AFL Round 14 – Hawthorn v Brisbane: A lovers’ tiff

Tasmania wants more from its partnership with Hawthorn, while Buddy’s long-term relationship with his club may also be on the rocks. Is it something in that famous Tasmanian water causing all this consternation?

AFL Round 6 – North Melbourne v Port Power: When Stu met Chelsea

Stu Warren comes face to face with the diva of decision making; the Aphrodite of adjudication – Chelsea Roffey.

AFL Round 3 – North Melbourne v Sydney: The red, white and blue

Stu Warren paints a vivid picture from Hobart.

Almanac Rugby League – Don’t panic

I’m not a betting man, but if I was I’d say my game would be omen betting. As tactics go, it’s probably questionable at best, but given my lack of allegiances as I settled in to watch the Tigers take on the Warriors on Friday night I had absolutely nothing else to go on. I [Read more]

Almanac Rugby League – The Roosters and the golden point goose

As the clock ticked towards half-time and the scoreboard showed nothing but two big donuts I thought to myself: “Thank god I didn’t sit up and watch this last night.” Given regular Friday Night Football scheduling in the southern states sees matches telecast between the hours of midnight Friday and 4am Saturday morning, I’d taken [Read more]