Almanac Soccer – Who sponsors the AFC Bournemouth Under-10s?

The beauty of the English Premier League; while the title is often a four horse race, the promotion and relegation battle at the opposite end of the table throws up some compelling stories; this year, AFC Bournemouth is the fairytale story. Roy Hay profiles club stalwart and Geelong soccer referee; Russell Butler.

A Missing Part of a Bigger Picture

A timely reminder from Roy Hay of Soccer’s contribution to Australian servicemen on the front-lines; the Australian soccer team’s trip to the Independence Day tournament in Saigon. Sappers sweeping the pitch for land-mines, the Viet Cong watching from the sidelines and Diggers on guard duty with orders to shoot anyone who stops on their bicycle outside the Aussie barracks. A neglected chapter of the sport and service narrative we remember on ANZAC Day.

Almanac Theatre: Unofficial anthem gets another outing

A new piece of theatre from Felix Meagher is touring regional Victoria. The Man They Call the Banjo explores the creation of Waltzing Matilda by Banjo Patterson and Christina Macpherson. Roy Hay has more…

Soccer in New South Wales 1880-1980 by Phil Mosely

Significant, well-researched soccer history by Phil Mosely is out now.

A heterodox suggestion about the origins of football in Victoria

As the 2015 season gets underway, Roy Hay ponders the collision of Marngrook and English sporting traditions in the creation of Australian football. Let the debate rage; Roy’s search for empirical evidence and meaning continues…

The Asian Cup and Australia’s Future

The Socceroos are now the undisputed Kings of Asian football. It’s time, argues Roy Hay, to focus on winning the ultimate prize in world football: “We have a long way to go, but last night’s triumph is not the end, it is just the beginning…”

Asian Cup 2015: Australia is the Champion of Asia at Football

Roy Hay summarises 120 minutes of joy, despair and then joy again. The Socceroos are now the champions of Asia. A feat that should not be underestimated.

Asian Cup 2015: The Final

A last minute, fingers-crossed update from Roy Hay as kick-off in the 2015 Asian Cup final looms

Asian Cup 2015: Asian Cup Attendance Exceeds Expectations

Take a bow, Australian sports fans. Roy Hay documents how attendances at the 2015 Asian Cup have smashed organisers’ expectations. And that’s without the local committee having access to the MCG or Docklands stadium in Melbourne, nor games being played in Perth, Adelaide or Tasmania.

What do you think of the Asian Cup so far?

Roy Hay with some interesting observations on the Asian Cup in the Asian Century in the Asian Region.

Asian Cup: Australia and South Korea into the semi-finals

Roy Hay was at the rectangular stadium in Melbourne to see South Korea get through to the semis, before catching the Tim Cahill show on TV.

Asian Cup – Japan 2 Jordan 0: Japan Cruise into the Quarter Finals

Another great 2015 Asian Cup match report from Roy Hay. The Blue Samurai of Japan hold off a dogged Jordanian outfit to secure a Quarter Final berth against the United Arab Emirates on Friday night in Sydney [And the editorial coordinator’s man-crush on Gotoku Sakai continues. Am I right, ladies? – Ed]

A day in the life of a retired old bloke

You Jammy Bustard Roy Hay! Frances is right. [I hope I age as well as you – JTH]

Asian Cup – Uzbekistan 3 Saudi Arabia 1: Uzbeks make the quarters

Uzbekistan qualified for a Melbourne quarter final with a win against Saudi Arabia.

Asian Cup – Australia 0 South Korea 1: Australia falls to South Koreans in Brisbane

Roy Hay knows there are many reasons for following a sport, a tournament, a season and they aren’t all soccer. Our tourist is catching up with family and friends as he covers the Asian Cup. Last night he saw the frustrated Australians thwarted by the strong Koreans.

Asian Cup – Iraq 0 Japan 1: Blue Samurai scrape home against Iraq in humid Brisbane

Roy Hay is on tour, meeting people, discovering new places and bus routes, and all in the name of football research. [What a life Roy – JTH]

2015 Asian Cup: Saudis Recover to Crush Koreans

Roy Hay was at the Swan St stadium last night to see history in the making when North Korea meet Saudi Arabia in their Group B clash.

Asian Cup – Iran v Bahrain: One of the Cup favourites satisfies its legion of fans.

Iran seems to have a strong squad of fans. Local Iranians? Supportive neutrals? International visitors? Roy Hay spends the night in the commentary box and sees the favourites get home.

Asian Cup – Australia v Kuwait: Plane sailing at the game

Roy Hay’s sense of aerodynamics is put to the test at the Asian Cup opener as he enjoys a night as fan rather than any other of the many roles he has enjoyed in Australian soccer (football) over the past 40 years.

Soccer: Castlemaine Goldfields Football Club is 40 years old

Roy Hay spent the weekend helping Castlemaine Goldfields Football Club celebrate its 40th anniversary.