The Kangaroos Fab Five (plus two)

Rob Chanter revisits his Famous Five prediction of Kangaroos favourites from earlier in the season. Wouldn’t you know it, 6 months ago he picked the influential performers from Saturday night.

International Cup: Des Plus Brillants Exploits

Rob Chanter looks at the International Cup and analyses the ups and downs from an impressive 2014 campaign.


Rob Chanter says “let blokes go for the ball”.

AFL Round 17 – North Melbourne v St Kilda – The Dal Santo-Delaney Medal

Rob Chanter glories in being lost in a sea of Blue and White in Tassie, tasting Cygnet curried scallop pies and finding his ‘temporarily’ lost boys. Is it better to shelter from the wind or the rain at Bellerive?

AFL Round 16 – North Melbourne v Hawthorn: Go for the throat

Rob Chanter doesn’t know what to make of North Melbourne at the moment. Is he pro Brad Scott or one of the Anti-Scottists? Ask him at the end of the season.

AFL Round 15 – Brisbane v North Melbourne: Time to get angry

Rob Chanter is angry. But how angry? And with who? Some games leave you with too much choice.

AFL Round 12 – North Melbourne v Richmond: Extraordinary

Rob Chanter and Sons have a great Sunday culminating with a Kangaroos comeback win and (two) hot jam donuts.

Dear Smokie

Smokie’s letter to Brad Scott of last week receives a reply.

AFL Round 4 – Sydney v North Melbourne: Triple Bogey

Three things troubled Kanga Rob Chanter before the Sydney game. Well, surprise, surprise.

AFL Round 2 – Western Bulldogs v North Melbourne: Crush and Boom

A “wretched” game it may have been – but for Daniel “Crusher” Currie, Sunday’s match between the Roos and the Bulldogs was his coming-of-age, writes Rob Chanter

We Are the Royal Blues: Five Roos I Love

Litza’s started a trend…now it’s Rob Chanter’s turn to bring his top five players to the table, this time for North Melbourne. There’s the infuriating one, the graceful one, the old pro, the skinny kid and the honey badger. Who’s with him?

Altitude Training

He’s been in a fairly good paddock the last few years. What will happen when Rob tackles the world’s toughest half-marathon? Will a good playlist and a fit wife be enough to see him through?

AFL Round 19 – North Melbourne v Geelong: Back in Town

The last time these two teams played, Rob Chanter watched it in a dark basement in Toronto in the wee small hours, hunched over a laptop with the speakers at sotto voce, for fear of waking the Blushing Bride. Friday night was the Chanter family’s first game back since returning to Melbourne. Their timing was perfect.

Local footy – maple flavoured

How did Ontario, of all places, come to field one of the strongest regular leagues outside Australia? Rob Chanter takes advantage of the bye to check out what’s on offer in his local Canadian Aussie rules league. And it’s quite the mix.

AFL Round 7 – Western Bulldogs v North Melbourne: Tempo

As May marks a change in tempo in the footy, our Canadian correspondent, Rob Chanter, says patterns in the football season will soon become evident.

AFL Round 2 – Geelong v North Melbourne: Blue and White Night

North Melbourne fan Rob Chanter set the alarm for 11pm in his Canadian home to watch his team take on the Cats. He liked what he saw…initially.

The Great (Blue and) White North

Rob Chanter and family find themselves in Toronto for 6 months. And Toronto being in Canada, that means hockey.

A glimpse into North Melbourne’s future

Some games of footy are a drama in 3 acts, complete with unlikely heroes, plot twists, and a thrilling denouement. We’ve had our share of those this year: getting the St Kilda monkey off our backs with Sam Wright standing up to Brendan Goddard, and Wells’s sublime last quarter; Boomer’s inspired 5 minutes stealing the [Read more]

Coming around

At our wedding, 10 years and a bit ago, the blushing bride joked that I had a choice: she would take either my surname or my football team. Silly thing to joke about, really. She still has her own surname, and for the best part of this century has half-heartedly gone along with the idea [Read more]