Almanac Rugby League – On the road

We are under immense pressure to perfect what shapes as a great game. We are in the trusted Commodore heading north. The only friend of the driver is the ABC radio and the pressure is from my obsessive goal to hit Miriam Vale at half-time to have the finest road food in Queensland –possibly Australia [Read more]

Almanac Rugby League – The battle for the wooden spoon

The excitement last week of Parramatta’s extra-time loss fuelled the Golden Girl’s fire to make it to Skilled Park for the final match of the season for the Eels and Titans. The fact that it was also the final of the Wooden Spoon- a dreaded consequence of a poor season – made it an appealing [Read more]

Almanac Rugby League – Monday’s closing in

When you have put The Bear to sleep (no longer able to play) there is nothing better than combining all the Fs at the footy. Family, friends, food, fruit from the vine(s) and fun. No matter where you are when this is locked in place, the footy looks after itself. In today’s match-up, it is [Read more]