Don’t let the door hit you on the arse.

Reprising an old classic, Ron Wells AKA San Diego Catter on Grand Final day contemplates the dreams of players, the lamentations of fans, and the fairytale of one neglected player who lived his dream.

Almanac Music: “Maintain the rage”. Thoughts on Bob Dylan.

Bob Dylan has influenced a generation with his music and words, Charlie Wells was no different and pens his thoughts on the Nobel Laureate.

Big Bells and Brass Balls: paddling out at Bells beach on a big day.

The feeling of a crisp autumn morning, hungover, excited and the majesty of a massive set at Bells; only a surfer understands this feeling. San Diego Catter writes a beautiful tribute to a classic surfing trip.

Almanac Memories: When the sun sets over Carlton.

San Diego Catter remembers a time when daggy was cool, when Skyhooks ruled and Joe Camilleri slayed them at Martini’s.

The State of the Origins.

Have you ever questioned the origin of the AFL species? Clearly with too much time on his hands, San Diego Cattery researched each team’s origins with cultural and historical significance. [A great effort – Ed]