Another Bout of Sudden Death Sickness with the Socceroos

Declan Fay recalls a few classic World Cup qualifier moments – or half recalls them and half imagines them. But as you read this he is making his way to Sydney for the Honduras-Socceroos Sudden Death play off, the prospect of which has had an observable impact on his health. [Good to hear from you again. And you are Kennett-less in this case. JTH]

AFL Finals Week 3 – Hawthorn v Geelong: Lifting the Kennett Curse

Dennis Gedling has nominated this Declan Fay cracker as an Almanac Classic. (send your noms in to

The Kennett Curse has plagued Declan Fay since 2009. The gods ensured he was seated in front of the man himself for Friday night’s clash. (Nice hat, Declan.)

Grand Final – It’s bloody hard to win away from home

In the lead-up to today’s Grand Final Declan Fay remembers life as a Hawks fan living in exile in Perth in the late ’80s. He tells the story of going to a game the Eagles won by a point. He was seven. He’s a lot older now and in New York. [Perfect prep for the grand Final – Ed]