Another Bout of Sudden Death Sickness with the Socceroos

Declan Fay recalls a few classic World Cup qualifier moments – or half recalls them and half imagines them. But as you read this he is making his way to Sydney for the Honduras-Socceroos Sudden Death play off, the prospect of which has had an observable impact on his health. [Good to hear from you again. And you are Kennett-less in this case. JTH]

AFL Finals Week 3 – Hawthorn v Geelong: Lifting the Kennett Curse

Dennis Gedling has nominated this Declan Fay cracker as an Almanac Classic. (send your noms in to [email protected])

The Kennett Curse has plagued Declan Fay since 2009. The gods ensured he was seated in front of the man himself for Friday night’s clash. (Nice hat, Declan.)

Grand Final – It’s bloody hard to win away from home

In the lead-up to today’s Grand Final Declan Fay remembers life as a Hawks fan living in exile in Perth in the late ’80s. He tells the story of going to a game the Eagles won by a point. He was seven. He’s a lot older now and in New York. [Perfect prep for the grand Final – Ed]