Yellow and Black Heart – An open letter to Richmond FC

The Tigers flag is the gift which keeps on giving. Damian Gibson pens an open letter to the Richmond Football Club.

Year of This Tiger

Tiger Damian Gibson has had a shocker of a year. Life and footy can be like that.

Round 1 – Carlton v Richmond: The Hunt for Red October or The Story of How Mick has the Blues

Damian Gibson is disappointed with the Blues, impressed with the Tigers, and left wondering about M. Malthouse.

NAB Challenge 2015 – Western Bulldogs v Richmond: The Doug Hawkins Wing Part II (As an Adult)

Damian Gibson visited with the ghosts of Fitzroy past at the Whitten Oval as the Bulldogs and Richmond clashed in their opening match of the 2015 NAB Challenge

Aussie Rules Commentary Terms (or how to explain AFL terminology to non-Australians)

Know of a loved one or friend new to the game who’ll need some help understanding modern football commentary? Damian Gibson is here to help.