New Zealand Trip Pt. 1

  Had my recent trip to New Zealand’s North Island been graphed on its intensity levels, it would have looked similar to the electrocardiogram of a healthy 21-year-old; high peaks and moderate troughs. This was fitting because the reason for our visit was to celebrate my 21st birthday. The sweet lung-lolly found in rural New [Read more]


Remember when Tony Lockett kicked his 1300th goal? There’s a video on Youtube. Watch him as he lines up the kick. One after another he performs the motions that comprise his routine. First he bends and rubs the grass with his right-hand. Both hands then straddle the balls’ laces as they hang, ape like, in [Read more]

Presumptuous Titilations

Friday. Even with a contact schedule of seven hours a week that word induces a smile. For today as the English and Indians redraw their bows, Cadel celebrates his fifth day in heaven and Australia rub their eyes reading “Magnussen wins in Shanghai”, I enjoy presumptuous titillations of a win in Gosford. Far short of [Read more]


Convergence Friday night. Belly full. Cold beer. Girlfriend prepping Notting Hill on second TV. Mind shifting into first gear. A text causes my phone to fall off the coffee table. It’s Mum: –Sitting on a tram on the way to the G. So many Melbourne supporters on board. [Sibling 1] has a serious case of [Read more]

A new deal, a wedding, and the football

Yesterday the AFL signed away their television rights for 2012-2016. They will receive $1.25 billion from Foxtel for the rights to broadcast every AFL game live on Fox. It’s a win for the X% of the 30% of Australians who subscribe to Foxtel and are interested in the game. For everyone else, well there’s a [Read more]

ACT Comets – time to bring them back?

In a recent lecture [to a bunch of Knackers, and the world in general], Gideon Haigh said he believed we are witnessing the fourth major epoch in cricket as we know it. Each previous period instigated significant change to cricket. The first was when English cricket ‘died’ in 1882 and the Ashes cremated. The second was Bodyline [Read more]

It’s never over til it’s over

It’s the end of summer, school is back but that’s the furthest thing from my mind as I stride out to bat in my U14’s grand final. Earlier GWB made an under par 132. It’s a hot day. I’m full of emotions. My determination to win leads a shaky backline of fear and disgust. You [Read more]