Ramblings from the Oche – Part II

Wonderful reflection on a lot more than darts and sport. [I wasn’t expecting this when I started reading – Ed]

Round 19 – St Kilda v Fremantle : From Lilliput with love.

Of fathers and sons; moments that stay with you forever. Michael Howard and the family head to the Docklands for the St Kilda v Fremantle clash.

Ramblings From The Oche

Michael Howard flung a few arrows the other night. As in life not many of them went straight. (Wonderful, moving piece from Michael-Ed)

The Solar Eclipse and other great sporting moments

If playing in a great event is not going to happen, the next best thing is to witness it – live if possible. Flying to Cairns for a brief glimpse of the recent solar eclipse left Michael Howard reminiscing over great sporting events witnessed.

My time with Sid – a comment on commentators

In a sporting world overflowing with hyperbole one word seems to have remained untouched. There just doesn’t seem to be a lot of doyens out there. When we lose one therefore it seems an ideal moment to hop off the tread-well and let the mind go back in time for a change. I first encountered [Read more]

Ode to the Fat Boy

Ode to the Fat Boy. Some sad news came to me recently. A friend from my sporting past had left us after a long illness. I had lost touch with him, and whilst I knew of the illness the finality of it all shocked me. I passed on the news to my brother up north [Read more]