Round 2 – GWS v Geelong: Planes, Buses and Automobiles

Glenn Potter experienced the highs of an airplane ticket to Sydney to watch the Cats only to realise the game was in Canberra.

AFL Round 22 – Hawthorn v Geelong: My Dark Side of the Moon

“Run…. Hawthorn, run…. kick those goals…. ’till the game is won….”

“Why are they booing Goodsey, Dad?”

Do people without principles boo people with principles? Glenn Potter puzzles over the booing of Adam Goodes.

Supporter stereotypes

We all know Collingwood supporters are criminals, but what other supporter stereotypes are out there? Glen needs your help.

(Half-way) Around The Bay In A Day

With a “cuddly” physique, only two training rides, and the wrong kind of bike, Glen Potter was definitely battling the odds to ride 100km. Emergency Myki in hand, he discovers the joy of the peloton, the horror of Mount Martha and the true meaning of “headwind”. [A highly enjoyable tale, you’ll feel like you were there – Ed.]

Father’s Day at the Hampden Football League Grand Final

Glen Potter was given a hand-made gift voucher for father’s day, offering the bearer a day out to any country footy league grand final. He and his 10-year-old son chose the Hampden league. All aboard!