Almanac Rugby League: Excerpts from a rugby league lover’s diary – The Early Years

Imagine an Adrian Mole-type character thinking back over the childhood competitiveness of two brothers supporting rival teams. Actually, Paul Connolly has already done it for you!

AFL? It’s not you, it’s me.

Autumn in Melbourne and another AFL season has begun —not that the game ever goes away round here. Not when the make up of some club’s “leadership group” (the players deemed least likely to snap bra straps in nightclubs, I assume) is considered worthy of a back page lead in summer. But the early salvos [Read more]

Almanac Rugby League – Nine? Nein

Rugby league’s broadcast right are up for grabs next year and it may be the case that Channel Nine’s 22-year hold on free-to-air league will come to an end. Now, what’s the word I’m searching for here? Schadenfreude? Close, but that’s not quite it. Um, let’s see. Ah yes, I’ve got it. Yippee! As a [Read more]