at the pub and Geelong playing an unfortunate number of Friday night matches this year I’m having to prioritise which games I go to. Grand Final replay was a no-brainer. Thriller. Guaranteed… the first half [Read more]

While it’s still fresh

..and only slightly scattered in my head. The game got so intense toward the end that I’m finding it hard to recall the last quarter. Just a series of moments with a firm grip on my heart throughout! The first time since ’08 that I’ve gone to a Cats v Hawks game expecting to lose. [Read more]

Young and Old

During the off-season I did the only thing I could to keep me going; watched the Grand Final replay once a week, scoured the internet for any footy news, the draft, trade week, new appointments and when there was none of that to be done I went to the pub. As things unfolded I became [Read more]

To the Pub for Cats vs Hawks!

The bittersweet month is upon us. I love September. But it comes with the knowledge that it will be followed by the long, bleak months of the off-season. This year comes with an extra bonus; the Rugby World Cup. The broadcast schedule for this weekend will give you some idea why I’m so happy. Friday [Read more]