A woman and her baristas (or The role of football in the un-milking of coffee)

Mathilde de Hauteclocque, making herself more and more intriguing every time she picks up the pen.

Plus Ça Change

Mathilde de Hauteclocque has some news about the Cygnet and his new sporting direction.

AFL Round 8 – Sydney v Fremantle: Kirky’s homecoming

The Premiership quarter was the Turnover quarter for the red and white, writes Mathilde de Hauteclocque, who was forced to turn to the Footy Record for entertainment during dour periods of the game.

Worlds colliding

As much as Mathilde de Hauteclocque tries to quarantine solo space in this world, she rarely gets the chance to do anything cocooned from colliding worlds. Is it time to let them call the shots?

Grand Final Eve

It’s a kind of madness when your team’s in the Grand Final. A week of internal distractions and surreptitious footy shamanism.

Sydney v Hawthorn preview: Boiling Point

In recent weeks I’ve become shyly aware that I’ve taken my eye off the footy. Haven’t talked about it much; haven’t reflected on it publicly; haven’t offered any excuses. Just slunk off into the shade really. But internally, I’ve been musing, struggling with the idea of how to whip myself up into some kind of [Read more]

I am Mum and Dad

Recently, I have been both Mum and Dad. Dad was off creating a show to launch the London 2012 Festival, the centrepiece of the Cultural Olympiad associated with the imminent Games. Which meant, that the Cygnet and I passed 8 varied weeks in each other’s company. We are a fairly reconstructed home. The division of [Read more]


I took my bye bye a week before the Swans. Left Sydney behind and flew three hours up the east coast to a pocket of paradise north of Cairns. Yirrganydji country. Rainforest country. As far away as you can be and imagine from the southern states. Home was a bungalow in the treetops, looking out [Read more]

A Life with Footy and Kids

During the first half of the Round 6 night game against the Crows, I looked along Row U and realised that none of the O’Reilly boys nor I had our children in attendance. (The Cygnet was with us, but he was down on the concourse waiting to play with the Under 8s). I can’t remember [Read more]

Jumper lore

On the way to the footy last Saturday night, I stopped in to change my mobile phone plan. This involved a fair bit of lightning typing from an under 25, who drew breath only to ask me: ‘Do you want me to do a number sequence search on anything in particular?’ After looking blankly at [Read more]

A Role To Play

I have always found voting an oddly stirring experience. Possibly because it is one of those intermittent events that binds us as individuals to something bigger – reminds us that we have the privilege and responsibility to gather ourselves to decide whose umbrella we will open over our collective heads. Last Sunday I voted in [Read more]

Getting to Know You

A few weeks ago, I streamed the Sydney Swans Guernsey presentation. In twelve years of membership, I have never attended or watched a Guernsey presentation. I have been content with skimming the captain’s speech the morning after and stealing away a quote or two for the parenthood file. But this year, I watched it live, [Read more]

A Change From the North

They come like small soldiers over the horizon, one by one, indiscernible at first. Signs. An article about the benefits of off season altitude training, Arizona or the Himalayas. It doesn’t amount to anything. Sometime later, the next time you turn to look ahead, there are more of them. They are armed. The plea from [Read more]

Footy Un/certainty

A couple of weeks ago, Friday night football hosted Collingwood and Richmond. As the first half drew to a close, the Pies up by some 8 goals, the ABC’s David Parkin lamented the unevenness of the match. He wasn’t having fun anymore: ‘The joy of any contest surely comes from the uncertainty.’ * On the [Read more]