Round 1 – Collingwood v Western Bulldogs: The Planets Align

A trip to Melbourne works a treat for Wellis who makes the most of it with the Footy Almanac season launch, the Collingwood v Western Bulldogs game and a quick pop over to Adelaide.

AFL Round 23 – Gold Coast v GWS Giants: Sheeds and the sunset: mission accomplished.

GWS are the embodiment of a love child for Sheeds, but like a love child, their ownership of his legacy will need to be fought for. Until now, there was not much they could do wrong, but today, it’s the end of the romance and the start of the judgement. Bill Ellis wonders if Sheedy (and his baggy shorts) can really declare ‘mission accomplished’.

AFL Round 16 – Brisbane v North Melbourne: Be The Man

Bill Ellis says P. Hanley is happy to Be The Man

AFL Round 5 – Brisbane v Melbourne: A brief history lesson

Mike Krzyzewski, coach of the Duke basketball team wrote: “A season is a lifetime”. I reckon today’s game is a potted history of the Melbourne footy club.

Lunch with Ian Morrison

Bill Ellis and a motley crew spent the day with former Footscray player Ian “Morro” Morrison. His insights into the club and the events leading up to the 1974 preliminary final were mesmerizing.

AFL Round 3 – Gold Coast Suns v Brisbane Lions: Lions claw one back

With pouring rain, a train to the ground and a legion of football fanatics, Bill Ellis’s night at Carrara reminded him of matches past in suburban Victoria.

The ball is in dispute…

There is not a single holy grail of football; it is a different thing to each man. Some crave September silverware and the reflected glory of team success. Fathers dream of lacing up the first pair of boots on their offspring and watching them take the field. The purist, however, must one day embark on [Read more]