AFL Round 5 – Brisbane v Melbourne: Another Demon Anointed

Another Dobbie is anointed into the Demon fold. Granpa Dobbie may be the winner insofar as the luck of one’s birth date is concerned. But the young fella seems pretty keen.

The 2012-13 Lennie Pascoe Plate

A sporting event can be a microcosm of life sometimes. It can show the best of the times. It can show the worst of the times. The 2012-13 Lennie Pascoe Plate was no different. And that was before even a ball had been bowled on a hot and humid Brisbane afternoon.

Great Expectations – The AFL draft is just a lottery

The intense media coverage of 17 year old kids drafted by AFL clubs is ridiculous and unfair, says Simon Dobbie. Many won’t have the maturity, determination and dedication needed to be a successful AFL footballer.

Hey Gringo! Tales of a Dees supporter in Brisbane

It can be lonely being a Melbourne supporter. We’re not the club with the biggest membership nor do we regularly appear in the footy primetime. But as I entered the public bar of Queensland’s most famous pub, The Breakfast Creek, just before kick-off of a Super Rugby finals match involving the Reds, well, it doesn’t [Read more]

A Day At The Footy – Brisbane vs Melbourne

I parked the car in a no-name suburban street and as I walked quickly towards the Chermside Bus Station, I realised this was the first moment I’d had to myself for the day. A moment to reflect then on what the next few hours might bring. The Brisbane Lions versus the Melbourne Demons at the [Read more]