When Greg Met the Butcher

A Football Fable (Colours and clubs have been changed to protect the colours and clubs) I Footballers up and back through the Wimmera Knew well the name Greg Trotter His number sixteen and his muscular arms Strung tight like a horse’s hindquarter They cowardly stepped away When they saw that number they knew But men [Read more]

Anson Cameron: Silences Come and Gone

by Paul Mitchell Intro: Melbourne author Anson Cameron’s debut novel, Silences Long Gone, which dissects the issue of Aboriginal land rights, has received unanimous critical acclaim. A pleasing result for a man who knew himself from a young age to be a writer…but didn’t write… Drinking coffee is meant to be a relaxed, friendly pastime. [Read more]

General Footy Writing: Under the wing of Gull

by Paul Mitchell There seemed no reason for our bit part ruck/forward to be nicknamed ‘Gull’. I attributed the moniker to the fact that his mullet stuck out ingloriously at the sides, made him look like a windblown seagull. I didn’t know his real name, but that didn’t matter – when I called out ‘Gull!’ he [Read more]