Balcony Banter – Lynda Carroll: The Quiet Time

The MCG has gone quiet. Lynda Carroll deals with the flood of memories she experienced after the recent Melbourne v Richmond clash.

David Dunbar: A coaching life that continues.

David Dunbar has had a long and extensive career involved in many facets of football coaching as Lynda Carroll explains.

A legacy into which Paul Roos is tapping

This excellent piece on Checker Hughes is definitely written by Lynda Carroll. It was sent to us by Rob Heath. [Apologies for the confusion Lynda – Ed] Lynda has a PhD in history. Her research focussed on the Melbourne Football Club. Subsequently, during her time as Melbourne’s historian she completed The Grand Old Flag, the official club history. Lynda completed many interviews with key Demon characters. She continues her life as a writer and historian and is currently working on a major project about the East Melbourne Cricket Ground.